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Focus on making profits – AutoDS will automate all of your price and stock monitoring, keeping you protected so you can invest your time in growing your e-commerce business.

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The benefits of AutoDS'
price & stock monitoring

Save Money

Never worry about lost profit on orders due to price changes every again! With price monitoring, AutoDS monitors all of your products' prices around the clock. If changes are detected on your supplier site, AutoDS updates your dropshipping store accordingly.

Stay Safe

No more losing sales by selling items that are out of stock! When your supplier is running low or out of stock, AutoDS’ monitoring system with 99.99% uptime will mark your product as out of stock as well. When the product returns to stock, AutoDS will return it to stock in your stores as well.

Optimize & Grow

Optimize your prices so that each product will reach its full selling potential. Add dynamic pricing for different product cost ranges, slash compared pricing, set price cents value to .xx cents, and other unique price automation features.

Winning Products Hub

Maximize your profit when you use the AutodS Winning Products Hub to find bestselling products. Enjoy our collection of hand-picked winning products now!

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AutoDS price & stock monitoring
step by step explanation

1Create Your Free AutoDS Account

The process is simple. Register for a free AutoDS account here. After registration, you’ll be able to configure your price and stock settings for your dropshipping store. Click here to sign up now.

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2Connect Your Dropshipping Store

Connect your store by choosing your selling platform and proceed with the connection process.

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3Link Your Untracked Products to AutoDS (Optional)

If you have any untracked products, sync them to AutoDS through the Products tab on the left menu. On the top, the number of your untracked listings will appear, if you have any. Click on it to configure and start their import process.

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4Configure The Price & Stock Monitoring Settings

Configure your settings to set your desired product quantity, break-even, additional profit in $ and %, add dynamic pricing based on price range, use compare pricing to create slash discounts, and much more. Save your settings and enjoy the flexibility for your price and stock monitoring!

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5Enjoy The Freedom!

Sit back, relax, and watch how AutoDS monitors your product stock quantity and prices for all of your stores. Eliminate the timely task of having to check all of your products on your supplier’s pages. Enjoy scaling your business with ease.

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AutoDS' price & stock monitoring key features

Price Monitoring

All of your prices are being monitored 24/7 with 99.99% uptime, so you don’t have to worry when your suppliers change their prices. AutoDS monitors all of your different pricing and profit settings for each and every one of your suppliers.

Stock Monitoring

Set the minimum product quantity and maximum shipping days to keep the products in stock as long as your supplier doesn’t exceed those settings. Set the default product quantity, configure your pricing priorities based on different shipping methods, and more!

Dynamic Profit

Set your dynamic pricing and profiting for each price range. For example, for all products that cost between $10-$20, set a profit margin of $3 + 20%. Automate your pricing strategy and never worry about being in the wrong price and profit range.

Compare Price

Add a price slasher on your products, displaying a % or $ discount from your choosing’s original price. The discount effect helps convert the potential viewer into your next customer!

Break-Even Calculator

Get the exact profit margins you asked for! It’s difficult to keep track of the different fees from every supplier. The break-even calculator helps calculate all of your fees together to set your default break-even for each supplier accurately.

Round To XX Cents

Believe it or not, prices that end in .99 / .97 cents have a proven psychological impact on the buyer. AutoDS supports rounding your prices to any cents value that you desire so that you can benefit from this strategy, too.

Include Shipping Prices Visual

Make your products shine more with free shipping. This feature combines the shipping price with the product’s price, allowing you to offer free shipping on your products, regardless of your source’s shipping price.

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