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Team up with the world’s top dropshippers. Refer your entrepreneurial audience to AutoDS’ eCommerce automation tools. You receive 20% of your audience’s AutoDS subscription fees.

how to be an
autods affiliate

Let`s imagine this: A dropshopper used your link to register to AutoDS and now pays $100/mo for the platform.

In This Example

From this dropshipper, you earn:

$100 * 20% = $20/mo

Your sign-ups get a full
month trial for $1 instead of a 14 days!

your profit if 100 dropshippers sign up with your affiliate link:

In This Example

From these dropshippers with $100 subscriptions, you earn:

$10,000 * 20% = $2000/mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up as an affiliate?

The process is easy! Click here to create your affiliate account, then get your affiliate link and access your dashboard to follow the status of your sign-ups.

What is my affiliate commission?

You`ll get 20% of all subscription payments for the first 3 months after someone joins AutoDS with your affiliate link.

What will my sign-ups get?

When they register using your affiliate link, they`ll get a full month trial for $1 instead of the usual 14 days.
This way, they can get more familiar with our automation and are likely to remain part of our family for longer.

Is there a free trial for AutoDS?

Yes! Your members will get a full month for $1 instead of 14 days.

Is this your best offer?

After registration, we will monitor the progress of your sign-ups and reach out to you with further offers.

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