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eBay automated messages to buyers

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The benefits of automated messages to buyers


Instead of sending the messages manually, AutoDS will send 3 messages to your buyers and save this time for you.

Dynamic Content

After the automated orders are done by AutoDS, the details of your order will be updated automatically, including the tracking number and order ID. This information will be added automatically to your messages using dynamic params.

3 Messages

AutoDS will do the full followup for you, starting from the “order received” message, up to the “order completed” message.

eBay automatic message sending
step by step explanation

1Link Your Store To AutoDS

Follow the steps and link your store to AutoDS.
If you have an existing AutoDS account, you can click the “Add eBay account” button to start the process and connect a new eBay store.

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2Activate Orders Processor

Go to Settings → Plans & Add Ons →  and activate the Orders Processor to start utilising Automatic Messages to Buyers.

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3Process Your Orders

Process your orders using the AutoDS Helper Chrome extension for manual ordering, or use the auto ordering system of AutoDS.
If you choose to process the order manually, you need to add the order ID in the relevant field in the Orders page.

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4Change The Orders To The Relevant Status

If an order was processed without the automated orders’ system, or the supplier is not supported for automatic orders, you can change the order’s status accordingly, (e.g. “shipped” when the order has received a tracking number), and the messages will be sent automatically.

In case the order was processed automatically, you do not need to do anything. AutoDS will do everything for you!

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5Enjoy Your New Happy Customers & Feedbacks

Enjoy your new happy customers, and watch your feedback rates go up even by more than 60%!

Sit back and enjoy your free time while AutoDS will automate everything for you!

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AutoDS automated messages key features

After Order Processed (Message #1)

The message will be sent after the order was processed automatically, or when you change the status to “Ordered” manually.

After Tracking Number Updated (Message #2)

When AutoDS updates the tracking number for you, or you update the tracking number manually, AutoDS will send out the second message to inform the buyers about the tracking number update.

After Order Complete (Message #3)

After the product has arrived, it’s time to ask for a feedback rate from the customer. AutoDS will send this message for you, with a direct link to leave you positive feedback.

Dynamic Content

You can use dynamic content fields to personalize your messages. The fields can contain details of your customer (for example name, etc.) or any details relevant to order.

International Messages Timing

In cases where you receive international orders, you can configure the last message to be sent later, to avoid confusing situations for your buyers, in case the item has not been delivered yet.

Easy Configuration

The messages are already available for you on AutoDS and can be configured and modified easily.

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