Dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace. Did you ever think it would be a possibility?

Paul J Lipsky, an eBay dropshipper and a big E-commerce Youtuber with over 70K Youtube Subscribers, made over $600 (Profit) in one week, dropshipping random Amazon products onto Facebook Marketplace.

Here’s what he has to say about his personal experience exploring this new untapped trend.

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I’ve been dropshipping for a fair number of years now and have sold millions on eBay and Amazon marketplaces. 

In that time, I’ve also seen many trends come and go. 

So when a friend asked me six months ago if it was possible to dropship products onto Facebook Marketplace, I laughed. “No way that would work,” I told him. 

Over the next few months, a lot more people ask me if Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping worked. I kept saying no until someone finally asked me, “How do you know?” 

So that’s how I found myself a few months ago logging onto Facebook Marketplace to try dropshipping products onto it for the first time. 

I figured I would give it a shot even though I was convinced it wouldn’t work. Boy, was I wrong!

Can You Dropship on Facebook Marketplace?


When I started dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace, I decided to give myself one week to see how well I could do it. 

I spent a lot of time figuring everything out on my own, making some mistakes, and having some major triumphs.

By the end of the week, though, I sold 61 items for a total profit of $668! 

$668 isn’t going to make us rich, but it’s not chump-change either. I mean, who wouldn’t want an extra $35,000 a year? Plus, that’s just the start. 

As mentioned, I made many mistakes during my challenge, especially at the start of the week.

Most of the $668 I made was during the last couple of days of my week-long challenge. 

Once you get the hang of it and get the ball rolling, momentum on Facebook Marketplace can quickly pick up. 

It certainly changed the way I look at Facebook Marketplace and, yes, I’ll now admit it: 

You absolutely can dropship on Facebook Marketplace!

How Does Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Work?

how facebook dropshipping works

Facebook Marketplace dropshipping is one of the simplest ways to start selling products online. Here’s how it works:

     1. Find popular selling items on websites like Amazon and Walmart.

     2. List those items up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

     3. Once someone buys it from us, we can buy it from Amazon or whatever site we listed it from but have them ship it directly to the customer.

And that’s all there is to it!

Now, if you’ve never used Facebook Marketplace before, I suggest you go over there after you read this article and start poking around.

As long as you have a Facebook account, you can access Facebook Marketplace (even if you don’t know it). 

That means Facebook Marketplace is completely free to use! 

When it was first created, people would only use it to sell items locally

For example, when I moved out of my first apartment, I didn’t want to take my old furniture with me. So I listed it on Facebook Marketplace

Someone came to my apartment, handed me cash, and walked away with my unwanted table and chairs.

But now customers can pay us directly on Facebook Marketplace, and we can ship (or dropship) our items to them. 

online payment

Instead of selling only locally, Facebook Marketplace now allows us to sell nationally

How To Dropship on Facebook Marketplace?

If you’re looking to get started dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace, the first thing you need to do is to begin creating listings. Luckily, this is simple to do.

Let’s begin with the automatic way of importing products to save time and add price/stock automation along the way. Check out this video on how to do so:

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping With Full Automation – Step By Step

Following the video explanation above, we highly recommend automating your dropshipping business to be able to scale successfully and break new barriers with your profits at the end of the month.

That being said, here’s the manual way to import products to the Facebook Marketplace. Keep in mind that this process consumes more time when importing products, and you’ll have to refresh your supplier’s pages daily to make sure the prices or stock status hasn’t changed.

First, head over to Facebook Marketplace and click on ‘Create New Listing.’ 

how to dropship facebook marketplace

When it asks you for images of the item, simply grab the product images for the product on Amazon that you want to sell. 

You can do so by downloading the product images or taking screenshots.

Tip: AutoDS has a Facebook dropshipping tool for quickly importing products from over 25 suppliers while adding in semi-automation for your Facebook store.

upload listing facebook marketplace

When Facebook asks you for the item description, just copy the description from Amazon and paste it into Facebook. 

The same goes for the title. You can use the existing one or create your own; just keep it relevant to the product.

Next, we have simple things like choosing the right category, setting the condition to new, and writing the brand name (you can use ‘Branded’ if you don’t want them to search for the brand.)

The only exception to this copy and paste rule is the price

You’ll need to take the price on Amazon and increase it enough to cover the Facebook Marketplace 5% fee plus more so you make a profit when the item sells. 

You can also tag the product and give it a name, which is great for coming back to analyze the performance of specific tags.

product description facebook marketplace

In the Item Location, select a location from where the item will ship. For example, if we took an item from Amazon US, we’ll choose a US zip code.

Under Availability, choose ‘List as in Stock,’ so you can continue selling it if the item sells. 

Otherwise, it will go out of stock after one sell, and we’ll have to manually revise the listing every time we want to sell it again.

Once the item sells, you can go over to Amazon, add that item to the cart, and start the checkout process. 

When Amazon asks you for the billing address, use your address. But when it asks you for the shipping address, use the Facebook Marketplace customer’s address. 

Now, something cool happens: Amazon will ship the item directly to your customer. You never even touch or handle the package, but you still make a hefty profit. 

That’s the power of dropshipping!

Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace With Multiple Suppliers

multiple suppliers dropshipping

So far, I’ve been using Amazon as my example throughout this blog post. But you can also dropship onto Facebook Marketplace from pretty much any online retailer. 

I’ve used Walmart, Home Depot, and Sam’s Club, for instance. But there are lots more.

Amazon, though, is the easiest and best. They have a massive variety of items at really competitive prices. That allows us to sell a lot of products on Facebook Marketplace with a significant margin

Once the item sells, we can get our customers their items fast using Amazon Prime

Many times customers will get their item the same or the next day! Customers are so thrilled they leave us positive feedback, resulting in more sales from other customers in the future!


To wrap it up, dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace is more than possible, and we are just at the beginning.

Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace is fun, exciting, and, yes, profitable!

So, if you’ve been searching for that perfect side hustle that’s simple enough to run at home while profitable enough to make it worth it, then you need to give Facebook Marketplace a try. 

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