eBay Insertion Fee Calculator

Our eBay Insertion Fees Calculator will help you calculate how much you are going to pay to eBay for listing products,
and help you understand when it's time to upgrade your eBay store subscription.

Updated: 18 February, 2022

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Total Cost
$ 0.00
The total cost is $0 because the amount of products you want to list is under the free insertion fees listings eBay give you with your store subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eBay insertion fee?

An insertion fee (aka listing fee) is what eBay charges sellers to list an item for sale on eBay.

When will eBay start charging me a fee for listing products?

This is dependent on the eBay store subscription you are using. For example, a ‘Starter’ store allows 250 products to be listed for free, with any additional ones charged at $0.30 each.

So, if you listed 300 products with a ‘Starter’ store, you would pay $15 ($0.30 x 50).

At what point will I be charged selling fees?

Your eBay insertion fees are charged when your item is listed. Optional listing upgrade fees are also charged upon your listings being upgraded, regardless of whether the product sells.

Final value fees are only charged once your product sells.

You can read more on eBay Seller Fees.

What is the ‘managed payments’ option about?

eBay charges you differently depending on whether you use their managed payments or PayPal. 

Since eBay promotes managed payments over PayPal, you will receive more zero-insertion fee products when you use managed payments.

How can I calculate my final eBay selling fees?

We have another calculator for that! Check out our eBay Fees Calculator.

Why am I incurring high eBay fees?

You could be listing more items than your current quota for zero-insertion fee items. Consider upgrading your store subscription type if you are listing a large number of items.

Why am I being charged an eBay insertion fee?

eBay has millions of sellers with millions of items for sale. Each listing takes up space in their databases, and insertion fees help make up for some of those costs, as well as others.

In exchange, sellers get to show their products in front of millions of potential buyers.

How do I avoid paying insertion fees on eBay?

To avoid paying eBay’s insertion fees, list as many items that qualify for zero-insertion fees each month. Check your store subscription to see how many items are eligible for zero-insertion fees.

How much are eBay insertion fees?

For new seller accounts, eBay allows 250 free listings per month. Beyond that limit, insertion fees start at $0.35 per listing and decrease as you upgrade your store subscription.

Using the calculator above, you can calculate precisely how much you will pay to eBay on insertion fees.

When do I have to pay eBay insertion fees?

As soon as you’re charged an insertion fee, eBay will deduct the amount from your next payout. If you don’t have any funds in your payouts, eBay will charge your payment option on file.

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