Fulfilled by AutoDS - Auto Ordering System

Focus on making profits while we handle 100% of your orders and returns, automatically.

The Fulfilled by AutoDS Service supports Amazon, Home Depot, AliExpress, and Walmart.

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The Benefits Of The Fulfilled by AutoDS Service

Goodbye Locked Accounts

No more account locks/orders cancelations/credit card cash flow, or limits. Everything will be done using our accounts, you can load balance using several payment methods like PayPal / Payoneer.

Eliminate Quantity Limit

Don’t worry about product limits anymore. We will use our accounts to order as many products as you need.

One-Click Returns

You will have a new status in AutoDS of “return” when you click the button the team will get the return label for you and put it on the system.

Fulfilled by AutoDS Step By Step Explanation

1Register To AutoDS

The process is easy and you can try it for only $1. after registration, you will be able to configure your store and start your saving time using the fulfilled by AutoDS auto ordering system.

Start Now For $1 14 day trial

2Opt-In For The Fulfilled by AutoDS System

Enable automatic orders in the AutoDS Plans & Addons, then go to Settings➞ Store Settings➞ Orders and check the Process orders using the “Fulfilled by AutoDS service” option, and that is it!

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3Buy Credits & Load Balance

For AutoDS to process all your orders using the Fulfilled By AutoDS service, make sure you have Auto-Order Credits. Each order costs one credit, and you can load it using PayPal or Payoneer.

Note: Uploading with a new Payoneer account can earn you rewards. Get $10 when you load $100, and 150 FREE credits when you load your first credits.

On your Orders section, click ‘Load Balance’, and choose whichever credits package suits you best.

Start Now For $1 14 day trial

4Enjoy Easy Scaling

Now you can relax and rest assured that AutoDS is handling all of your orders. We will process all your orders fully automatically. In case of returns, you will have a “Return” button. With one click you will get your return label.

Start Now For $1 14 day trial

5Enjoy The Freedom

Now that you have let AutoDS automate your dropshipping business, you can invest time in growing and expanding your online store. The more time you save, the more you can allow yourself to grow.

Start Now For $1 14 day trial

Fulfilled by AutoDS Key Features

One-Click Returns

In case of a return, you can get a return label with a click of a button.

Maximum Order Price Configuration

You can choose until which price you want the system to process the orders automatically for you.

Gift Message Configuration

You can configure the gift message that will be sent to the buyer.

3 Messages To Buyers Configuration

During the auto ordering process, we are sending 3 messages to your buyers about the progress of the order. It helps you to get more feedback and a better buyer experience. You can configure these messages on the system.

Old Orders Processing

In case you are just starting, and you have some old pending orders – you can process all these orders with a click of a button.

Live Status Updates

You can always follow and see the orders statuses and prices on the system, everything will appear on your “Orders” screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the supported suppliers for the Fulfilled by AutoDS service?

Amazon (US), Walmart, Homedepot, Alibaba, AliExpress, Banggood (US/CN), Costway, Chinabrands, VIdaXL (US), Shein, Sam’sclub, CJ Dropshipping, Lowes, eBay (US), Costco, Target, DHGate, Kmart, Wayfair, Etsy, Redbubble, Overstock, Gearbest and Pure Formulas.

Can I process my old pending orders?

YES, after you join the fulfilled by AutoDS system, you can process all of your past pending orders. Also, new orders will be processed automatically.

Can I use the system if I’m not AutoDS member?

No, the demand for this service is huge, and it’s available to help AutoDS members only.

Do I need to provide you my own accounts?

No! We process all your orders using our accounts.

What is the cost of this service?

The price of the fulfilled by AutoDS system is the same price as the regular automated orders system, $8 per month for the orders processor + the price of the credits, which starts from $0.16 per order.

Does it support Bluecare express?

Sure, all your Amazon tracking numbers will be converted to Bluecare express tracking numbers.

Does it work for Non-API?

Yes, but the tracking number will be updated on the AutoDS system only. You will be able to copy it from your orders page to eBay manually.

Can I use the fulfilled by AutoDS system for my Trial version?

Sure! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all of the features that AutoDS offers.

How does the return process work?

The process is easy, you will have a return status in the system for each order. All you need to do is change the order status to “Return” and within a few hours, you will be able to download the return label from the system.

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