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Bluecare Express & AutoDS Integration

Get automatic tracking number conversion on your eBay dropshipping orders to increase your eBay seller metrics and keep your eBay account safe.

Bluecare Express' Key Features & Benefits

Increase customer satisfaction and your eBay seller metrics with 1 simple integration.

Approved by eBay

Bluecare Express is an authorized and recognizable carrier on eBay. You can choose them from eBay's dropdown menu list of carriers and enjoy flawless integration.

Convenient & Reliable

Save time and be more efficient. Easily track orders from any computer or mobile through Bluecare Express. No account is necessary and this way you don't need to log in to your buyer account just to see tracking details.


If a "Not Received" claim occurs on an order you are fulfilling from Amazon and that has an AMZL tracking number, you as the seller will most likely lose the case and have to refund your customer. Save yourself these potential losses by using Bluecare Express' tracking number conversion.

Increase Seller Metrics

Since Amazon AMZL tracking is not authorized by eBay, not using a tracking number converter can harm your seller metrics. Have no fear, Bluecare Express is here. By implementing their tracking conversion, you can easily save yourself a lot of seller metric points.

Automated Orders & Tracking

Pair our Fulfilled by AutoDS service for the all-in-one package and focus on scaling your business further. That means automatic order fulfillment, automatic Bluecare Express conversion, automatic tracking number updates, and even automatic messages to buyers!

About Bluecare Express

With their out-of-the-box thinking, Bluecare Express has been providing a true solution to eBay dropshipping order tracking validation. This works seamlessly with Amazon, Walmart, and many other suppliers.

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