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The Fulfilled by AutoDS Service Supports All US Suppliers Such As Amazon, Home Depot, AliExpress, Walmart, And Many More.

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The Benefits Of The Fulfilled by AutoDS Service

No More Locked Accounts

No more worrying about getting any account locks or orders cancelations on your buyer accounts. Everything will be done using our accounts. Just load balance and let us take care of the rest.

Unlimited Cash Flow

Cash flow and credit issues at the bank? Not anymore. With Fulfilled by AutoDS, all of your orders are managed through our accounts with an unlimited credit amount, so you can sell just about anything.

One-Click Returns

Processing returns is as easy as clicking on 'Request Return' from the order status. That's it! The Fulfilled by AutoDS team will get the return label for you and place it next to the order on the system.

Winning Products Hub

Maximize your profit when you use the AutodS Winning Products Hub to find bestselling products. Enjoy our collection of hand-picked winning products now!

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Fulfilled by AutoDS Service Step By Step Explanation

1Register To AutoDS

The process is easy and even comes with a trial period. After registration (link to AutoDS), you will be able to configure your store and start saving time using the Fulfilled by AutoDS auto ordering system.

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2Add The Auto-Ordering Add-on

Click on Settings → Plans & Addons → Orders Processor (under the Add-ons tab), and activate the orders processor on your account.

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3Opt-In For The Fulfilled by AutoDS System

Click on Settings ➞ Store Settings ➞ Orders and check in ‘Process orders using the Fulfilled by AutoDS service’, and that is it – you have successfully opted in!

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4Purchase Auto-Order Credits

On the orders page, you can see how many auto-order credits you have. Click on ‘Buy Credits’ and select the right package for your business. Each automated order costs 1 auto-order credit.

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5Load Balance

To process orders with the Fulfilled By AutoDS service, you need to load a balance. You can load your balance using PayPal or Payoneer.

Note: Uploading with a new Payoneer account can earn you rewards. Get $10 when you load $100, and 150 FREE credits when you load your first credits.

On the Orders page, click the ‘Fulfilled By AutoDS’ button and then, ‘Load’. From here, you can choose whichever amount suits you best.

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6Enjoy Easy Scaling

Now, you can stop worrying about order fulfillment. AutoDS will process them as soon as they come in, and update the order status and tracking information as soon as it’s available. Enjoy this wonderful service along with it’s simple one-click returns.

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7Enjoy The Freedom

When you let AutoDS automate your dropshipping business, you can invest time in growing and expanding your online stores. The more time you save, the more you can allow yourself to grow.

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Fulfilled by AutoDS Key Features

One-Click Returns

Processing returns comes with zero hassle. Simply head to the relevant order on AutoDS, and switch the status to ‘Request Return.’ The return label will be attached to your order shortly after that. No need to deal with suppliers!

Maximum Order Price

If you want to check expensive orders before fulfilling them, you can set the maximum order price for your orders. If the order exceeds your maximum setting, AutoDS will leave the order in ‘Pending’ status until you take further action.

Process Old Orders

In case you opted in to the Fulfilled by AutoDS service after receiving orders from your buyers – you can still process all of those orders with a click of a button. This way, no buyer gets left behind.

Live Status Updates

AutoDS will change the status of every order accordingly. Pending → In Order Process → Ordered → Shipped → Delivered → Complete. All while including order and tracking information as soon as they’re available.

Tracking Information

As soon as tracking information is available from your suppliers, AutoDS will update it in the order details and status, as well as in your store.

Furthermore, AutoDS can convert AMZL tracking numbers (Amazon) to BlueCare Express. So you can always track the events of all of your orders, and never lose ‘item not received’ cases again!

Hipshipper Support

The Fulfilled By AutoDS service supports international shipments with Hipshipper. Simply click in ‘Hipshipper’ in your order settings. When you get an order from Hipshipper, the system will ship the product to Hipshipper’s warehouse, and Hipshipper will forward it to your buyer accordingly.

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