Inventory management

Manage all of your products quickly and efficiently. No matter how many products you have in your store, and how many stores you have.

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Single and Bulk Editor

Edit your products in full one by one, or use the bulk editor to make changes to tens or hundreds of products at once, saving you a great deal of much-needed time.

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Supports Multiple Stores

View and make changes to your products from one or multiple stores at once. Whatever your choice, you’re always in control, even when controlling hundreds of products at once.

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Untracked Products

Products in your store that aren’t with AutoDS will appear in the untracked products link on top. Even so, if you have orders on untracked products, you will still see them on your orders page, only without the source product ID.

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Search By Filter

View the products that you want to see based on many filter options to help you narrow them down. There are countless filter options to sort the products you want to analyze, organize, and optimize.

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Stock Availability

Hover over the variations on hold or out of stock to show why they are in that status. Then, make any needed adjustments in your settings to bring your winning items back to stock.

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Multiply Your Success

Sort your products by their selling history to find your best sellers - and add more of them. Also, sort the products with the highest number of DWS (days without sale) to remove those that aren’t performing well. Rinse, and repeat your way to success!

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The benefits of the AutoDS inventory management

Save Time

There’s no need to waste time organizing and optimizing your products one by one. With features like bulk edit, search filter, and multiple store management, time will be your side again - and you can focus on scaling your business.

Full Overview

Get a complete overview of all of your store products combined on one screen with quick links to the source and your store, variants that are out of stock or on hold, and much more to avoid unnecessary headaches while running your business.

Save Money

Save yourself from wasting money on advertising products that don’t perform well. Easily view each product’s selling history and how many days passed without sales (DWS). Delete the poor performers and multiply the successful ones!

Winning Products Hub

Maximize your profit when you use the AutodS Winning Products Hub to find bestselling products. Enjoy our collection of hand-picked winning products now!

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