Do you know this terrible situation when we sold a product which we bought for a high price and after a few days we saw that the price was decreased? So in dropshipping, we can make a huge profit only from this thing, in this article I will show you how you can make more profit when you are encountering this situation while you are dropshipping from sites like HomeDepot and Walmart.

I am Lior Pozin I am the owner and CEO of AutoDs in this article, I will show you a very advanced technique which the most eBay drop shippers and drop shippers, in general, are using it to increase their profit by thousands of dollars every month only by using this special TIP.

All the biggest eCommerce sites like HomeDepot and Walmart have something called price match policy, price match policy is a policy that says that if the price was drooped within 30 days after you made your purchase, the site will compare the price to the new price.

It means that if bought a product for 10$ and after two days the product’s price got decreased to 7$ I should get 3$ back from the site, so let’s see how we can identify these products and how we can work with them in the right way.

In AutoDS we added a special feature just only for this technique, this feature is the Export in the orders page,

I don’t know who of you use this and who doesn’t but if you click the export it will download for you a CSV file, here we have two interesting fields which you can use, the first field is the buy price and the second field is the current buy price.

For example, if the buy price was 10$ but the current price is 7$ you can just open a chat with any of the biggest marketplaces like HomeDepot or Walmart and write to them that you bought on this day for example 3 days ago for 10$ and now the price is 7$. the site will offer you a full refund for the difference between the two prices.

For Amazon it doesn’t always work, you can write to them but just be careful because Amazon can block your account if you try this technique so much. for HomeDepot and Walmart it works great you just need to start the chat or to call them and show them the product, show them the price was X and now it is Y and they will give you the difference between the prices.

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