There are a lot of people in the eBay dropshipping community who do not want to remove products from their eBay stores because either they spent a lot of time on the market research. Or maybe because they spent a lot of money paying their virtual assistants to find their products for them. Also, most of them think that the product will sell for them in the future.

Well, if you are one of these drop shippers who have this kind of mentality, we recommend you to let your emotions outside the business.

DO NOT make decisions based on emotions, instead, make decisions based on facts and on the results.

We will split this article into two main reasons:

1- Product sold in the past:

The first parameter which you should check when you decide to end a listing is to check if the product sold for you in the past or it did not.

If the listing did not sell for one full month you should take one of the next two actions.

option number one: relist the product

We will not only relist the product, but we will also relist it and assign a tag to it.

So the next time we will be able to differentiate between the relisted products and the products that didn’t get relisted, just to make sure to not relist them again.

To do this, we will need to go to the active listings page and choose the products which did not sell for at least one month.

Remember, we should never remove products which have at least one sale in the past, also we should not remove a product that has so many views or watchers.

Why? Because we can edit the title, lower the price or add more item specifics,  these minor changes can help us turn a listing from a loser listing to a winning listing that will generate sales.

What to do with a good eBay selling product which stopped selling or went to out of stock? Advanced

Filtering eBay active listings

All we need to do is to click on the Filter button at the active listings page, then filter products using the “Not Sold Between” feature.

Now, AutoDS will only show us the products that didn’t get sales within a specific period of time.

After that, we will select all the filtered products and click on the “Bulk Change” button.

Bulk change eBay Listings

Then we will use the Change Tag section to tag the items, for example, we can tag them “Relisted Items” and then click Save Changes.

option number two: just end the listing:

The other action which we can take is to just remove these products in the first month if they did not sell.

How to decide which of the methods is better?

If you have enough virtual assistants or you have an easy method to find so many products like AutoDS Finder or any other tool, you can always replace the unsold products very easily.

If that is the case, we will just remove the products and will not waste our time on relisting products.

You can also configure AutoDS to remove these products for you automatically. Just go to the monitor’s page then go to the Profitability Monitor and then you can configure AutoDS to remove bad selling products every month.

AutoDS profitability monitor

2- Out of stock for more than 2 weeks:

If the product is out of stock for more than two weeks and does not has a sale history and only a few views and we will just end this listing.

Because we do not want to waste our time and paying the listing fees for such products.

This way we can improve our sales through the rate and get more sales.


So to summarize, we have two options one if the product didn’t sell for one month, we will remove this product or give it another try for another one-month maximum.

The second option is if the product is out of stock for more than two weeks, we need to remove this product from our store.