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Explore the different product importing options with AutoDS' eBay Dropshipping Products Lister: Regular, Bulk, Scheduled, and Recurring Uploads.

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The benefits of the AutoDS eBay products listing tool


Manually listing products to your store is a time-consuming process. Automate it using AutoDS’ product lister and watch how quick and easy this process should be.

Automatic SEO Optimization

The product lister retrieves all of the product information from the source and creates a professional listing on eBay. It uses item specifics and special keywords to optimize your listing for search engine optimization.

Multiple Listing Options

AutoDS offers multiple product listing options. You can use the regular upload to list one product at a time, bulk uploads for listing multiple products, scheduled uploader to schedule product listing uploads for a specific time/date, and the recurring uploads to fully automate your AutoDS Finder uploads.

AutoDS product listing tool
step by step explanation

1Create A List Of Items To Upload

You can create a list of products one by one to list to your eBay store via AutoDS, or you can make use of the AutoDS Helper extension to grab products in bulk from your preferred supplier.

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2Select Your Listing Method

AutoDS makes automating your listings a simple process. On the menu, click “Add Products”. Under “Buy URL or ID”, paste your item URL or ID. To list products in bulk, simply paste multiple item URLs or IDs.

Or, simply use the one-click importer on the product page to import the chosen product to your store within seconds, using the ‘Import To AutoDS’ button on the top of the product’s title.

You can also list items in bulk using a CSV file extracted by the AutoDS Helper extension, or get all of the work done for you using the AutoDS Finder.

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3Configure Your Import Settings

Choose whether you’d like to add these products as drafts, so you can optimize them before publishing them to your stores. Including the product’s title, description, variants, images, specifications, tags, item location, pricing/monitoring/auto-order settings. and more.

Or, you can publish them directly to your stores without optimizing them beforehand. The third option is to schedule to import them at a future date and time of your choosing.

With so many options, all that’s left for you to do is choose whichever method suits you best.

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5Enjoy The Freedom

Enjoy the AutoDS products lister feature and say by wasting countless hours trying to upload products to your store manually.

Start exploring the different automation features that AutoDS offers when it comes to product uploading!

14 day trial for $1 Cancel any time

AutoDS product listing tool key features

Product Lister

List products to your eBay dropshipping store from 25+ supported suppliers on AutoDS using the product’s Item ID. AutoDS will automatically import all of the product’s information, saving a great deal of time compared to manual uploads.

Bulk Product Lister

The Bulk Uploads feature allows you to upload a large number of products at once by simply pasting the product ID or URL, or through CSV file using the AutoDS Helper chrome extension.

Schedule Listings

Schedule your products to get automatically uploaded to your eBay store at a specific time. You can choose the month, the day, and the hour so you don’t have to be in front of your computer to upload products to your eBay stores.

Recurring Listings

Do your most important eBay daily task, the listing of products, automatically, every day all with the help of the AutoDS Finder.

Selecting a specific amount of items that you want to be uploaded automatically, daily at your specified time, and forget about it.

Products Importer

Import all your product details from the supplier’s page, including the title, description, item specifics, pictures, and all the product details, so you don’t have to copy one by one.

Picture Collage Creation

Stand out from your competitors who have similar listings by using the picture collage creator. With just one click, your picture can be unique and will stand out from the rest.

Automatic Title First Letter Capitalization

Make your titles look better with no effort. During the uploading process, you can make your titles automatically have their first letters capitalized. Neater for the human eye!

Add Watermark

Add a watermark to your listing’s images with your store name. This adds a branding effect to your listing and eBay store. It also prevents other sellers from stealing your pictures.

Automatic Item Specifics Grabber From Competitors

If your competitors filled more item specifics, with this feature, you could copy their item’s specifics to yours. The more relevant item specifics you have, the higher your item’s visibility will get.

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