Aquiline & AutoDS Integration

Become a Top-Rated seller with Aquiline tracking number conversions and zip code masquerade. Save time, earn more, and scale your eBay dropshipping business!

Aquiline Top Features & Benefits

Avoid eBay flagging and become a top rated seller. Get higher visibility, more impressions, more sales, and higher profits!

Automatic eBay Order Processing

AutoDS completely automates your dropshipping orders. This includes automatic tracking number updates and together with Aquiline, tracking number conversion. Additionally, AutoDS send your customers automatic messages to increase your eBay seller metrics and overall customer satisfaction.

Aquiline Amazon Tracking Conversion

Aquiline's tracking conversion instantly provides a local zip code to avoid getting flagged. Non-flagged eBay accounts get more visibility which then turns into more traffic and potential sales.

Quick & Simple

Activate Aquiline in your AutoDS Order Settings to start taking advantage of this sales-boosting integration. First opt-in for Automated Orders using the AutoDS Orders Processor. Once that is activated, select 'Aquiline' under 'Tracking Conversion'.

Start Earning More

Once your eBay order has shipped, AutoDS automatically updates your Amazon order's tracking number with Aquiline's tracking number. This way you can keep the focus on scaling.

eBay Customer Support System

After fulfilling your orders, manage all your customer's questions through AutoDS' eBay CS system. Solve cases, process returns, and handle order cancellations. Manage everything in one place, even for multiple eBay stores.

Upgrade & Scale While Keeping Your Store Safe

Say goodbye to flagged accounts thanks to Aquiline. Get the most efficient Amazon tracking number conversion for all your eBay dropshipping orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial period for AutoDS?

Yes! By signing up to AutoDS you get a 14 day trial for just $1 in which you can use Aquiline tracking number conversion.

Who converts the tracking numbers for my orders?

Tracking number conversion is done completely automatically as long as you have opted in for AutoDS Auto-Orders.

Where can I see if the order's tracking number has been converted?

Once the order has been shipped and there is a tracking number provided for it, the conversion will take place and you will be able to see it on the specific order’s details from the ‘Orders’ page in your AutoDS account.

Is Auto-Orders a part of the AutoDS system?

Yes, but they are a separate added feature that is not included in each package and requires purchased credits in order to work.

Can I use Auto Orders together with Aquiline conversion with a Non-API account?

Yes! You definitely can. Reach out to our chat support if you need any help and they will be happy to assist.

How can I unflag my eBay account once I start using Aquiline?

Once your tracking numbers are converted to Aquiline, simply reach out to eBay and let me know that you’re shipping from the item location provided in your listings and that you would like your account to get un-flagged.

Is Aquiline tracking safe?

Yes, the tracking information shows all of the tracking events until the package is delivered to the buyer.

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