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Ebay VA users management

Add Virtual Assistant accounts and set privileges so they can access your AutoDS account and help you with your daily tasks.

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The benefits of
eBay VA users management

Growth Strategy

Virtual Assistants help spearhead your growth strategy by researching products and adding them to your stores, allowing your stores to grow and flourish.

Automate Boring Tasks

Not only can VAs add/edit products, but they can also take care of your customer service, cases, returns, order fulfillment, and more tasks to take off your hands.

Safe Access

You’re in full control over what your Virtual Assistants can and cannot do in your stores. Including which stores they can access and what they can do inside those stores.

VA users setup step by step explanation

1Activate the Virtual Assistants Add-on

Navigate to Settings → Plans & Addons → VA Users Addon. On the bottom, activate the option to add Virtual Assistants to your AutoDS account. 

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2Navigate To The ‘Add VA User’ Section

Head over to Settings → Users → Add User and the VA account creation window will appear.

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3Add Your First Virtual Assistant

Fill in the required fields with the VA’s information and which privileges you wish to grant them, so they can have access only to what they need.

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4Manage Your Virtual Assistant Accounts

View, edit, add, and remove your Virtual Assistant accounts, privileges, and other account information through Settings → Users.

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5Enjoy The Freedom!

Sit back while your VAs take care of your daily tasks, and enjoy your freedom! Train and treat your VAs well, and watch your dropshipping business reach new heights.

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VA users management key features

Unlimited Virtual Assistant Accounts

Add as many Virtual Assistants as you need for your business – the skies are the limit! Start with one, and scale it as you go along.

Access Specific Stores

Choose if you want each Virtual Assistant to manage one store, multiple stores, or all of your stores. Divide their workload into a winning formula.

VA Privilege Types

You can share one or multiple privileges – including viewing your dashboard, product management, order fulfillment, customer service, view and edit your settings, and more.

Optimize Your Inventory

Your VA can optimize your inventory by deleting products that aren’t selling, importing more winning products and optimizing the active listings to rake in more sales and profit.

Manage Your Orders

Teach your VAs to process your orders, returns, and update tracking information. Order fulfillment will free up a lot of time for you to invest in growing your business.

Configure Store Settings

Virtual Assistants can also edit important settings like your store’s profit, importer, item locations, templates, and more, for all of your suppliers.

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