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TheSocialProxy and AutoDS Integration

Create multiple stealth accounts to cater to more customers, increase sales, and protect your profile from account ban, allowing you to maximize revenue for your stores.

TheSocialProxy Top Features & Benefits

Create and manage multiple accounts, protect your brand, and maximize your profits!

IP Rotation on Demand

Unlimited number of IPs for multiple accounts creation. With the use of proxy rotation, it lets you change IP addresses every after rotation.

Multilocation Feature

Switch to different locations twice a month when the need arises. With the use of Multilocation feature, you can automatically change location without changing to a new proxy.

Private Connection & High IP Trust Score

With TheSocialProxy 4G proxies, you will only get fresh and clean IPs after every rotation which are not shared by other users. TheSocialProxy IPs are never blacklisted. They are safe to utilize especially on Amazon/eBay's platforms.

High Speed on 4G Network

Managing your multiple Amazon/eBay accounts has never been easier with the high speed brought to you by TheSocialProxy 4G proxies.

Unlimited Data

You can do anything you need with all your Amazon and eBay accounts, as limited data connection and traffic will never be a problem.

24/7 Technical Support

TheSocialProxy not only provides quality 4G proxies but is always ready to provide you with 24/7 technical support and customer service.

Manage Multiple Stores With AutoDS

Connect your multiple eBay accounts to AutoDS and safely manage all of your stores under one screen, without having to switch between multiple browsers and proxies.

About TheSocialProxy

TheSocialProxy is a company that provides 4G mobile proxies with an endless stream of IPs, the same IPs that are used by real, legitimate users. No botnets. Just truly PRIVATE and RAW 4G proxies. Available IP locations: US, UK, Germany, Israel and Austria.

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