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Why AutoDS is the better option than shopmaster

AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping tool. We have unique tools that help you
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Price monitoring

Auto ordering system on the server side (without chrome extensions)

Scan time

Every hour Once a day

Automatic tracking numbers updates (On the server side, without extensions)

Automatic price raise & drop according to if products sell

Automatically removes bad selling products

Amazon price & stock monitoringAmazon price & stock monitoring

Full customer service management system including cases & returns management

Free private mentorship program, with private dropshipping lessons

Automatic 3 messages to buyers feature for all our supported suppliers

Get products which sold at least 8 times in the last month with one click + recurring uploads

Item specifics copier chrome extension

Daily scans for CURRENT VERO products
(not only during the uploading process)

Full listings hiding from market research tools

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