The Full eBay 2019 Early Seller Update

eBay Seller Update

To take advantage of this update, we can just go to eBay’s seller hub and then click on the Listings tab. After that, we can filter products that are eligible for this by clicking on the Offer to buyers option.

eBay offers to buyers

Now, we can just send a better offer to our watchers hoping they will find the offer interesting. Therefore we can convert them to buyers.

We can raise our prices and see if buyers are interested in one of our products. If that’s the case, we can just send them an offer for a better price.

Because it’s better for us to generate sales with small margins than not generating sales at all.

Like you know, the more sales we have in a particular listing. The more promotions we will receive from eBay’s Cassini.

“Send Offers to Watchers in eBay” in Action:

So let us jump to the practical part, for the sake of this article, Lior Pozin the CEO of AutoDS took one of his stores to show us how we can take advantage of this new update.

Like you can see, some listings are eligible for sending offers to buyers.

Send offers to buyers

Now when we click on “send offers to buyers”, we can just set the price we want to offer to all potential buyers who clicked on the watch button.

All the watchers will get notified by an email and by an eBay Notification.

eBay will give them 48 hours to click and purchase the product for the price that we already set.

Sending offers to eBay watchers

Our watchers can just buy the product using this offer, this thing will help us to convert our Watchers to Buyers.


This feature is amazing because it will help us raise our sales. We recommend you to go every day to your eBay Store and just send these offers to all of your product’s watchers.

We hope that you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to comment and write down what do you think about this eBay’s update. Will it help you and if you already tried it, if so did you already got sales using this new feature.