One of the most annoying things that can happen to any dropshipper that does dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is when his Amazon account gets locked.

When your Amazon purchase account is locked, you are stuck, and can’t do the main processes of the dropshipping business.

You can’t:

  • Use your remaining gift card balance
  • Answer your customer’s questions about the product arrival time, shipping status, and other required information.
  • Fulfill new orders
  • Send returns shipping labels
  • Access your orders to understand which ones have been shipped, and which haven’t

Since March 2019 Amazon started to lock more and more Amazon accounts, as their policy became much stricter, and it had a harmful effect on us- the dropshippers. 

It caused many dropshippers to receive suspensions on their eBay accounts because of the reasons listed above, which also affected their account metrics. 

We have set a goal in AutoDS – to be on the edge of the technology.

We want to help our customers always stay ahead with the newest technologies, features, and things that will help them make their life easier.

In the last few months, we had set a clear goal for AutoDS – to decrease the amount of locked Amazon accounts of the auto ordering system of AutoDS.
In this article, I’ll show you everything you need to know to reduce the number of suspensions of your Amazon accounts, coming from our experience in AutoDS

After tons of hard work, the results came:

What did we do to decrease the number of locked Amazon accounts on AutoDS by over 76%?


  1. Fewer logins to your Amazon accounts with unique proxies
  2. Better orders split between Amazon accounts
  3. Anti-lock system (the accounts freezing system)
  4. Two-factor authentication support
  5. Mimic human’s activity

1) Fewer logins to your Amazon accounts with unique proxies.

The first thing that we figured is that multiple logins to the same Amazon account, with various proxies – will cause a quick lock. 

So we did four things to solve this situation.

Unique proxy per Amazon account:

Any newly added Amazon purchase account will get a new fresh proxy, automatically. 

And that’s not all. Many dropshipping tools indicate that they use different proxies per Amazon account. 

But the fact is that when someone disconnects their account, the proxy will be released and assigned to another Amazon account. 

In AutoDS, after you disconnect your Amazon account, we will not use this proxy anymore and will replace the IP with another new IP address.

Clean cookies:

Each Amazon account gets its own server from AutoDS, with brand new IP as I mentioned before, but that’s not all.
The clean server also means clean cookies.
Using clean cookies, Amazon can’t link between different Amazon accounts in AutoDS.

Tracking numbers updates from your Gmail – without logging into Amazon:

We found a method to update almost all of your tracking numbers through your Gmail Inbox, without logging into your Amazon account. 

This feature decreases the number of logins to your Amazon account by over 90%.

Decrease the number of logins using the bundling system:

The third thing that decreases the number of logins to your Amazon accounts is the “bundling” feature.

The bundling feature will bundle your orders together.
Instead of sending your orders one by one, and logging in for each order, it will send up to 5 orders together.
Using this method the system will log in to your Amazon accounts 80% fewer times.

2) Orders splitting between different Amazon accounts

Working with only one Amazon account became impossible, as high orders volume will lock your Amazon account.
The recommendation is to add up to $100 gift cards per Amazon account, daily.
We added 2 systems that help to reduce the overload on your Amazon accounts:

Orders split system

You can add as many Amazon accounts as you want without any additional cost.
AutoDS will split your orders between the different accounts.
It will decrease the overload per account, and reduce the risk that the high gift card amount will be locked inside your Amazon account.

Maximum daily amount spent per Amazon account

One of the best features that will keep you on the safe side is the daily limit feature, you can see here a full explanation of the price limit system.
Using this system, you can set the maximum daily purchases per Amazon account.
When the system will reach this limit, the auto ordering for this specific Amazon account will stop for 24 hours.
In the past, people made this manually, and it caused AutoDS to make unsuccessful orders retries, something that also caused accounts to get locked.
We saw a huge decrease in locked accounts amount for users who have enabled this feature.

3) Anti-lock system (the accounts freezing system)

When you log in to your Amazon account multiple times, with wrong details / without a good reason (for example – you have no reason to log in if you don’t have gift card balance), it will increase the speed that your Amazon account will be locked.

To decrease the number of unnecessary logins, or logins with wrong information, we created a system that will “freeze” the account for 24 hours, until the problem is solved.
At any moment you can re-enable the account for auto ordering and AutoDS will continue to process your orders.
It will keep you on the safe side, without needing to disconnect the accounts when you don’t have a gift card balance, or if you have changed the account details.

4) Two-factor authentication support

One of the most secure and hard to pass Amazon’s verification process is the “Two-Step Verification”.
Amazon wants to make sure that the person who places the order is a real human, and that it is really you, otherwise, your account may be blocked.

Amazon does prefer this authentication type, that for the sellers’ accounts is a must.
So why not try to work with the most recommended authentication method of Amazon? 😉

Most of the automated orders tools can’t bypass this process, as there should be some actions that a human should do.
This is why, in the past, it was recommended to cancel this verification process.

But the thing is, that the possibility that Amazon will block an account with the “two-step verification” process, is much lower!
And this is why in AutoDS we decided to find a solution!

Since we released the two-step verification bypass feature, the number of locked accounts was decreased by over 20%.
And that’s still not all.
People stopped to get the annoying “OTP” emails.
It became easier to monitor Amazon account’s statuses and helped dropshippers to followup with their accounts.

Click here for configuration and explanation video about the two-step verification

5) Mimic human’s activity

Amazon has its own “anti-robot” system.
The whole job of this system is to prevent software from surfing on Amazon’s site.
When Amazon detects software – they will block the auto ordering process, and this can affect your Amazon account.

After a lot of hard work, we found a way to show Amazon that we are a regular user who just does his orders on Amazon.
How did we do this?
The answer is easy – random activity, that fakes human actions.
It helped our auto ordering process to process much easier, without any problems and increased automated orders success rate to almost 99%.

Not only that but in many cases, sites like Amazon can recognize that the system is not a real person, because of bad proxies.

In AutoDS we are using clean proxies with some techniques that hide it for 100%.

There is no way for Amazon to identify that the person who does the orders is an automatic system.

To verify your proxy you can use sites like check2ip or whoer.
For more details about how to hide your identity and surf anonymously, read our guide about eBay stealth accounts.


I hope that this article will help you decrease the number of your locked accounts.
If it helped you to learn even one more thing, write in the comments below how it has helped you, and if you have any other recommendations, write this too, so we can implement it in our system.