The digital shopping market in Canada is a thriving industry. Canadian e-business sales continuously increase each year.

For instance, Statista projects that retail e-commerce sales will be at about 29.9 billion USD in 2021. With such a rise in the Canadian e-commerce market, we can only imagine how profitable it would be to start dropshipping in Canada.

However, to tap into this market successfully, we need to find the most reliable dropshipping suppliers who can help us quickly deliver the Canadian market’s demands.

Therefore, in this article, we will identify the top 17 Canadian dropshipping suppliers and how working with them can benefit our dropshipping career.

The Top 17 Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

There is no shortage of dropshipping suppliers in Canada. However, to remain competitive, we should aim only to work with the best. So without further ado, here are 17 of Canada’s top-notch dropshipping suppliers to source products to your online stores:

AutoDS Warehouse

AutoDS Warehouse

AutoDS stands out as a premier dropshipping supplier, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses in need of fast shipping options. With its strategically located warehouse and extensive network of private suppliers, AutoDS ensures quick order fulfillment tailored to specific regions, including Canada.

By partnering with AutoDS, you gain access to a diverse marketplace connecting you with exclusive private suppliers who offer unique products that are in high demand. This grants your store a distinct advantage in the market, allowing you to offer compelling items that are not easily found elsewhere. Furthermore, these suppliers frequently provide discounts, enabling you to maximize profits and effectively scale your dropshipping business.

Plus, you can personalize your shipments by incorporating your store logo, reinforcing your brand presence, and cultivating customer loyalty. With AutoDS streamlining the shipping process and handling logistics seamlessly, you can devote your time to expanding your dropshipping business while ensuring a smooth and efficient order fulfillment process.

eBay Canada

ebay ecommerce platform canada

eBay is an American multinational company that has a warehouse in Canada to cater to domestic demands. As a dropshipping friendly supplier, eBay Canada offers the following:

  • Vast product selection
  • Customer Service-oriented platform
  • Plenty of sellers offer fast shipping
  • Canada warehouse

A wide selection of products is available in eBay Canada, making it one of the largest dropshipping suppliers. Its site offers a broad choice of niches that can help you find the best products to list in your store. 

Additionally, eBay Canada holds to its commitment to putting forward outstanding customer service to its clients. Therefore, Dropshippers can provide the same excellent care to their customers.

Also, the feedback process in eBay helps dropshippers in finding a fitting seller for their stores. This attribute can guide dropshippers in distinguishing the ones that are unsuitable for their online business.

Finally, eBay’s domestic warehouses enable fast shipment of orders throughout Canada. This aids dropshippers in offering fast shipping to their Canadian clientele.


Printful is a niche dropshipping supplier specializing in print-on-demand products and services. It can connect to various online selling channels for your convenience. Here are the best features that Printful Canada provides dropshippers:

  • Print-On-Demand products
  • No minimum orders
  • Fast shipment
  • New currency available
  • Canada warehouse

Print-On-Demand service lets dropshippers access a wide range of products to list in their stores. This feature enables you to produce unique designs for shirts, hoodies, caps, tumblers, bags, and other more exciting items.

Printful does not require dropshippers to have minimum orders. Instead, this Canada dropshipping supplier produces products on-demand only. As a result, dropshippers do not need to worry about ordering in bulk.

Additionally, the supplier carries out every aspect from order fulfillment to shipment. This allows the simplification of the delivery flow, as lesser entities are involved in the process.

As a domestic supplier, Printful Canada ships orders quickly and efficiently. Your Ontario customers can expect their orders in two days. Other Canadian regions have a shipping time frame of about four days.

Moreover, since the shipment is domestic, products don’t undergo customs. With this, can do away with import duties.

Lastly, Printful Canada now accepts payments from dropshippers in CAD. This feature saves Canadian dropshippers from paying conversion fees when using foreign currencies.


Gelato is another Canadian niche supplier offering print-on-demand services. It operates in 33 countries and works with 100 print providers. Gelato boasts the following benefits as one of the thriving Canada dropshipping suppliers:

  • Print-On-Demand products
  • End-to-end order fulfillment
  • Global and local market
  • Reliable network
  • Sustainability in production

 The product choices range from apparel, wall art, mugs, cards, calendars, stationery, photo books, and tote bags. Unlike Printful, this supplier also offers business-related products such as:

  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Folders
  • Letterheads
  • Roll-ups

The end-to-end fulfillment feature allows dropshippers to scale their business and to be free from other obligations. Gelato manages every process, from production and payment to taxes and shipment. Sign-up is free, and dropshippers need not have a minimum order.

Gelato plays in a global yet local arena, printing and shipping products from fulfillment centers inside Canada. Local production enables a faster, wiser, and greener option for online businesses.

The manufacture and logistics network of Gelato comprises over 100 print partners globally. With this, delivery fulfillment faces minimal border interferences and delays. Gelato fulfills millions of parcels yearly, being available 99.9% of the time online.

Additionally, delivery time for domestic orders within Canada only takes about two to three days. Dropshippers can rest assured that products arrive on time and with the finest quality.

Furthermore, Gelato sets the seal of sustainability on their products.  It sources products locally, maintains a sustainable value chain, and produces on-demand products to reduce waste and carbon emissions. Its print providers also adhere to production guidelines and ethics policies, subject to on-site inspections.

Consequently, Gelato allows you to run a sustainable business that caters to a target market of green-conscious customers.

Start exploring Gelato as one of your Canada dropshipping suppliers and enjoy all these advantages.


cjdropshipping ecommerce platform

CJDropshipping is a superior Chinese supplier with warehouses in Canada. Having a domestic warehouse means quicker fulfillment of customer orders. Check out the rest of the best features of CJDropshipping:

  • A wide range of products
  • Sourcing and negotiating
  • High-quality videos and images for your store
  • Print-On-Demand
  • White label –branding
  • Several items in only one package

Since CJDropshipping connects with multiple factories, it offers a vast selection of products. With over 400,000 product choices, dropshippers can list a comprehensive line of niches in their stores. It allows customers to find almost anything that they are looking for in an online store.

One of the advantages of working with this Canada dropshipping supplier is their product sourcing solution. Sourcing applies when you want to list a product in your store but cannot find it on the platform. When this happens, all you need to do is submit a sourcing request in the CJ Application and obtain a quotation in just 24 business hours.

Moreover, CJDropshipping can help you establish your dropshipping store by providing high-caliber videos and images. These materials can get your product presentation and marketing schemes to the next level.

CJDropshipping also delivers print-on-demand services. Thus, providing you the option to list custom-made items in your dropshipping store.

Furthermore, the white-label services of CJDropshipping give your store an edge with product branding. White labeling enables dropshippers to customize product packaging in their selling channels.

Finally, CJDropshipping allows the purchase of multiple products and having these items shipped in only one package. Doing so lessens the inconvenience if a customer buys a couple of things at once. There’s no dealing with issues anymore because of multiple packages arriving on different dates.

Consider CJDropshipping as one of the most flexible and profitable Canada dropshipping suppliers because of all these perks it offers.

Walmart Canada

dropship walmart platform canada

Walmart is one of the most wide-ranging companies in terms of revenue. This American multinational enterprise involves itself in both retail and wholesale markets. For dropshipping, Walmart Canada presents these benefits:

  • Free next-day delivery
  • Broad products selection
  • Items from the top dropshipping categories
  • Price match policy

Free next-day delivery for thousands of products is available for rapid and convenient order fulfillment. This option helps you to step up with other competitors with slower delivery times. Additionally, faster shipping can gain your customers’ trust because you deliver their items quickly and efficiently.

Walmart presents the widest selection of products at the most competitive prices. This dropshipping supplier has around 5,000 sellers on-site. These sellers provide about 30 million products to the Canadian market.

Also, discounts and deals are available that can help pull a greater audience to your dropshipping store.

In addition, Walmart Canada has limitless choices of the top dropshipping niches. These categories include home supplies, outdoor needs, personal care, and the list does not end here.

Excellent customer support also makes Walmart Canada one of the most reliable dropshipping suppliers. Walmart offers a price match guarantee when a product price decreases within a specified return period. Customer support can help you match the price according to the new price and receive the difference back.

HomeDepot Canada

homedepot dropshipping platform Canada

Home Depot is a home improvement retailer that has 180 enormous warehouses in 10 provinces in Canada. As a supplier, Home Depot Canada has the following worthwhile features for your dropshipping venture:

  • A large number of products
  • Free two-day delivery
  • Price match policy
  • Tax exemption program

The platform presents over two million product choices, focusing on the home niche. It has a variety of products such as construction tools and home suppliers.

Additionally, Home Depot has its line of brands that dropshippers can list in their online stores. Examples of these brands are Husky tools, Workforce tools, HDX, and a lot more.

Another advantage of choosing Home Depot as your supplier is that it offers a two-day shipping service for over one million products. Also, dropshippers can avail of the free delivery option for orders $45 and above.

Furthermore, Home Depot’s price match policy entitles dropshippers to a partial refund if within 30 to 60 days you find the exact item elsewhere at a lower price.

Then, the Tax Exemption Program of this supplier allows clients to shop items from its stores without paying sales tax on selected products. You can save as much as 5% of your purchases with this program. Qualification eligibility requires a valid state-issued tax exemption identification, an online application, and a Home Depot tax-exempt ID number.

At Home Depot, dropshippers enjoy remarkable customer service, competitive prices, convenient shipping, and high-quality products. 

Etsy Canada

Etsy is an online site where you can shop handmade, vinted, and crafted items. In the dropshipping market, Etsy Canada presents these premiere features:

  • Conscious buyers
  • Avenue for creativity
  • Endless niches
  • High-profit margins

Etsy always values craftsmanship by offering a selection of unique or eccentric items. Dropshippers can sell these personalized products to a specific market and not just any ordinary shopper.

What’s more, you can achieve high-profit margins with tailor-made items. These products are more expensive due to their rarity. By knowing that, shoppers are willing to spend more.

Moreover, there are limitless niches available in Etsy Canada to help you outshine your competitors. You can list the following categories in your store: home supplies, apparel, furniture, jewelry, toys, bags, and more.

Because of the assortment of products, you can design your dropshipping store to become festive and trendy.

A two to three days delivery is available on this platform. Note that next-day delivery is not possible if you are purchasing a custom-made item.

Best Buy Canada

Best Buy aims to enhance the lives of its clients through the utilization of technology. This dropshipping supplier is one of Canada’s biggest electronics retailers. With Best Buy Canada, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exemplary business solutions
  • Reachable stores and online sites
  • Free business account
  • Low price guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Flexible payment choices
  • Social impact

Best Buy Canada aims to achieve excellent business solutions by providing only the most long-lasting and multifaceted products. These solutions include audio and video, office equipment, networking solutions, software and licenses, and more.

Also, Best Buy’s online site receives over 250 million visitors annually.

Moreover, free sign-up for a business account is readily available. With this program, you can fulfill orders faster and easier. It also entitles you to access thousands of items.

The low price guarantee of Best Buy Canada entitles you to a price match. If you can find a similar product with a lesser price elsewhere before or within 30 days of the purchase, this supplier will match that price. All you need to do is present a receipt, and BestBuy will refund the difference.

Being a Canada-based supplier, BestBuy offers standard domestic shipping speeds, often at no cost to us. However, the free shipping option only applies to regular orders over $35 from its website. Orders with overly large items or those below a total of $35 carry a delivery fee.

Furthermore, Best Buy Canada accepts flexible payment options. These include credit cards, leasing options, and the net 30 credit account for eligible clients.

Above all these, Best Buy Canada highly values its social responsibility. It contributes to positive social impacts by inspiring, motivating, and empowering people through technology.

Newegg Canada

Newegg is a notable e-commerce retailer that focuses on technology. This company extends its global reach even in Canada. Newegg Canada presents these advantages for dropshippers:

  • Tech-focused e-retailer
  • Competitive prices
  • Reliable and award-winning experience

The enterprise has a vast selection of the latest technologies available for dropshippers to access. The choices of products include electronics, home gadgets, and gaming items.

Newegg Canada further gives dropshippers the best market competitive prices on its exceptional product range. Also, this dropshipping supplier commits itself to on-time delivery of orders.

Moreover, Newegg aims to guide its clients into choosing the best products for them. It offers product details, critical reviews, expert insights, product tutorials, and networking opportunities.

This dropshipping platform ranks as one of the top-notch online shopping platforms. The organization constantly receives high-marking customer support ratings. Client fulfillment is Newegg’s primary priority, so it always ensures to put customers’ satisfaction first in line.

Finally, with all these promising features that Newegg can extend to the dropshipping community, it is one of Canada’s finest dropshipping suppliers.

Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay is a Canadian department store chain that highlights luxury products. Today, the enterprise manages stores in about 86 locations in seven provinces in Canada. Hudson’s Bay is a promising dropshipping supplier because of these primary benefits:

  • Fast and flexible shipping
  • Free returns
  • Price match guarantee

Free shipping is available for orders $99 and above in Hudson’s Bay or as low as $45 total when using the Hudson’s Bay Credit to make purchases. When you fall short of the $99 minimum purchase, you must pay an $8 delivery fee. Meanwhile, shipping policies for beauty items are not as restrictive, requiring a minimum of only $29 to qualify for free shipping.

Delivery usually takes three to ten business days, depending on the destination and delivery method. The three delivery options are express shipping that takes two to six business days; parcel delivery by domestic carriers; and curbside delivery by a third-party freight operator.

Moreover, item purchases in Hudson’s Bay are also eligible for free returns on-site and in-store. If your purchase does not suit your preferences, you can return it with its original packaging and official receipt.

A 14-day policy return period is applicable for large items in on-site purchases. Then, a 30-day policy applies for standard-sized products. Also, clients enjoy a 90-day return period when purchases are through the Hudson’s Bay Credit.

Make sure to check out Hudson’s Bay site for exclusions on shipping and returns deals.

Furthermore, the price match guarantee of Hudson’s Bay is advantageous to dropshippers. If you can find an exact item with a lower price in any qualifying Canada-based competitors, Hudson’s Bay will match such price.

All these features qualify Hudson’s Bay Canada as a top-notch dropshipping supplier.

Costco Canada

costco ecommerce Canada

Costco is a multinational company famous for specializing in a unique membership club and an exceptional business model. This American dropshipping supplier has various warehouses in Canada. So, Costco Canada offers these incredible benefits for your dropshipping store:

  • Membership club
  • Wholesale supplier
  • Numerous products
  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Canada warehouses

A significant part of the revenue of Costco Canada comes from its monthly membership card fees and not on product sales. The margin on products is comparatively low, which means that they offer competitively low prices  in-store and online.

Furthermore, Costco is one of the largest wholesale suppliers globally, offering exceptional deals for dropshippers. As a result, you can provide customers with competitive prices in your dropshipping store.

Additionally, Costco Canada has a wide range of products that include special items not readily available elsewhere. Thousands of products from different niches are available for dropshipping. Such vast product selection makes it easier to attract more audiences to your dropshipping store.

Costco provides fast and reliable fulfillment of orders with around three to five days delivery time. Quickly delivering products to customers increases the chance they will come back to your store again.

Last but not least, Costco stands out for steadfast customer support. Its customer service efficiently manages concerns with tracking, cancellation, and return issues. Also, their return policy permits returns of items with problems for up to 90 days from the purchase date.

All these perks make Costco Canada a top dropshipping supplier for your e-commerce venture.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Corporation Limited is a retail enterprise that operates in the automotive, hardware, sports, leisure, and housewares fields. In dropshipping, Canadian Tire presents these worthwhile perks:

  • Wide range of categories
  • Digital Flyer
  • Hot deals and discounts
  • Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

This supplier has various product categories dropshippers can choose from to list in their online stores. This selection set comprises automotive items, tools and hardware, home and pets, sports and recreation, and outdoor living.

The digital flyer is now available on-site at Canada Tire. This flyer allows you to explore great deals with fast browsing and unique features. It helps you to find the item that you’re looking for more conveniently.

Also, Canada Tire’s online portal offers hot deals, clearance sales, and holiday discounts. For dropshippers, competitive market prices are essential so that more audiences will come to their online stores.

Another feature of this Canada dropshipping supplier is the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard. This card is a reliable no-fee credit card readily available to just about every Canadian regardless of their financial standing. You can enjoy as much as a 4% cash back at Canadian Tire using this card.

Wayfair Canada

dropship wayfair platform Canada

Wayfair Canada is a dropshipping-friendly supplier specializing in the home niche. The platform was created by dropshippers and, as a result, offers the following perks to sellers:

  • Massive variety of home products
  • Fast and free shipping
  • MYWAY Program
  • Paypal support

This Canada dropshipping supplier offers a diverse set of products for all things home-related. Its unique items range from furniture, appliances, décors, and many others. The selection comprises over 14 million items coming from around 11,000 suppliers worldwide.

Wayfair understands the importance of fast delivery and provides free shipping for orders over $50. Meanwhile, for purchases under $50, it requires flat-rate shipping of $8.99. Fast 2-day shipping is also available for thousands of items such as stools or racks.

Furthermore, Wayfair Canada has its MYWAY Program with a 34.99 CAD yearly membership fee that entitles clients to free shipping for almost all on-site items. The program can help you save up to 25% on assembly fees and upgraded delivery services. Also, this enables customers to access thousands of exclusive products on the platform.

Finally, Wayfair supports Paypal as one of its payment options. This digital wallet paves the way for faster and smoother transactions with dropshippers who prefer this means of payment.

Overstock Canada

overstock ecommerce platform Canada

Overstock is an American e-commerce company that extends its operations to the Canadian market. Like Wayfair, this platform also highlights the home niche. Here are the top-notch reasons to choose Overstock Canada as your dropshipping supplier:

  • Canada warehouse 
  • Fast and dependable shipping
  • Reliable return policy
  • Price match guarantee
  • Club 0 Program
  • Outstanding customer support

Most of the products on this platform come with free shipping. Customers can receive their items after one to two shipping days through major domestic carriers in Canada. This feature gets rid of costly shipping fees and makes your dropshipping business more market competitive.

A 30-day return period entitles customers to give back items with issues to Overstock. Nevertheless, clients can still enjoy a partial refund for returns exceeding the 30-day limit.

Overstock dedicates itself to providing dropshippers with the fairest price on the market through the price match program. This program allows Overstock to refund you if you find an exact product elsewhere at a lower price.

Just like other dropshipping suppliers, Overstock also entitles its clients to a loyalty program. The Club 0 Program gets you free shipping on all orders on top of a 5% cashback on any purchase. You can subscribe for free for 30 days, and then you can continue enjoying the perks at $19.95 yearly.

Finally, Overstock Canada is one of the finest dropshipping suppliers due to its incredible customer support. Overstock offers dependable customer chat support online, and it is reachable most times of the day.

Lowe’s Canada

Lowe’s dropshipping Canada

Lowe’s is a retail enterprise that centers on home improvement. This American-established dropshipping supplier extends its services to its Canada-based distribution centers. When it comes to dropshipping, Lowe’s Canada has the following benefits:

  • Quick and efficient shipping
  • Lowe’s business credit cards
  • Lowe’s Pro Loyalty Program
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Lowe’s protection plan

This dropshipping supplier offers three different shipping options: Standard Delivery in one to four days, Two-Day Delivery within two business days, and Next-Day for the following business day. Dropshippers get free standard delivery for any order totaling $45 or more.

Lowe’s Business Credit Card is unquestionably one of the best features of this supplier. Three card types are available: Monthly or Revolving Payments, Pay in Full, and Prepaid. Being a cardholder entitles you to the following perks:

  • Exclusive daily 5% discounts
  • Lines of credit or prepaid accounts
  • Discounts on deliveries
  • Efficient billing and invoicing choices
  • Special cardholder events

Moreover, this dropshipping supplier offers the “My Lowe’s” loyalty program. Signing up is easy and creating an account through the site is convenient. Membership entitles you to personalized offers relevant to your dropshipping venture, spending tracking and purchase history, and Lowe’s tools to aid in the management of your business.

With Lowe’s, dropshippers and their customers can experience exemplary customer service. The support department is available most times of the day, every day in a week. Also, being in the “Pro” program can get you a quicker service than non-members.

Furthermore, Lowe’s offers a protection plan beyond what the usual manufacturer’s warranty can deliver. This perk requires no deductible or extra fees, and filing a claim through their website is also convenient. Coverage periods for items against power surges and failures caused by normal wear and tear vary depending on the product and manufacturer.

Costway Canada

Costway is a top dropshipping supplier in offering high-grade products and competitive prices. This dropshipping platform extends its operations to Canada via its domestic warehouse. Costway Canada proves to be one of the premier dropshipping suppliers because of these reasons:

  • Higher profits
  • 90-day warranty
  • Product support
  • Self-branded items
  • Dropship certification
  • Free shipping

Dropshippers can gain higher profits by the use of redeemable coupons and hot deals in Costway. Also, as much as a 3% rebate is available depending on the sales of your dropshipping store.

Another perk of this dropshipping supplier is that it entitles clients to a 90-day return and refund period from the date of purchase. This feature is beneficial for products that don’t suit customers’ preferences or items that are defective.

This dropshipping platform further offers dropship certification. It allows dropshippers to register and obtain approval to dropship with Costway.

Costway Canada is a dropshipping-friendly supplier. This cause is evident by the provision of CSV files daily after the dropship certification. The file includes everything you need: links to images, descriptions, and stock management.

Additionally, Costway has over 8,000 self-branded products coming from around ten categories. This vast selection gives dropshippers a lot of product options to list in their online selling channels.

Finally, Costway Canada provides free standard shipping on all items. Depending on the destination in Canada and the carrier provider, product handling is within 24 hours. The shipping period lasts for about three to five days.

Amazon Canada

Amazon dropshipping platform Canada

Amazon is an American multinational organization that thrives on electronic business. This dropshipping supplier has a couple of warehouses in Canada. Here are the best features that make Amazon Canada worthy of becoming one of your dropshipping suppliers:

  • One to two-day shipping
  • Endless range of products
  • Reliable customer service
  • Easy returns
  • Canada warehouse

The platform offers speedy shipment of orders, and it can deliver items in just one to two days. The delivery time plays a significant role for dropshippers because customers want their orders fast. Also, a quick delivery can lead to more sales for you.

As one of the biggest Canada dropshipping suppliers, Amazon presents millions of products in every niche possible. With so many product options, it is no surprise that the dropshipping industry welcomes Amazon Canada as one of the most reliable suppliers.

Furthermore, Amazon Canada offers dependable customer support that dropshippers can further extend to consumers. The company demonstrates its commitment to service by addressing tracking, shipment, cancellation, or return concerns in the shortest time possible.

Speaking of returns, Amazon Canada offers free 30-day returns. Also, it provides a convenient order report summary to aid in the management of our accounts. On the other hand, when dropshipping from Amazon we do risk account locks. Thus, it is best to use Amazon as a product research platform and to source products from another excellent supplier on this list. 

dropshipping legal in canada

Dropshipping in Canada is legal. It is an excellent online business, and many are already into this kind of online venture. It is a legitimate industry as long as you adhere to the basic rules in dropshipping.

In order to keep their e-commerce trade legal in Canada, dropshippers must not list or sell copyrighted products in their stores. To know more about restrictions on counterfeit items, here is the Verified Rights Owner Program on eBay.

Dropshipping restricts the sale of illicit or hazardous products. These items include:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Prohibited drugs
  • Tobacco products
  • Unregulated medicines
  • Contraband weapons
  • Flammable materials
  • Adult materials

When dropshipping on any selling channel, dropshippers must comply with community standards and e-commerce policies. Here are Facebook’s Terms and Policies for doing business on such a platform. These policies will guide you on becoming a reliable dropshipper regardless of your selling channel.

Is Dropshipping Profitable In Canada?

Establishing a dropshipping career in Canada is a promising move. However, before you leap into this field, you must understand the statistics and their implications.

According to figures, online businesses obtain around an 18.33% increase in profit in dropshipping rather than what they receive from their very own digital stores. Likewise, retailers who list items through dropshipping can experience a rise of about 50% in additional profits compared to the sales of products from physical inventories.

Moreover, the digital selling field in Canada grew from 29.6 billion CAD in sales in 2015 to 44 billion CAD in 2018. With all this data, sources estimate that digital sales will continuously increase in the coming years.

Furthermore, the dropshipping industry in Canada is more accessible than that of the US market. That’s because Canada’s dropshipping field has lower competition allowing dropshippers to obtain more sales and greater profits.

How To Start A Dropshipping Business In Canada

start a dropshipping business in canada

Putting up your Canada dropshipping empire requires you to take the following steps:

Choose a Selling Channel

Selecting a selling channel is necessary for your dropshipping business. A sales channel is a platform where you can list products for customers to access.

In Canada dropshipping, there are two effective and tested selling channels to choose from. These selling platforms are:

  • eBay Canada
  • Shopify

In Dropshipping to eBay Canada, new dropshippers start small due to listing limits, thus resulting in low sales. However, they can gradually expand over time and gain more profits in the process.

Also, there’s free organic traffic on eBay’s online platform. It means that there’s no need to worry about marketing and advertising expenses because customers flock to the site regularly.

With a sizable visiting audience, dropshippers can quickly get sales.

Another sales channel, Shopify, enables dropshippers to customize their stores and obtain their unique domain. Unlike eBay, Shopify has no starting limits; dropshippers can list as many products as they want in their online stores.

Additionally, Shopify offers lower selling fees compared with eBay Canada. However, there is no organic traffic on the Shopify platform. Therefore, selling products in this channel requires working capital for marketing.

Find a Product to Sell

Now that you have a selling platform for your products, one of the subsequent concerns of dropshippers when starting their online venture is identifying which products to sell. When customers can access more quality products, this could lead to more sales too.

Product finding is also called product research in the dropshipping world. It is a strategic scheme to guarantee that the products you sell are according to customers’ needs and preferences. Note that even if your products look excellent, the wrong items cannot pull the audience into coming to your store.

Here is The Ultimate Guide to 100 + Best Products to Sell in 2021 to aid you in choosing which top-notch products to dropship.

Additionally, you can check out AutoDS – Ecommerce Dropshipping Blog and learn about the best dropshipping tips and tricks that help jumpstart your online store.

You can also watch the Sell These Now -The Hottest Dropshipping Products 2021 on YouTube to know customers’ most trending purchases.

Select a Supplier

While searching for the appropriate products to sell, you also need to consider which Canada dropshipping suppliers can provide them to your store. Picking a reliable supplier is essential to the success of your dropshipping business.

Many Canada dropshipping suppliers are available. You can select a suitable supplier from any of the lists above. AutoDS supports eBay and Amazon as your choices of Canada dropshipping suppliers.

List Your Product

After choosing the items to sell and identifying the Canada dropshipping suppliers, the next thing you will do is list products on your selling platform. Consequently, customers can easily access the available items and place orders.

The importing process from your supplier page to your selling channel guides you with listing products in your store. However, manually listing products can consume a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is preferable to import products automatically.

Specifically, here’s how you can list your products on Shopify and eBay.

Fulfill Your Order

Once customers start purchasing items from your store, you need to fulfill their orders. You can achieve delivery of customers’ orders through manual and automated fulfillment.

In the manual fulfillment of orders, you purchase each product from your supplier, and your supplier ships it to your buyer. Having items in gift packaging is preferable when carrying out orders manually so that the original buying price will not be visible to customers.

However, there comes a time when multiple orders build up. In this case, the automation of order fulfillment is a more convenient option for dropshippers. Automating the orders can help you save time and can make the process efficient.

For the automation of the fulfillment of orders, we can utilize the Fulfilled by AutoDS service. This feature manages all of the demands from our dropshipping store while keeping track of the processes.

Should I Work With Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers?

Work With Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers

Since we don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket, we need to choose a few dropshipping suppliers to work with. Having multiple Canada dropshipping suppliers to source products for your e-commerce business has the following perks:

  • Less dependence on only one supplier
  • Vast options for product selection
  • Minimal delays in the supply of items
  • Fair market competition

Dependency on a single supplier is detrimental to dropshipping business. Fulfillment of customer orders must not stop, even when problems arise with one supplier. Therefore, you must work with multiple options so there is no interruption in business when one cannot meet the demand.

Additionally, connecting with various suppliers can give you access to a wider variety of products. A diverse selection of items from other sources can pull more customers to purchase in your store.

As a client of these enterprises, fair market competition enables you to negotiate for deals and benefits.

Finally, transacting with multiple Canada dropshipping suppliers can help your dropshipping venture to thrive. Your online store can achieve higher sales and more profits in no time due to:

  • Robust competition
  • Efficiency in operations
  • Wide variety of products
  • Minor supply disruptions
  • Independence from only one supplier


Now, you have dependable Canada dropshipping suppliers to source your products. Next in line is to step up your dropshipping business by choosing a suitable selling channel. With the right store for your online business, you can achieve greater market reach and gain higher profits.

Ultimately, you should acquire a clearer perspective on the next steps you need to take in your dropshipping business. 

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