As we explained in our previous Home Depot Article, one of the favorite things in Home Depot is that they have the price match policy.

How does it work?

Let say that you bought a product for $100, and now it cost only $80; you can get the $20 back from Home Depot.

To do that, you need to open a chat in Home Depot, send them the order ID and the email address that you used to process the order, and then the home depot representative will issue you a partial refund for the difference as a gift card.

Now, you may be thinking of how can you quickly find the products that their prices got reduced after you processed the orders so you don’t miss any products and you don’t lose any money. Well, we got your back.

We received a lot of requests from some of the biggest Home Depot to eBay dropshippers, and like any request, as AutoDS team, we decided to listen to them and develop it.

All you need to do is to go to the orders page, on the top you will have the export button:

If you click on the export button, it will download for you a file that contains all your orders for the last 60 days.

Why 60 days?

You are eligible for the price match policy within 60 Days. It is the period that you can contact Home Depot within and ask for a refund.

After you download the file and open it, you will have two interesting things.

The first one is the buy price, and the second one is the current buy price.

If the current buy price is lower than the buy price, you can open a chat with HomeDepot and ask them for a refund.

From our experience, this technique will increase your profits by more than 25%.

We already shared on our HomeDepot webinar a lot of other techniques that will also increase your profits by a lot of percents when you are dropshipping from Home Depot.