3Dsellers and AutoDS Integration

Manage and scale your eBay business with all the eBay tools and customer support features you need with 3Dsellers. Automate your eBay store, manage your listings and orders and build your brand all in one place.

3Dsellers Top Features & Benefits

Automate, manage and market your eBay dropshipping business.

Work With Teammates

Add an unlimited number of employees and VA’s to help manage the workflow of your eBay business.

Custom Permissions

Eliminate the need for shared passwords by giving your team members custom permissions and access only to the selling channels and features that you assign to them.

Multiple eBay Accounts

Have multiple eBay accounts? Utilize the tool to manage all your eBay accounts across all of eBay’s selling marketplaces. From eBay US, eBay Australia, to eBay UK and many more, they got you covered.

Dozens of Templates

Build a recognizable store by customizing your listing design. Choose from dozens of templates and build your unique brand. Web designers are even allowed to create new templates on 3Dsellers.

100% Mobile Responsive

Display your listings impeccably on every device allowing your buyer to form a great first impression of your eBay products and brand.

About 3Dsellers

3Dsellers helps you automate your eBay business, manage the repetitive processes and build your eBay brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 3Dsellers have a free trial?

Of course! 3Dsellers offers a 14 day trial where you can test out their tools and see how they’ll help you scale your eBay business.

Which tools are included in the subscription?

3Dsellers has multiple subscription options however, all of the subscription include: Report Center, Listings Manager, Feedback Reminder, Orders Manager, Listing Designer (+Templates), Auto Messages, Facebook Store, PDF Catalog, Shipping Tracker, Webstore, Digital Goods and Image Editor.

How to add multiple eBay accounts to 3Dsellers?

There are 3 steps to adding multiple eBay accounts. You start off by going to the Integrations Page. From here you’ll navigate to your eBay accounts page and click the Add eBay Account button. 

What are 3Dsellers’ integrations?

3Dsellers integrates with your social media, support emails and online stores. 3Dsellers’ integrations include: eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, Amazon BigCommerce, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Auto Messages, Email Inbox. 

Do you have live support?

Sure! We are here to help you with whatever you need with 1-to-1 live chat.

Can I migrate from my current tool to AutoDS?

Sure! In fact, the process is easy. Just follow these steps.

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