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Dropship from multiple suppliers and discover a huge variety of products.

AutoDS supports 25+ suppliers with 500m+ different products. All suppliers are compatible with eBay, Shopify and Facebook dropshipping.

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Find Hot Products

AutoDS for eBay scans trending products and shows you what's been selling recently. We save you hours searching for bestselling product ideas!

Import Products

One-click import sends products to your store in less than a minute. Import hundreds of products in a single click with AutoDS.

24/7 Price & Stock Monitoring

Stay one step ahead of the competition as AutoDS instantly notices any changes to pricing or availability. Never spend time manually checking for updates again!

Automatic Orders

AutoDS accepts orders from your customers and notifies your supplier. No need for you to be at your computer.

Automatic Tracking Number Updates

Keep your customers happy! We automatically provide tracking information as soon as it becomes available from your supplier.

Full Dashboard Overview

See all the key information and stats about your dropshipping store(s) on one screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Trial For AutoDS?

Sure! We offer 7 day trial periods on all our automated dropshipping packages. Discover our beginners’ guide to kick-start your success.

What are the supported selling-channels?

You can connect your dropshipping stores from eBay, Shopify, or Facebook Marketplace.

Are you going to add more suppliers?

We are always adding new suppliers! We have recently included the likes of Alibaba.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime you want! You are not obligated to stay with us for any amount of time.

Can I upload all types of products from the supported suppliers?

Yes – we currently have 500M+ products in our database. You won’t be struggling for a choice.

Can you help me start dropshipping?

We’d love to! We’re proud of our step-by-step dropshipping courses and 1-to-1 expert mentorship program.

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