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Everyone deserves to learn from expert dropshipping mentorship. Fast-track your journey to success with a personal 1-to-1 mentor.

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How do our mentors help?

We have handpicked some of our most successful pro dropshippers to be mentors to our AutoDS family. They share their expert knowledge (worth $1000s) with our customers. Aim for higher profits and dropshipping success with our 1-to-1 dropshipping mentorship program!

14 day trial

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As mentors, we have all the necessary information, hints, tips, examples and techniques to help dropshippers succeed. I wake up each day excited to personally help dropshippers make more profits!

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How Does Mentorship Work?

You will often have live availability to your mentor. If they are offline,
leave them a ticket when you have a question to ask!

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14 day trial

“My dropshipping store's success”

"Joining the dropshipping mentorship program was key to my dropshipping store's success. My mentor showed me exactly how to find trending products to make a profit."

“We make profits incredibly soon after launching”

"I worked with my personal mentor to develop my dropshipping business and make profits incredibly soon after launching."

“They Helped Me Find The Best Products to Sell”

“My Business Started Growing So Fast”

Our Mentors Boost Sales

See how sales and profits have exploded for
AutoDS 1-to-1 mentorship program students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I ask my mentor?

You can ask your mentor any specific question about improving your dropshipping skills! But, we have a few quick pointers for you: take a look at our short Ts & Cs to see exactly what you can ask your mentor.

When is my mentor available?

Just open a ticket with your questions, and your mentor will reply within 24h!

Who are the mentors in the program?

Expert dropshippers that have been trained by AutoDS and have gained years of experience.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel at any time, no questions asked!

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