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Our eBay Title Builder gives you a helping hand when you’re brainstorming for the perfect title for your products.
We take into account everything including common keywords, competition, average search volume and sales.

Create winning eBay titles that will help you drive more traffic to your
listings and make more sales

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Using our AutoDS eBay title builder

Here is an explanation of how to use our eBay Title Builder:

To use the eBay Title Builder, choose a marketplace and if there are any keywords you want to exclude from the title. Then, in the open text field, type the product you want to build a title for, and a list of results will appear. This will include searched keywords, average monthly searches on eBay for those keywords, the amount of competition, and the number of sales those keywords rake in.

Next, click on the keywords to copy them to the title builder. Ensure you only choose keywords relevant to your product to create a relevant, optimized title. Now that your title is ready click on the ‘copy’ button and paste it into your product listing. That’s all there is to it!

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