Finding the right supplier for our dropshipping business is essential for our success. To explain, the right supplier will enable us to build a stellar product catalog and offer an awesome shopping experience for our customers. With that in mind, CJ Dropshipping is a reliable and trustworthy dropshipping supplier that offers an extensive product range and numerous international warehouses. 

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at what makes CJ Dropshipping a great dropshipping supplier. On top of that, we’ll also dive into their product-finding features that will help us source great products to boost sales.

The Benefits Of Dropshipping From CJDropshipping

There are numerous aspects of this supplier that make it a great choice to source from. In fact, CJ Dropshipping has quickly become a leading Chinese supplier with over 400,000 products to choose from. But, there are a variety of other features that really reel us in:

  • Variety Of Products
  • Free US Warehouse Inventory
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Sourcing & Negotiating
  • Ship Items Together
  • White Label
  • Return Policies
  • Print On Demand
  • Product Videos & Images

Variety Of Products

CJDropshipping product variety

Notably, CJ Dropshipping works with hundreds of factories and suppliers, building up a product offering of an outstanding 400,000 products. This means that they foster an enormous selection of products to cater to any trend. Plus, their product selection spans across all categories that we can imagine. 

With tons of different sellers, we can find products for any niche we’re looking for. Working with such broad options gives us a solid competitive edge since we can cater to various demands.

Free US Warehouse Inventory

US Warehouse Inventory

CJ Dropshipping also offers USA warehouse fulfillment centers to ensure fast, secure, and reliable delivery to your buyers for free! This gives us a huge advantage because it enables us to offer a better shopping experience by offering faster shipping times. 

We get to source great products at excellent competitive prices with storage and shipping from within the US. So our customers won’t have to wait for 30-day shipping from China. Consequently, this paves the way for us to convert our customers into returning ones and attract new customers to boost sales.

Reliable Customer Support 

CJ Dropshipping Customer Support

Undoubtedly, providing our customers with exceptional customer service is vital for our success. This is because it helps us differentiate ourselves from the competition and attain customer loyalty. So, customers will be encouraged to return if they have a pleasant experience when purchasing from our store.

Amazingly, CJ Dropshipping offers stellar customer support that we can extend to our own customers. It offers super convenient, fast, and easy service that is available 24/7. But, don’t take our word for it – their Trustpilot rating is 4.9/5!

Sourcing & Negotiating

One of the biggest perks of working with CJ Dropshipping is the option to source products per request for free. If there’s a product we’re looking for and can’t find it through them, simply post a sourcing request to the CJ APP. Then, they’ll send us the quotation in 24 business hours.

As such, this means they do the product research and sourcing work for us by tracking down the product we need instead of us. This saves us a bunch of time and hassle. Additionally, if they find it elsewhere, they will match the price or even beat it. This means we can mark up our profit margins and remain competitive.

The only other supplier with a similar feature is AutoDS. If we have an order but are unhappy with the product price or shipping times, we can send a product sourcing request to AutoDS. In under 48 hours, we can get different alternatives, like a supplier with better pricing or faster shipping.

Ship Items Together

Ship items together for one order

This next one is a lifesaver! When dropshipping multiple products from a supplier with such a big product catalog, a customer may purchase multiple items. So, it becomes an inconvenience since each item will be packaged and sent separately. This will lead to different orders being sent at different times and arriving on different days, too. 

But, CJ Dropshipping is a unique exception because they send out all the products from one order in the same package. That way, our customer will get their entire order at once, and all of their products will arrive at the same time. This drastically improves the overall shopping experience and gives us a rare competitive advantage.

White Label 

White label packaging option

Another great and infrequent perk is the white-label option. To elaborate, CJ Dropshipping  allows dropshippers to brand their packaging when their orders are shipped out. This allows us to create and build a brand identity that we can cultivate with the help of this supplier. 

As such, we can become more recognizable among shoppers and attract more sales. People are more likely to purchase from a recognizable brand they remember. CJ Dropshipping  allows us to do that and helps us grow our customer base and business. Customization can go a long way and can push your business immensely, so this is a great feature to take advantage of.

Return Policies

Having good and fair return policies is essential for any dropshipping business because it makes customers more comfortable about making a purchase. On that note, CJ Dropshipping has an amazing full refund and product replacement policy. So, if a product arrives damaged or doesn’t arrive at all for some reason, they will either refund or replace it. 

On top of that, these same policies apply even if an item arrives later than the estimated shipping time. And it’s up to us whether or not we will cover the return costs or we will leave those fees to our customers. In any case, we need to clearly share the details of our return policies with our customers. That way, we can avoid any issues around covering return costs.

Print-on-demand option from CJ Dropshipping

This next feature that CJ Dropshipping provides is a fan favorite. Print on Demand (POD) has been on the rise, and CJ Dropshipping has our back. POD enables us to sell custom-designed products. Additionally, it gives our customers the opportunity to customize their products with their own designs. 

Because of this, we get the chance to mark up our products since people are willing to spend more on custom items. It also gives us a competitive advantage compared to other dropshippers. We can make any design come to life with CJ Dropshipping’s thousands of printable products.

Product Videos & Images  

Product videos & images on CJ Dropshipping

Last but not least, CJ Dropshipping can give us great product videos and images. Since we don’t hold our inventory, getting good videos and images of our products is hard. Notably, customers are more inclined to make a purchase if they can clearly see what the product looks like and its functionality. This is because, with online shopping, they can’t see it for themselves in real life. 

So, CJ Dropshipping has done a great job of providing solid product videos and images to dropshippers. We can message our supplier directly and even ask for a specific background color for the item’s images. They will be more than happy to send them to us for us to use in your store.

CJ Dropshipping Product Finding

CJ Dropshipping makes finding hot products to sell super easy, with a total of 30 warehouses worldwide. Plus, they sport an enormous selection of 13 categories with plenty of products from within each one. This helps us find bestsellers in every niche and cater to anything our customers might be in demand for. Additionally, CJ Dropshipping’s low prices allow big profit margins while remaining competitive. Put those three together, and we have ourselves the perfect supplier. 

And, to make it even easier for us, CJ Dropshipping has a bunch of filters we can utilize to narrow down our search. We can filter products based on warehouse location, product types, price, and shipping. This not only helps us find exactly what we’re looking for but also speeds up the process of scrolling endlessly to find our product.

CJ Dropshipping Warehouses

CJ Dropshipping Warehouse

If we’re dropshipping products to the US, we’re in for a treat. US warehouses are free for us to use and enable us to offer quick shipping times. This is because the products are stored and shipped out from the US instead of China.

But, if we’re dropshipping from outside the US, we can utilize one of their 30 international warehouses. Countries in which CJ Dropshipping offers warehouses include: China, Thailand, Germany, Australia, Britain, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, Chile, Indonesia, France, Czech Republic, Uganda, Romania, Pakistan, Japan, Mexico, India, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. 

Notably, if we’re dropshipping to a different country, we can still cut down on shipping time. We can do this by utilizing the warehouse closest to our destination country. As we can see, warehouses are spaced out all over the world to make it more convenient for dropshippers. So, no matter where we’re shipping to, we’ll cut down on the long Chinese delivery times.

Product Prices & Wide Product Variety

Low-sourcing prices are a godsend for dropshippers. This is because it gives us the opportunity to add higher markups and make better profits while still staying competitive. So, although our markup will be significant, our selling prices will remain affordable.  

With CJ Dropshipping, we get for our money’s worth and so much more. Their features and all-around services put them at the top of the list of Chinese suppliers. 

As for products, not only are we guaranteed good deals, but selecting products from such a vast catalog is a huge advantage. Computer and office, bags and shoes, jewelry and watches, health and beauty, home and garden, and 8 more categories to choose from. In fact, they cover products in every one of the most profitable niches

As such, we can have a general store filled with products from each category. Alternatively, we can also open a niche store with loads of products from just 1 of the categories. Whatever it is we’re looking for, chances are we’ll find it on CJ Dropshipping.

Import Products & Automate Your Dropshipping Store

AutoDS dropshipping automation tool

Generally speaking, manual dropshipping can get complicated, laborious, and time-consuming. In contrast, using an automation tool like AutoDS will save us a ton of time and effort that goes into running our dropshipping business. In fact, one of the best ways to scale our dropshipping business is by automating it.

That way, we can focus on growing our business while the software does the work for us. As a result, we save a bunch of time and effort while reducing errors. Plus, by automating our dropshipping processes, we can optimize our business and boost profits. 

As a demonstration, use the AutoDS product importer to easily import products from CJ Dropshipping to our store. This tool allows us to import a single product, import in bulk or even schedule product imports for future dates. To illustrate the simplicity of AutoDS’ product importing methods, we will concentrate on the single product uploader. In essence, this feature allows us to import a single product within a matter of seconds.

To begin, copy the product’s URL or ID from the supplier’s page. Then, navigate to the AutoDS platform and access the ‘Add Products’ feature located in the top left menu. From the available options in the dropdown menu, opt for the ‘Single Product’ selection and paste the URL. After pasting the URL, select the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ button to proceed.

Paste CJ Dropshipping product URL to AutoDS Product Importer

Now, the software will proceed to upload the item’s details onto the draft page. The draft page is where we can fine-tune and optimize our listings before publishing them in our stores. The optimization procedure involves editing various elements, such as the product’s description, tags, images, and more.

Edit & optimize product listing before importing

Once we feel satisfied with the product’s optimization, we click on ‘Save and Import’ . Consequently, that initiates the product’s import to our dropshipping store. Then, the system will transfer the items from the draft page to the ‘Products’ page.

AutoDS also has a myriad of other tools that allow us to scale and grow our dropshipping business:

  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Price Optimization
  • Automatic Tracking Updates
  • Winning Products Hub
  • One-screen Inventory Management

… and much more!


All in all, CJ Dropshing is a stellar choice for a dropshipping supplier. It enables us to offer a huge variety of affordable products where we can add a solid markup and remain competitive. Plus, they’re there for us every step of the dropshipping journey, making it easier for us to attract customers and boost sales. It’s hard to come by trustworthy and reliable suppliers, and CJ Dropshipping is a great dropshipping partner. 

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