eBay Non-API Dropshipping Software

Experience the benefits of automation without linking AutoDS to your eBay store. All features are included: automated orders, price & stock monitoring, price optimization, and products lister.

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The Benefits Of AutoDS' Non-API Dropshipping Solution


Even if you do not link AutoDS to your eBay store via API, you can still enjoy the time-saving benefits of business automation. Automatic orders, price & stock monitoring, price optimization, and product lister are all included.

Save Money

Our unique Non-API file-exchange connection allows AutoDS to automate your price & stock monitoring without leaving your computer on! Enjoy complete price and stock synchronization with no crazy electric bills attached.

Stay Automated

Working manually doesn’t need to come at the expense of automation. We still want you to scale your business successfully! The Non-API version keeps your stores automated and organized with a detailed dashboard.

AutoDS Non-API Dropshipping Solution
Step By Step Explanation

1Register To AutoDS

The process is easy, and you can try it for only $1. After registration, you’ll be able to configure your store and start saving time using the AutoDS Non-API dropshipping solution.

2Download & Setup The “AutoDS - Manual Dropshipper” Chrome Extension

Our extension is the communicator between your eBay store and your AutoDS account. Once you configure the extension, synchronize your orders and import your untracked listings. After that, enable Automatic Orders and you’re set for success. Once you configure the extension, you can enable automatic orders and import untracked listings into your store.

3Add Your eBay File-Exchange Token To The AutoDS Non-API Extension

Add your eBay FileExchange token to the AutoDS Non-API extension to enjoy price & stock monitoring, and product listing even while your computer is off!

That’s right; you no longer need to keep your computer on 24/7!

4Find The Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Find the best dropshipping products using the AutoDS Finder for Non-API. The AutoDS finder searches and then lists the best-selling dropshipping products to your stores.

Choose between products that sold at least 3/5/8 times in the last month, and the finder will do the rest. Our finder gets recent best-selling products from suppliers such as Amazon, AliExpress, and more.

5List Your Products

All of AutoDS’ supported suppliers are also available for the manual (Non-API) dropshipping feature. Including AliExpress, Amazon, Walmart, Homedepot, Overstock, Banggood, Costway, Costco, and any other AutoDS future additions.

6Upload Options

Start working with the most automated “Manual Dropshipping” solution in the whole dropshipping industry.

1. You can list products using the regular uploader, bulk uploader, or our Finder for proven bestsellers.

2. Each method will create a draft on your products page which you can either upload or schedule.

3. You will be able to list the products to your store using a click of a button on the extension.

7Enjoy The Freedom

Win more free time as we check your suppliers 24/7 for price & stock updates and automate your orders. Our non-API FileExchange is energy efficient – automate large bulk uploads and store updates with your computer off. Access all your stores from one handy non-API dashboard!

AutoDS Non-API Dropshipping Key Features

Products Lister

Regular, Bulk listers, and our Finder are all supported in the Non-API dropshipping feature of AutoDS.

Automated Orders

AutoDS can completely automate your ordering process, even on the Non-API version. You can choose between Automatic Orders and the Fulfilled by AutoDS service, whichever method suits you best.

Price & Stock Monitoring 24/7

Don’t worry about price and stock changes. By configuring your file-exchange token, AutoDS monitors your stock and prices 24/7, even while your computer is off.

Detailed Dashboard

Get a full overview of the status of your stores using the detailed dashboard of AutoDS.

Price Optimization

If a product does not sell, AutoDS will decrease the price automatically to make it more competitive. After a product sells, AutoDS will increase the price to maximize your profits again.

Easy Migration

It doesn’t matter which tool you’re currently using. The migration process is easy, and our customer support will be happy to assist you during the process.

Start Dropshipping With AutoDS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial version of the Non-API dropshipping on AutoDS?

Sure! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all the features that AutoDS offers.

Can you help me migrate my products to AutoDS?

Yes, the migration process is quick and simple. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Do I have to keep my browser open and computer on for AutoDS to price and stock monitor my products?

No, you don’t have to keep your browser open and computer for price and stock monitoring or products uploading, even if you are using the NOn-API solution – all with the help of the file exchange token.

Can someone in AutoDS help me work your tool in the right way?

Absolutely! We have our mentorship program. Our specialized mentors can help you with your dropshipping business and the most efficient use of AutoDS for free!

You can contact our customer support and find out if you are eligible to get a free mentor.

Can I switch to your API solution if I want?

Yes, you can always switch to the API solution very easily.

Is there any risk that AutoDS will link the API without my approval?

No! It can only happen if you do it yourself and approve the connection permissions.

Do you have customer support?

Yes, our customer support works 24/7 and we are always available to help you.

Why does the Non-API cost extra money?

We have a dedicated team that always works to improve the Non-API solution to keep it the most automated solution for Non-API.

How automated is the AutoDS Non-API solution?

AutoDS is the only solution that allows bulk uploads, automated orders, and products finding for Non-API stores.

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