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Facebook shops dropshipping solution

Link your Facebook Shop to AutoDS and enjoy the benefits of dropshipping automation. AutoDS will automate your price & stock monitoring, price automation, product importing, and more!

Discover the AutoDS Facebook Marketplace dropshipping solution

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The benefits of AutoDS’ facebook shops dropshipping solution


Easily import products in a few seconds using the AutoDS Product Importer and save lots of time and effort. The Product Importer can import single products one by one, in bulk, or even schedule product imports for future dates.

Profit Optimization

Get the most out of your listings by optimizing product prices with the AutoDS Price Automation tool. Increase or decrease your prices based on how well your products perform and optimize your cash inflow while maximizing your profits.

Easy Monitoring

With the AutoDS Price & Stock Monitoring tool, we can always stay on top of any changes in pricing or stock availability. Now, there’s no need to check our supplier’s website daily; AutoDS has us covered!

AutoDS facebook shops dropshipping solution
step by step explanation

1Register To AutoDS

For only $1, you can register to AutoDS and configure your store. After registering, start saving time and effort by using the AutoDS Facebook Shops integration to scale your profits.

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2Add Your Facebook Shop To AutoDS

From the AutoDS platform, click on ‘Add Store’ from the left menu. Then, from the store type options, click on ‘Facebook Store’. Next, between the two selling channel types, select ‘Facebook Shops.’

Then, select your Facebook Shop from the dropdown menu, along with your business account and catalog, and you’re good to go!

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3Find The Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Start researching for products to sell in your Facebook Shop. Using the AutoDS Product Research tool, you can find the most profitable products to sell in your Facebook Shop store.

You can set various filters and discover best-sellers that are sure to multiply your dropshipping profits.

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4Import Products To Your Facebook Shop

AutoDS has several product import options that optimize business efficiency.

1. Use the AutoDS Product Importer to import winning products to your Facebook Shop in seconds. Copy/paste the product ID or URL to the Importer to automatically import the product and all of its details.

2. Choose the best importing options for you: regular importer, bulk importer or the AutoDS Finder for proven bestsellers.

3. The AutoDS extension is mandatory if you want to import products in bulk or enable the one-click importer.

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5Optimize & Publish Your Products

AutoDS enables you to optimize your product listing. Doing this is crucial because it allows you to optimize the description, keywords, location, images and much more in order to get maximum store exposure.

After optimizing your listing, you can publish it and watch the sales pour in.

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6Start Selling On Facebook Shops With Automation!

Now that you imported your winning products and you have price/stock monitoring, your dropshipping business can thrive.

This is where dropshipping automation begins, and you can now start making sales and enjoying big profits.

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7Enjoy The Freedom

While AutoDS checks up on your suppliers with price & stock monitoring and automates your business, you can sit back and enjoy your free time.

By housing all your stores under a single dashboard and using bulk uploads, you can save a bunch of time while your dropshipping business becomes more efficient.

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AutoDS facebook shop dropshipping key features

Quick Product Importer

The AutoDS Facebook Shop integration supports the regular importer, bulk importer, and the AutoDS Finder. This allows you to optimize your product imports to your Facebook Shop.

Import Untracked Products

Untracked products are those imported to your Facebook Shop without AutoDS, so their price and stock are not monitored.

However, you can import untracked products and automate them with AutoDS. Fill in the untracked items’ missing information on your products page and AutoDS will be able to track them.

Price & Stock Monitoring 24/7

By linking AutoDS to your Facebook Shop, you won’t have to worry about any changes in price and stock. AutoDS monitors your prices and stock 24/7.

Detailed Dashboard

By using the AutoDS detailed dashboard, you get a complete overview of all of your stores. Now, you can easily manage everything from one screen.

Price Optimization

With Price Optimization, AutoDS will increase the price to maximize profits when a product is selling well.

And, if a product is selling poorly, AutoDS will decrease the price to attract customers.

Easy Migration

Migrating to AutoDS from a different tool that you’ve been using is super easy. Plus, if you need any assistance, our customer support team is always here for you.

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