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The AutoDS
eCommerce calendar

Stay ahead of the game with the first-of-its-kind eCommerce calendar. Get notified of the most important dates and how to prepare your store for each holiday/event.


The benefits of the AutoDS eCommerce calendar

+50 International Holidays And Events

The calendar contains all of the holidays and events in the worldwide market, crucial for your store’s success. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Easter, we’ll always keep you in the loop.

A List Of The Top Products To Sell For Each Holiday

Each calendar eCommerce event comes with a link to the most proven products to sell on that holiday.

Real-Time Updates

Let’s face it. Last year’s bestsellers may not work this year, and consumer culture constantly changes. That’s why we always provide you with the latest trends and the most up-to-date eCommerce events.

The most comprehensive eCommerce
in the industry

Free yourself of the stress and let AutoDS remind you of
the most important holidays for your dropshipping store.

1Get Your Free eCommerce Calendar

At the top of this page, click on ‘Get Your Calendar.’ Then, fill in your name and email address and click ‘Get Your Free Calendar.’ Now you have access to the eCommerce calendar and all the important events.

2Click On A Holiday Event

Now the eCommerce calendar is automatically synced to your Google calendar to ensure you never miss out on a holiday event! From your calendar, you can click on a holiday event to prepare your dropshipping store accordingly.

3Take Note Of Holiday Event Information

By clicking on the event, you can immediately access the relevant blog article, target audience information, and recommendations for that specific holiday event.

The blog article includes product suggestions for that holiday, the target audience is the key market you should be targeting, and the recommendations are tips on how to scale further and stay ahead of the competition during that event.

4Click The Link Inside The Event

Click on the blog article link inside the calendar holiday event to explore best-selling products. From this article, you will learn more about the best products to dropship for that holiday event. The best part is that these links are updated yearly to ensure you always offer the most in-demand items to increase your holiday sales.

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