Trackerbot + AutoDS Integration

Get automatic tracking number updates and conversions for all your eBay orders and improve your seller metrics!

TrackerBot's Key Features & Benefits

Escalate customer satisfaction and boost your eBay seller metrics with one simple integration.

Automated Tracking Number Updates

Stop wasting hours manually updating tracking numbers for your eBay dropshipping orders. The moment your supplier provides tracking info, Trackerbot will automatically upload them for you.

Automatic Amazon Tracking Conversion

Since Amazon's AMZL tracking isn't supported by eBay, it can decrease your seller metrics. To keep your store safe, Trackerbot converts it to BlueCare Express which eBay supports.

Automatic Orders

Forget spending hours on order fulfillment or losing sales due to price or stock changes. AutoDS' automatic orders service is fast and efficient, leaving you with more time to focus on scaling your dropshipping business.

Customer Support Management

Get AutoDS' all-in-one customer support system and effortlessly manage all your customer questions. Solve cases, process returns, and even handle order cancellations for multiple eBay stores all in one place.

Automatic Messages to Buyers

Improve your customer's experience by using AutoDS' automatic messages to buyers. Send automatic messages for each stage of the order and increase your positive feedback.


Trusted by over 8,000 dropshippers worldwide, Trackerbot provides simple solutions to upgrade your dropshipping order fulfillment process. Less effort - more scaling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trackerbot offer a trial period?

Yes. Test out Trackerbot and all its features, free for 14 days.

How much does Trackerbot cost?

Trackerbot offers multiple package options. Starting from $11.99 and up to $89.99, there is something for each eBay store size.

How much does Trackerbot charge for BCE tracking conversion?

Starting from their ‘Business’ plan and up, BCE tracking is included for a pre-set amount of orders. Once you use your monthly amount, you can purchase BCE credits at $0.04 per order.

Is the tracking number update feature unlimited?

No. Tracketbot provides tracking updates for up to 150 orders in their ‘Starter’ package all the way up to 10,000 orders in their ‘Baller’ package.

What if I need more tracking updates or conversions than the plans have to offer?

Trackerbot caters to all dropshippers. If none of their packages fulfills your needs, simply contact their customer support and they will build a custom package especially for you.

What suppliers does Trackerbot support?

Trackerbot supports over 60 suppliers. Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Costco, and tons more.

What kind of order automation does AutoDS provide?

AutoDS offers three solutions to automatic order fulfillment.

Semi-Automatic Orders (for Non-API dropshippers), Automatic Orders, and the Fulfilled by AutoDS Service.

How many eBay stores can I connect to AutoDS?

AutoDS supports multiple stores. Add as many stores as you like! We will help you manage and automate all of them. 😊

Does AutoDS have a Non-API option?

We sure do! Get all the best dropshipping automation together with a Non-API solution.

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