Whenever there is hard work involved, achieving success becomes easier with the right kind of tools. If you own a dropshipping business, working hard is essential to manage various tasks and processes and beat the ever-growing competition. Therefore, investing in a dropshipping monitor to track stocks and prices or a market research tool to target the hot-selling products should be an immediate requirement.

There are many dropshipping tools that help in saving time and money, business automation, research and marketing, improving results, and much more. Here you find the list of 14 must-have tools to take your dropshipping business to the next level.


Google Trends – Free Market Research

Market research and product finding tools help dropshipping businesses to find the most trending products and product niches being searched online. Google Trends promises valuable insights into search volumes to select the niches with greater sale potential. The tool also helps to assess competition in every trending niche and to research relevant niche keywords to optimize your advertising campaigns.      

That’s not all. Using Google Trends, you can also find the seasonal trends to cash on the products that enjoy peak sale seasons. The tool also offers important research about product niches by region (city, state and even country). For marketing the selected products, you can use this tool to decide the best time to publish specific ads on the right platforms, including social media.


Title Builder – eBay Listings Title Optimization

Designed for e-commerce and online retail stores, Title Builder also contributes towards dropshipping success for marketplaces like eBay. While creating titles for the products you list on your business site, it is necessary to optimize them with the right keywords. You can feed this tool with the name of the item you are willing to sell, and it would return with the most trending keywords you can utilize to create a title.

Doing so, your item’s title would have better chances of improved rankings and visibility among search engine results. The tool also evaluates how good your title is and also the right title length with each character adding some value.  You can then easily discard the unwanted words from the title to make it more effective.


Asana/Trelo – Virtual Assistance Management

Virtual assistants (VAs) lend unparalleled support to dropshipping business owners. However, VA access and management can be daunting especially if these assistants are based in some other countries. The team organization and management tool called Asana is of great help in this direction. It helps to keep track of tasks assigned to the VAs and establish smooth communication with them. The best part is that it can be accessed using desktops, tablets as well as smartphones.


An alternative is Trello – another popular project management tool that creates boards, cards, and lists to manage the tasks assigned to the VAs. You can create weekly schedules, project plans, to-do lists, and much more to effectively collaborate with the most remotely available virtual assistants using this tool.


Google Keyword Planner – eBay Title Optimization

How about extracting information about the trending keywords from the search engine giant Google? Google Keyword Planner is one great dropshipping tool that helps exactly in that. Simply feed a search item to the tool, and it would return with average monthly searches (search volumes), competition for that search item, related relevant keywords, and more. Depending on which keyword is among the most searched items, you can pick up the right ones and use them to optimize the titles of your eBay listings.


How does it help? By targeting the high-trending keywords in titles, you can improve your listings’ search engine visibility. More visibility means better traffic flow to your landing pages and higher chances of conversions. The tool also assists in testing niche viability, keeping an eye on the competition, and taking advantage of seasonal trends.


Camelcamelcamel/Keepa – Amazon Price and Stock Change Tracking

Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is indeed a great profit-generating option. However, one must be alert about the volatile fluctuations in the stock availability and product pricing that may change on Amazon at any given time. Camelcamelcamel is one awesome tool that assists in real-time tracking of products and their prices as featured on Amazon. Its Price History and Sale Rank tab provide valuable insights into price fluctuations and the highest sales of a targeted product throughout the year. Using this information, you can decide when the product is most profitable to sell. It also informs when the prices of targeted products drop on Amazon so that you can plan your strategy accordingly.


Keepa is another similar tool that boasts of monitoring over 700 million products featured on Amazon. It issues product availability and price drop alerts and is useful in assessing the daily deals in targeted product categories. You can also track the international prices of a product and decide in which regions it can generate higher profits. Both these tools are available as extensions for all popular browsers that make them easy to access.


AutoDS Dropshipping Platform – All in one dropshipping Tool

When you need a comprehensive tool to monitor and optimize product stocks and prices, to conveniently list products from marketplaces like Amazon, Ali Express, Walmart, Home Depot and more to your eBay dropshipping business and to offer highly efficient customer support, AutoDS eBay Dropshipping Platform is the perfect option for you. That’s not all. The platform also assists in order automation, automated tracking, and creating bulk listings with variation monitoring among many other tasks.

By using AutoDS Product Finder, you can always target the bestselling products as well as the latest coupon deals. Whether you are dropshipping on eBay UK, US, DE, FR or IT, the tool helps you achieve all great benefits like dramatically saved time, simple editing and replacing tools for your listings, multiple account management, and improved customer experience.


Zik Analytics/Chili Hunter – Product Market Research

The fact that Zik Analytics is run by successful dropshippers leaves no doubt about the tool’s usefulness. You can use the tool to research the eBay marketplace and find the hottest products and product categories that convert to big profits. With it, you earn what to sell on eBay, how to create terrific titles for your listings, spy on your competition, and benefit from their endeavors on eBay and fully optimize your business for success.

Chili Hunter is another equally competent eBay dropshipping market research tool that guides through the most profitable items and trending products in the marketplace. With its advanced title building tool, create unique titles for your listings and take them to the top eBay pages. Another good feature of the tool is VERO protection that prevents your business from listing duplicate items.

ShipDropper – Dropshipping Search Engine

Have you been spending loads of efforts and much time searching for the most profit-generating products on Amazon to dropship on eBay? If yes, ShipDropper is the tool you must consider to make it a simple and fast task for you. Endorsed as a search engine for dropshipping businesses, the tool boasts of an advanced scanner with intelligent search algorithms to help you quickly explore the trending and bestselling products on Amazon.

With this tool, you specifically target products with high search volumes, sales, and profits. As you filter out the right products and list them on your eBay store, you are sure to enjoy increased sales. Whether you are starting a dropshipping business or struggling for profits, there are different packages of ShipDropping to choose according to your needs and budgets.


Canva – Image Editing

Images play a great role in boosting the overall value of your dropshipping business product listings. However, you must customize your images so that they look unique and impressive and comply with the set standards. Believing that you lack graphic designing skills, referring Canva to you is the right thing to do. The image editing tool assists in customizing the formats and dimensions of images as well as adding colors and special effects to them.

With Canva, you can also add text to the images, including offers, call-to-action lines and more by selecting from hundreds of Font styles. The tool also boasts of 8,000 templates to choose from. What more! You can also customize the images with your business logos.


AliTools – AliExpress Product Research

AliTools is a complete tool that helps to extract every possible detail related to the products with high search volumes and high-profit margins on the popular marketplace AliExpress. AliTools Trends is specifically designed to aid dropshippers in locating products that are rising in popularity but have less competition at present. It also provides useful insights into products that only a few people have purchased but are likely to experience increased sales volumes shortly.

With AliTools, you can explore the Price History of various products and track price fluctuations on a daily basis. Another feature is Product Reviews that help in quickly exploring what the real buyers of the products have to say. It also recommends Similar Products that you may consider for your dropshipping store.


AutoDS Helper and AutoDS Item Grabber – Quick Product and Order Management

AutoDS, the popular dropshipping platform, keeps on creating useful browser extensions that make different tasks easier for dropshipping business owners and their staff. One of them is AutoDS Helper, which allows quickly placing orders received from customers to the suppliers’ sites. It is a much easier option that is placing the orders manually, which is prone to errors in copying customer information. The extension works for popular suppliers including Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, AliExpress, and more.

AutoDS Item Grabber makes the task of extracting multiple products from the sites of popular suppliers in a single click. Simply visit a supplier’s website and search the products and categories you wish to grab items from. Use the Item Grabber browser extension to extract and export as a CSV file. Doing so, you save a lot of time and effort.


MyProfiteBay Stores Profit Calculation

While profit calculation is indeed an exciting and one of the most important parts of running a dropshipping business, doing it manually can be extremely traumatic. You may find it convenient in the beginning, but as your business scales, it would be difficult to manage numbers, maintain data, and assure calculation accuracy. This is why it is recommended to use a tool like MyProfi, which takes care of all these needs.

With this tool, you can calculate monthly profits, create and analyze monthly profit and loss reports, and draw monthly trends in the form of charts for easy analysis. Finally, the tool creates summary reports about revenues, total profits, and more so that you can recognize the scope for improvement.


Fees Delister – Listing Management and Fees Saving

You invest a lot of time and money in choosing, posting, and managing listings on eBay. However, profits turn out to be lower than expected. Rather, you are frustrated paying higher listing fees. Changes these scenarios with Fees Delister, a listings management tool designed for eBay sellers. It provides insights into which listings are helping you make money and which are not. With this information in hand, you can fast and easily remove the non-profitable listings and save the fees being wasted.

With this, you would focus more on successful listings and enjoy higher exposure for them. Finally, you will see the sell-through rate increased dramatically as you begin to effectively manage the money-making listings.


Chili-Tracker – Automatic Tracking Numbers Updates

Manually tracking the orders of your eBay dropshipping business customers can be daunting. Even if you spend 2-3 minutes for each order tracking, it will convert to hours of labor in a month. Chili-Tracker is a tool that updates the order tracking number automatically without seeking any participation from your side. The tools track orders with all popular suppliers like Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, GearBest, AliExpress, and more.

Not only that, but the tool is extremely useful in generating positive and personalized feedbacks for your dropshipping customers. Keep your customers informed about the status of their orders, and they would feel happy shopping with you.  

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