AutoDS + Chili Hunter Integration

With time-saving problem-solving features for each step of the way, find hot products, import them, and automate your orders in a flash using the all-in-one integration.

Chili Hunter Top Features & Benefits

Upgrade your business with Chili Hunter to save hours on product research

Discover Trending Niches

Get the inside scoop on hot niches and best-selling items to sell. Save hours on profitable products search while banking serious profits.

Spy On Competitors

Stay ahead of the game and outshine your competitors. Easily reveal their hidden gems to cut time on product research and work more efficiently.

Keyword Search Tool

Don't waste time on testing products or guessing which will sell. With Chili Hunter's Keyword Search Tool, you can look up items you're interested in selling and check their sell-through rate before adding them to your dropshipping store.

eBay Title Builder

List your products with the most relevant and eye-catching titles thanks to Chili Hunter's Title Builder. Gain free access to LuckyWords where you can learn to create professional eBay product titles.

Quick & Easy Product Importing

Import the products you found within seconds using any of our 25+ supported suppliers. Enjoy single product imports, bulk imports, scheduled imports, and recurring imports.

Complete Order Automation

Once your trending products start to sell, automate your orders with AutoDS' automatic orders service. Say goodbye to hours of manual work, locked accounts, or card limits.

Chili Hunter's Goal

To simplify dropshipping through innovative tools and help dropshippers worldwide generate more profit from their eBay businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to open a Chili Hunter account?

Chili Hunter offers one subscription option which costs $39.99 per month. You can however sign up for a year in advance and pay $199.99, lowering your monthly package to $16.66.

Does Chili Hunter offer a trial period?

Yes. You can sign up and get a free 10-day trial before committing.

Can Chili Hunter help me avoid Vero?

Yes. Chili Hunter has a Vero checker feature to help you stay safe.

Does this integration support Non-API dropshipping?

It sure does! If you’re looking for a Non-API solution, click here.

What suppliers can I dropship from using this integration?

Amazon, AliExpress, Banggood, Walmart, Home Depot, Wayfair, Costco, Overstock, Costway, Chinabrands, Etsy, Lowes, eBay, Target, and many more!

Can Chilihunter help me find trending products to sell?

Heck yea! Their system is designed to find hot products for you as well as help you conduct product research.

Does Chili Hunter provide a Keyword Search tool?

Yes. Simply type in keywords related to the products you want to sell and check how many times these products have sold before importing them to your store.

Can Chili Hunter help me build eBay product titles?

They sure can. Chili Hunter’s title builder will help you optimize your product titles to help you rank higher on eBay’s search and attract more buyers.

How long does it take to import products that I found?

Literally seconds! One of the big perks of working with Chili Hunter is the flawless integration with AutoDS. As soon as you find a product, importing it is just a click of a button.

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