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Gain Customer Trust & Increase Sales With Ali Reviews + AutoDS!

Elevate your AliExpress to Shopify dropshipping sales by showing authentic reviews to gain customer trust. Together with AutoDS' product finding system, easy importing, and automated orders, your store will have everything it needs to succeed.

Ali Reviews Top Features & Benefits

Skyrocket your dropshipping sales by simply importing product reviews to your Shopify store

Increase Sales & Profits

Utilize Ali Reviews and their AliExpress product review importing extension to boost your AliExpress to Shopify dropshipping sales. With just a few clicks, grab real reviews to build trust and skyrocket conversion rates.

Customize To Fit Your Brand

Get a variety of product review layouts in different colors and styles to choose from to compliment your Shopify store's aesthetic. Perfect for captivating buyers and standing out against competitors.

Built-In Marketing

Use Ali Reviews' system to create tailor-made automatic emails and SMSes. Engage with customers, offer discounts, and request photo reviews to collect your own reviews.

Optimize Sales By Reducing Cart Abandonment

Show all your best reviews of abandoned AliExpress products on multiple pages of your Shopify store to urge and push purchases. Drive instant sales through strategic review placement.

Expand Above & Beyond

To truly up your dropshipping product review game, Ali Reviews provides the option to migrate reviews from additional review apps. Loox, Yotpo, Stamped, and are all supported.

Ali Reviews

Import authentic product reviews with a click of a button to upgrade your dropshipping business and drives sales through the roof!

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