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An all-in-one dropshipping app, AutoDS helps beginners and experts save hours by automating their Shopify stores through innovative features.


100% Automated Orders

Support for Amazon US, UK, DE & FR + AliExpress US, UK, DE, FR & IT Supplier-Dependent

Address Copier for Orders (copy your customer’s details to your supplier’s pages)

Supported Suppliers

Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, Walmart, Banggood & Wayfair. Find 20+ other specialist suppliers Multiple small suppliers + Alibaba

Unlimited Number of Orders Each Month

Automatic Tracking Number Updates

100% server-side automated orders & Fulfilled by AutoDS service

Load your balance and we'll process orders for you using our Amazon accounts

Multiple Store Management (dashboard, monitoring, imports, orders)

Auto Import Products

eBay, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace

Quick & Easy –  Edit All Product Fields

Price & Stock Monitoring

One-Click Product Imports

Bulk Product Imports

Smart Pricing System

Price Comparison Feature

Smart Filter Options with over 15 Filters

Bulk Editing Products

Our supported selling channels

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6 reasons why AutoDS

Simply put, AutoDS is the world's #1 dropshipping automation platform for Shopify. Here are six reasons why our family of dropshippers loves managing their successful Shopify stores with the time-saving & profit-increasing help of AutoDS.

Advanced Products Importer

Create multiple variations of products using multiple suppliers. Import one-by-one or by bulk. Advanced editing will help create the best user experience for your buyers.

Automatic Price Optimization

Our automatic price optimization feature will help scale your business according to performance.

Automated Orders

Automated Orders also include Automatic Tracking Numbers Updates, and BlueCare Express integration. (FREE for AliExpress).

Multiple Stores Management

Enjoy a complete overview of your dropshipping stores all in one place. No more jumping between tabs. The AutoDS Dashboard lets you see your profits, best-selling products, using daily, weekly, monthly, and custom filters.

Fulfilled by AutoDS Service

Focus on increasing profits while we handle 100% of your orders and returns, completely automatically.

Our Fulfilled by AutoDS Service supports Amazon, Home Depot, AliExpress, and Walmart.

20 High-Quality Features

An additional 20 high-quality features are included to help you to automate your dropshipping business and increase profits.

How to switch from Syncee to AutoDS?

6 Easy Steps

Register To AutoDS

Select the right package for you and create your account.

Connect Your Shopify Store

Sync your Shopify store to AutoDS in just a few easy steps.

AutoDS Helper

Download the AutoDS Helper Chrome extension to export your listings.

Export & Import Listings

Export your listings from your current monitoring tool/app via CSV file using our AutoDS Helper. Once done, click “Add Products”, then “Upload CSV”, and “Next”.

Set Your Preferences

Go to the settings page on the bottom of the left menu to configure your account and store settings. 

Enjoy Your Freedom!

Having your store in the right hands is the key to success. Now with hours saved through AutoDS’ automation features, rest assured your business is taken care of while you’re free to focus your time elsewhere.


"AutoDS Help Me to Save Time, Monitor My Products 24/7, and Fulfill Each of My Orders On Time"

"I now run all of my dropshipping stores using AutoDS automation. It's the only platform I trust to save me time, monitor my products 24/7, and fulfill each of my orders on time."

Paul Lipsky New York, US

"From How to Find Trending Products to Managing My Business״

״I started dropshipping as a complete beginner with AutoDS. Hands down, they taught me everything I know... from how to find trending products to managing my business״

Lidor Rozental Tel Aviv, Israel

"AutoDS is The Best Solution That You Can Use to Automate Your Dropshipping Business"

"AutoDS is the best solution that you can use to automate your dropshipping business. AutoDS is simply the best dropshipping solution, and I am glad to use AutoDS."

Javi Manresa Martinez Barcelona, Spain

"I Love the Automation! It Allows Me to Dropship Quickly and Easily."

"Fantastic app and support. I am genuinely impressed by how well the platform is made. It's very user-friendly. If you're looking for a dropshipping tool/app, I definitely recommend having a look at AutoDS."

Ricky Hayes - Co-Founder of Debutify Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

AutoDS Is a Great Tool That Saves a Lot of Time. I Recommend You to Use AutoDS"

"I manage my full automation, auto ordering, importing items, customer service, everything with AutoDS. It's a great tool that saves a lot of time. I recommend you to use AutoDS."

Nahar Geva - CEO of Zik Analytics Tel Aviv, Israel

“AutoDS Has Saved Me a Lot of Time On My Dropshipping Business"

“AutoDS has saved me a lot of time on my dropshipping business. This is a great tool for you to use for your dropshipping business."

Gene Plugovoy Sacramento, Califorina

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