Boost Your eBay & Shopify Sales With the Hipshipper & AutoDS Integration

Scale your dropshipping business with the Hipshipper & AutoDS Integration and cater to a wider audience to reach more sales and profit.

Hipshipper Top Features & Benefits

Increase your profits by reaching new audiences and gaining more international sales!


Hundreds of dropshippers are using Hipshipper to deliver products to their international buyers worldwide. Join them to scale your dropshipping business, rake in more sales, and profit more.

Easy & Automated

Paired with AutoDS, you get hassle-free international shipping completely automated from the moment you get your first order. The order gets fulfilled and shipped by Hipshipper, and once tracking is available, we automatically update your order. Keep your buyers happy without lifting a finger.

Risk Free

Shipping is provided to any country and for any product. Additionally, returns are included too. Hipshipper even covers your return costs to ensure a no-loss policy.

Top Notch Support

Shipment issues are a thing of the past. If for any reason there are slight hiccups, Hipshipper makes sure to handle them for you. All the hassle is eliminated to provide you and your buyers with the best experience possible.

Completely FREE

Not only is there no commitment, but Hipshipper is also free for sellers. Their fee is included in the shipping cost, paid by the buyer. You can even set a predetermined fixed price to the shipping cost (flat or percentage), which turns into a net profit from the shipping cost itself. More profit all around.

About Hipshipper

Since 2017, Hipshipper has helped hundreds of dropshippers and eCommerce sellers alike increase their sales and profits by providing a free solution to international shipping which include free returns too. Other key factors are their no-hassle insurance, deep eBay integration, shipment consolidation, and profit from shipping feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AutoDS and Hipshipper integration work?

AutoDS supports Hipshipper for eBay and Shopify.

Hipshipper is supported for all supported US suppliers and AliExpress US (warehouse).

How much does Hipshipper cost to use?

Nothing! Enjoy more sales completely free of charge. With Hipshipper, not only do you get free international shipping, you can actually profit on every shipment.

What are Hipshipper's shipping rates?

Rates are according to item weight and destination country. Once you sign-up to Hipshipper, you can use their shipping calculator to view and determine all rates

What if a buyer returns an item delivered by Hipshipper?

International returns are handled by Hipshipper. They are free for both dropshippers and buyers. In case of a return, all you need to do is ask the buyer to open a return case and update a return address. Then Hipshipper takes care of the rest.

What suppliers are supported under this integration?

Hipshipper will be supported for US-based suppliers only, and only for suppliers we support tracking updates for which are: Amazon, Walmart, Homedepot, and Aliexpress US (warehouse).

For which marketplaces can I use Hipshipper together with AutoDS?

Our integration is flawless and can be used for eBay and Shopify currently.

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