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How Shu Sold $3,000 In His 2 First Weeks Dropshipping on eBay In 2020? AutoDS Dropshipper Interview

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Lior Pozin Co - Founder & CEO - AutoDS


Shu Vang


24 minutes

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In AutoDS, we created the AutoDS Dropshipping Community Facebook group, a community where all the dropshippers can meet and share their dropshipping knowledge with each other.

In this interview, Lior Pozin, the CEO of AutoDS, is interviewing Shu Vang, who is a very active member of the AutoDS Dropshipping Community Group that just started dropshipping in the last couple of weeks. Shu will share with us how he was able to sell $3,000 in his first 2 weeks dropshipping on eBay.

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