The AutoDS Helper: Chrome Dropshipping Extension

Grab multiple products from your supplier, fast address copying, deleting Amazon addresses, import products to eBay, search numerous suppliers at once, and more.

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The Benefits Of
The AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Chrome Extension

Save Time On Order Fulfillment

Fulfill your orders with ease using the address copier. With the click of a button, the extension enables you to copy your buyer’s shipping address and pastes it on the supported supplier’s site during checkout.

Automatic Item Grabber & One-click upload

Grabs all of the items on your supplier’s page with one click to quickly upload them to your eBay or Shopify store. Also, you can import drafts with a click of a button!

Product Research

Save time on your product research. The extension helps you search for products from multiple suppliers at once.

AutoDS Helper Item Grabber
Step By Step Explanation

1Download The AutoDS Helper Chrome Extension

Click here to download the AutoDS Helper chrome extension.

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2Extract The Products From Your Suppliers Page

Click on the AutoDS circle on the bottom right corner of your browser. Click “Extract” to snatch all of the product ids on that page. Then, click “export to CSV” to download the products ids onto your computer.

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3Import The Products To Your Store

Using the AutoDS bulk uploader, import the CSV file that you downloaded. Configure your upload settings, and choose whether you want to upload them now or schedule them for later.

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4Enjoy The Freedom

With the features of the AutoDS helper, you can turn hours of work into minutes. Enjoy the freedom of business automation so that you can invest your time in the things that you love doing the most.

Start Now For $1 14 day trial

AutoDS Helper Chrome Extension
Key Features

Fast Address Copier

Fulfill your orders faster and easier. Copy your buyer’s shipping address with one click, and paste it on the supported supplier’s site during checkout. Choose whether to copy with or without the buyer’s phone number or if it is a hipshipper order.

Item Grabber

The item grabbier extracts all products on a full page from specific sellers, niches, categories, etc.

One-Click Upload

Upload all your extracted products from your supplier to your eBay or Shopify store using the one-click upload.

Amazon Mass Address Deletion

This feature deletes all of your saved Amazon addresses in your address book in one click.

Search Multiple Suppliers At Once

Using the search function, widen your horizons by searching for any product within over ten suppliers at once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the AutoDS Helper Chrome Extension cost?

The AutoDS Helper doesn’t cost anything – it’s free.

Click here to download AutoDS Helper

Can I copy the customer address from AutoDS to the supplier check out page?

Yes, you can. With a click of a button, you can copy the customer information directly to your supplier page.

Is it possible to grab products in bulk from a dropshipping supplier directly to AutoDS using the AutoDS Helper?

Of course! You can extract all the products ids from the dropshipping suppliers using AutoDS helper.

I have a problem with deleting customer information from the Amazon addresses page. Is it possible to delete all addresses in bulk from Amazon?

Yes, using the AutoDS Helper, you will have a button to delete your buyers’ addresses from Amazon.

I want to work with variations. Can I copy variations using AutoDS Helper?

Yes, AutoDS Helper supports copying variants Id’s from the supplier site to AutoDS.

Can I extract a CSV file for products from all the products on a supplier page using AutoDS Helper?

Yes, you can either extract the CSV file or copy them to the AutoDS bulk uploader.

Can I move my listings from a previous monitor to AutoDS using the AutoDS Helper?

Yes, you will see the AutoDS helper extension on your current monitor; just click extract and then export as CSV.

Can I search for products on multiple suppliers using AutoDS Helper?

Yes, you only need to provide the keyword for the product you want to search and choose the relevant supported suppliers.

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