eBay Customer Support Management System

Manage all your customer questions, solve cases, process returns, handle order cancellations - everything in one place.

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The Benefits Of
Our Customer Support Management System

Everything In One Place

Manage all your customer support in one place – from all your stores together. Answer messages, handle returns, cases, cancellation from one place.

Saved Reply Templates

Create premade templates and save them for later access to quickly answer your customers’ messages
Make the use of the AutoDS tags to automatically import buyers’ details like the buyer’s name, username product name, sold date, and a lot more.

Full Messages Visibility

See the full conversation between you and your buyers, all on one page. It is more comfortable than on eBay, where you have to check different messages from the same buyer.
Communicate with your customers like if you are talking with your friends on social media.

Customer Support Management System using AutoDS'
Step By Step Explanation

1Register To AutoDS

The process is easy and you can try it for only $1. After registration, you will be able to configure your store and start saving time, using the automated eBay price & stock monitoring of AutoDS.

2Link Your eBay Store To AutoDS

Link your eBay store to AutoDS using the on-boarding process of AutoDS.

3See All Your Messages, Returns, Cases & Cancellations From One Screen For All Your Stores Together

Access all your inbox, sent, and trash messages. Also, check all cancellation requests, returns cases, opened and closed cases on your eBay account without going back and forth between eBay and your monitoring software.

4Reply To The Specific Messages, Cases, Returns & Cancellations

Respond to your buyer’s messages along with cancellation requests. Handling returns, uploading pictures, return labels and checking returns status. Managing all your opened cases on your eBay account along with the closed cases. You can upload tracking numbers, refund your buyers, escalate a case, and more.

5Set & See How Your Whole Customer Service Management Gets Easier

Enjoy the AutoDS customer service management system that will allow you to organize everything in one place. Stop worrying about customer service and start investing in the scaling of your dropshipping business!

AutoDS' eBay Customer Support Management System
Key Features

Manage Messages

Manage all your customer messages in one place, including inbox, sent, and trash messages.

Create Pre-made Message Templates

Save message templates for later usage and easily access them by searching the template title. Also, you can use tags so the system will automatically fill in the details in the message.

Manage Returns

Handle all your returns and check their statuses along with getting the full information about the return cases, including return info, seller info, item info, supplier info, and return shipment information.

Manage Cases

Access to all the opened and closed cases on your eBay account and with the option to upload tracking numbers, refund the buyers, and more.

Manage Cancellations

Managing all the cancellation requests created by your buyers as well as cancellations created by you.

See Full Order Data On One Screen

No more jumping to the orders page to find the order details. You can do that from the returns, cases, and cancellation requests.

See Full Client Details

The full client details will be available to you on the same page, which is much more comfortable and time saver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial version of the eBay customer support management system on AutoDS?

Sure there is! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all the features that AutoDS offers.

Can I migrate from another dropshipping tool?

Yes, the migration process is quick and simple. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Can I handle all my messages in one screen without having to jump back and forth between different tabs?

Yes, absolutely! This is the main reason why we developed the AutoDS eBay customer support management system so you can access all your messages in one place.

Is it possible to use only this system to handle all my returns, cases, and cancellation requests?

Yes, you do not need to access eBay anymore, you can handle everything from inside the AutoDS system.

I am struggling with sharing access to my eBay account with my virtual assistants. Can I only share access to the customer service section?

Yes, you can and it’s very easy, you just need to create a virtual assistant account from inside AutoDS, and you can share access with your VA’

Does the eBay customer support management system support API and Non-API version of AutoDS?

No, the eBay customer support management system only supports the API version of AutoDS