Boost Your Sales With Zik Analytics + AutoDS Integration

Save time on dropshipping products market research with the integration of Zik Analytics and AutoDS.

7 day trial

Zik Analytics + AutoDS integration benefits


You can list hundreds or even thousands of dropshipping products from Zik Analytics to AutoDS with a click of a button.

Fast Integration

No need to waste time jumping between different platforms. You can do your research on Zik, and just send the products to the uploader directly, without any switching between AutoDS and ZIK Analytics.

Easy Integration

Just take your token from AutoDS, enter it in Zik Analytics, and you are good to go.

Products finding using the Zik Analytics
Step by step explanation

1Join Zik Analytics

The sign up process is pretty simple . You can also try it out for 7 days with $1.

Click here to join Zik Analytics

2Link your AutoDS token to Zik Analytics

Go to your AutoDS account settings, copy your token, and paste it to your Zik Analytics “My Settings” page, under the menu Integrations.

3Do Your Research

Do your research with keywords, find profitable products, scan sellers through bulk scanner that sell the product or do a manual research.

4Prepare Your Products

Build the best titles for your products, using Zik Analytics’ title builder. When your titles are ready, you will be able to upload the products with the new titles directly to AutoDS.

5Send Bulk Upload from Zik to AutoDS

Feel like you are ready to go?
Great! Send your products to uploading process in AutoDS.
Within a few minutes your products will be uploaded, and listed under the tag of “ZIK Analytics”

Zik Analytics + AutoDS integration Key Features

Title Editing Support

Edit your titles on Zik Analytics, and upload the products with the new titles directly to AutoDS.

Bulk Uploads

You can list as many products as you want, directly from Zik Analytics to AutoDS.

Tags Support

When you list from Zik Analytics to AutoDS, all of your listed products that were uploaded from this integration will be uploaded automatically under a special tag “ZIK Analytics”.

Filter Dropshipping Products From Zik

Use the filters system in AutoDS to filter products that uploaded from Zik Analytics.

Multiple Marketplace Support

The integration supports dropshipping from multiple marketplaces: Amazon US, UK, DE and Walmart.

Start Dropshipping With AutoDS

7 day trial

Easy to migrate

Cancel anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

There is any free trial for the Zik Analytics?

Sure! When you register to Zik Analytics you will get a 7-day trial for $1.
Click here to join Zik Analytics

Is the integration free?

The integration is free, the only expense is for the monitoring in AutoDS and Zik.

Someone in AutoDS can help me to work right with this tool?

Sure! We have our mentorship program that can help with it for free, contact our support to check if you are eligible to get a mentor.

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