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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads For eCommerce In 8 Simple Steps

Get a free step-by-step guide on how to create engaging and converting Facebook ads to boost your sales and profits.

8 Chapters

01 Set-Up & Basics

Starting from the basics, we cover everything from setting up your first business Facebook page, editing and optimizing your page, all the way to getting organic traffic to your page.

02 Creating Your Facebook Ads Account

Once you'll have a Facebook page, you'll need a Facebook Ads account. We show exactly how to do so, along with creating a Facebook Business Manager account and more.

03 Installing Facebook Pixel

This step is all about Facebook Pixel. How to install it, integrate it with your Shopify store, and most importantly, how to use it for your Facebook ads.

04 Audience Research & Audience Targeting

Great ad content can only go so far without the right targeting. In order to have successful high-converting ads, we teach you how to conduct audience research in order to target the right buyers and get sales.

05 Create Facebook Video Ads

There are multiple solutions to getting killer Facebook video ads. Unlock our eBook to discover our three recommended solutions to stand out against competitors.

06 Facebook Campaign Ad Goals + Ad Set

Creating ads and campaigns won't do much unless you know how to configure their settings. Learn from our pros to perfect the art and start seeing results.

07 Start Launching Facebook Ads

This is where the magic happens. Step seven where we walk you through the final steps before you get to launch your first Facebook ad.

08 Analyze & Optimize

Last but not least, once you have active campaigns running, you'll need to manage and optimize. Learn how to analyze your ad reach, impressions, reactions, and so much more.

By completing this
workbook, you will:

Know how to set up a Facebook page for your dropshipping store and drive organic traffic to it.

Understand what Facebook Pixel is and how to utilize it in your eCommerce store.

Get all the greatest tips on how to perfect your audience research and targeting to increase your ad's success rate.

Be ready to create or source fantastic Facebook video ads for your dropshipping business.

Learn how to create Facebook ad campaigns from scratch along with how to configure their settings for the best results possible.

Learn how to analyze and optimize your ads to scale your success.

Save money and countless hours on courses that will end up teaching you the same things we share with you for free.