The benefits of being Top Rated Seller on Ebay

Becoming a Top Rated Seller on Ebay is the best way to increase your traffic, make more sales and thus boost your profit. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Maximum visibility 

Top-Rated Seller listings get a higher position in Ebay’s search results which means that more potential buyers are likely to come across your products and make a purchase.

  • Qualify for Top Rated Plus listings

If you offer same or 1-business-day handling time and 30-day or longer free returns, you can qualify for the Top Rated Plus benefits.

Then you will have the TRS badge displayed on your listings that meet Ebay’s criteria.

This badge of approval boosts the confidence of the buyer in your credibility as a seller and will help you increase your sales.

  • Bonus: $30 credit towards Promoted Listings every quarter.


How to become a Top Rated Seller

In order to become a Top Rated Seller on Ebay you have to maintain the following key metrics:

  • Cases closed without seller resolution

Refers to the instances when you lose “Item not received” or “Item not as described” cases. These should not add up to more than 0.3% of your total transactions for the last 3 months.

  • Transactions canceled for being out of stock

Orders canceled by you with reason “out of stock” should not be more than 0.5% of your total transactions for the last 3 months.

  • Late shipments

If you didn’t send the item within your handling time or it delivered after the estimated date of delivery. eBay considers the transaction as “late”.

The late shipments should be less than or equal to 3% of your total transactions for the last 3 months.

  • Tracking validation

For every transaction, you are required to upload a valid tracking number within the handling time that you promised.

eBay counts the tracking as valid only after the carrier has scanned it.

There are some cases when you can upload the tracking number within the handling time, but if the carrier hasn’t scanned it yet. In this case, eBay won’t recognize it.

95.00% of your transactions should meet these requirements to become a Top Rated Seller.

Ebay does a score evaluation based on your metrics on the 20th of each month, looking at your transactions during the past 3 months. For more details please visit Ebay Seller Central.


The problem with Amazon trackings and the solution for it.

Amazon carrier delivers around 30% of all Amazon orders.

Amazon provides you with a tracking number that can only be checked on the Amazon order page, which is not public.

Since eBay does not have access to your Amazon account, they can not validate the shipping information. Therefore this tracking number considered invalid. Which leads to the following issues:


  • You are not able to prove to the buyer and eBay that you shipped the order, and it already delivered. Therefore you are likely to lose an “Item not received” case.
  • Having a valid tracking number for 95% of your transactions is impossible if you are updating the orders with tracking from Amazon carriers.

These two being serious issues for any dropshippers, need to be dealt with, and here is the solution.

Bluecare Express is an officially approved carrier by eBay that takes Amazon trackings and converts the shipping information into BCE trackings which are validated by eBay. This will help you both to offer better customer service as buyers will be able to track their orders, as well as maintain your valid trackings percentage and deal with “Item not received” cases.


Another benefit of using Bluecare Express trackings is that they “hide” the shipped from the location of the tracking information. So eBay doesn’t see where your package originally came from, this makes it harder to identify you as a dropshipper.

The easiest and cheapest way to get your hands on Bluecare Express trackings is with Trackerbot.

Trackerbot is a tracking uploader that automatically pulls and uploads your trackings from tons of suppliers.

It provides a solution for both manual and auto dropshippers where you can convert trackings to Bluecare Express.

The process of BCE conversion is fully automated, and multiple of their plans include free monthly BCE credits.

Of course, you can buy even more BCE for the lowest price per BCE available on the market – $0.03!


To see more and sign up for Trackerbot, click here