What is Chinabrands

A major global dropshipping/distributing powerhouse platform for e-commerce. Chinabrands cooperates with over 400 logistics channels covering more than 200 countries and regions. They make global sellers a priority and are committed to providing a quick and easy way to start your online business. Chinabrands are a Top performer in cross-border commerce, providing services to over 300,000+ global sellers. One of the few dropship friendly sources that are committed to seller success.

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

Warehouse Locations

Having 40+ worldwide warehouses makes it easy to get products to customers fast and easy.  Warehouses are located in the US, UK, ES, FR, CN, AU & RU. This enables you to ship to more than 250 countries with the “Fastest delivery times in the market”. Below is a chart example (not a complete list) of the warehouse locations and shippable areas.

Chinabrands warehouse Locations

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

US – United States, UK – United Kingdom, ES – Spain, FR – France, CN – China, AU – Australia, RU – Russia

Dropshipping from Chinabrands Pros & Cons


  • Fast delivery to customers with a 95% 24-Hour handling time.
  • Fully integrated with AutoDS software
  • Focused on Dropshipper success
  • Good quality products with great prices
  • Over 10,000 suppliers with 500,000+ SKUs
  • Multi-language descriptions
  • Available Dropshipping Agreement
  • Shipping is faster than most because of all the global warehouse location.


  • Slow customer service response to emails
  • Refunds/Replacements take time
  • Pricing varies by warehouse

How to start using Chinabrands as a supplier?

AutoDS is an official Chinabrands partner. Signing up with Chinabrands could not be easier.  To start, the first step is signing up. Sign-up. Clicking the link will redirect you to the Chinabrands registration page and it will ask you for the following:

  • Email address
  • Preferred username
  • Password
  • Verification code (Code is on the same line to the right)

This is very important to use this link for the registration, as this way it will be easier for you to get the dropshipping contract

Then just click the “Join Now” button.

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

“Next” Complete Your Business Information

  • Phone Number
  • WhatsApp/Skype (optional).
  • Company Name
  • Business Type
  • Platforms

Then just click the “Submit” button

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

Dropshipping from Chinabrands special & unique things

The official partnership between AutoDS and Chinabrands!

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

This official partnership will give you much better service, and a much easier option to get a dropshipping agreement.

Chinabrands dropshipping agreement

How to Get a Reseller Agreement from Chinabrands Wholesale?

  • Sign-up for the Chinabrands Dropshipping Program.
  • Connect/Authorize your eBay store in Chinabrands dropshipping account. Step-by-Step Guide.
  • (Before you ask for the agreement) you must load at least $500 in your Chinabrands balance

Send an email to [email protected] using this format:

Dear Chinabrands team,

My name is Johnny Doe and I would like to apply for a reseller certification letter. Please review my application details below:

Registered email in Chinabrands: [email protected]

Full Name: Johnny Doe

Store Name: JohnDoeStore2019

Sales Confirmation: I confirm I have reached $500 in sales from ChinaBrands

Store Linkhttps://www.ebay.com/us/JohnnyDoeStore

Automation software: AutoDS

Thank you,

Johnny Doe

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

“For more information, refer to their Chinabrands Membership Rules Article about the advantages and benefits of joining.”

Special Programs

VIP Membership

Not required, but taking advantage of the added VIP membership gives sellers special pricing discounts, unique product content, and CB points.  VIP membership has 3 levels BronzeSilver, & Gold which are determined by monthly sales volume. receive CB points every time he or she renews its membership or buys a product.

VIP Membership Levels

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

CB Points

Available to VIP members is an amazing discount points program. Points are earned every time VIP membership renews and for each purchased product. Each CB Point is worth $0,01 and is used to discount product prices or even shipment costs, increasing the profit of every sale made. Points cannot be used to deduct the costs of clearance products or special offers

Policies & Recommendations

Return Policies

Returns can be at the cost of Chinabrands or customers depending on the reason for return and situation. A “Buyer Paid 30 day eBay Returns Policy” is recommended. If it is determined that a refund will be issued, refunds are within 3-14 days after receiving the returned package. RMA Return Form must be completed when returning products. Refunding or resending products can only be done after the warehouse confirms the return product receipt. Detailed return policy information

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

Shipping and Handling Policies

The shipping methods available are flat-rate, standard shipping, and expedited shipping. Shipping costs are determined by item weight and dimensions. Shipping insurance is available “2% Fee.” Chinabrands has a processing time promise of 24 hours from purchase. Shipping Policy

Shipping & Handling Reference

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

Although Chinabrands has pretty reliable 24 hr handling, it is still recommended to have 2-3 days handling on your policy.

Shipping times can be set up in one of two ways.  You can set a blanket shipping time of up to 25 days or you can set up multiple shipping options based on where it will be shipping to.

You do have the option with the US warehouse locations that can be set up with a shorter shipping time of 1-5 business days while still using the 3 days handling.

US Warehouse Location Policy

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

Non-US Warehouse Location Policy

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

How to find products to dropship from Chinabrands

With the Chinabrands to eBay dropshipping tool, you can save time by automating your dropshipping business model easier and scale.  3 Great places to start your product search are Hot Selling, Clearance, and New Arrival item sections.

  • Hot Selling items – These are products that ChinaBrands algorithm determined to be most likely to be hot selling.
  • Clearance items – Section for limited supply deep discount items. 
  • New Arrival items – Can help you get the edge on newer items that don’t have a lot of sellers yet. If you prefer certain categories you can select them once you have clicked one of these options to further narrow your results. No preference?  Then just select them ALL

Items can be easily grabbed from the pages with the “ AutoDS Helper extension.”  You are able to extract all products from a specific page at once to make it quick and easy to get your new products listed.

“Hot Selling” items feature

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

Customer Support

Support seems to very reliable and convenient for all dropshippers. Sellers can contact customer support by phone, email, or even Social media “Facebook” message. Which makes Chinabrands customer support very dropship friendly. Most can only be contacted by email.  Chinabrands even a section to choose “Pre or Post-sale Consultation.” Contact Support

Chinabrands To eBay Dropshipping

Payment Methods “Details

  1. PayPal

  • It can be used to add balance to sellers CB Wallet and regular check out.
  • Each prepaid balance cannot exceed $1,000 USD
  • Instant payment, instant arrival, safe and convenient
  1. Payoneer

  • Only accepted to prepay CB Wallet
  • No limitation for each prepaid balance
  • Instant payment, instant arrival, safe and convenient
  1. Wire transfer

  • Only accepted to prepay CB Wallet
  • Transaction fees will be deducted from prepaid balance and are determined by the policies of the bank used.
  • 2% CB points can be given for prepaid
  • Example: prepaying $100 USD will give you 200 CB points
  • It’s an offline transaction. You need to contact a customer service representative after prepaying. Usually takes 1 to 2 business days
  1. CB Wallet

  • Prepaid by Paypal, Payoneer, or Wire transfer
  • CB points can only be used for a transaction on Chinabrands and cannot be used on other channels
  • Withdrawals are only returned to the original account

Dropshipping from Chinabrands with AutoDS

Chinabrands products are fully monitored with AutoDS for “Stock and Pricing. Products can be uploaded directly through AutoDS with the AutoDS Helper Tool and support item variations to maximize your listing potential.

Give us your thoughts below on the experiences you have had with Chinabrands. Have you used Chinabrands in the past?  Do you use them currently?  We want to know, so comment below.