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Shopify dashboard - store performance and analysis

Enjoy a full business overview displaying any or all of your store statistics, all in one place, including top-selling products, sales overview charts, top-selling tags, and more.

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The benefits of the Shopify dashboard


No more wasting time switching between different stores to analyze each store’s performance separately. Save your time and confusion, and view all of your store statistics under one friendly dashboard.

Easy Scaling

Stop wasting money advertising products that don’t sell. With the dashboard, you can easily identify your best-selling products and tags so that you can fill up your store with related products that will continue your growth and success.

Stay In Control

The dashboard allows you to control which stores you want to analyze within any specific date range for any or all stores combined. For example, a sales overview with your overall and average store profit, orders, revenue, product costs, top-selling products and tags, and more.

Shopify dashboard step by step explanation

1Link Your Shopify Store With AutoDS

Add your store(s) using the top left menu. Enter your store URL and follow the on-screen instructions to link your Shopify store with AutoDS. We’ve made the process as simple as it should be.

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2Import New Products and Track Your Untracked Listings

Import products to your Shopify store(s) in singles or bulk by entering their URL or product ID with the one-click importer. You can also link your untracked listings on the top of the ‘Products’ tab with AutoDS to enable price/stock monitoring and auto ordering for the untracked listings.

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3Analyze Your Store(s) Statistics

Once you have products in your store(s), you can begin analyzing your store performances by setting the date range for each section you wish to inspect on the AutoDS dashboard.

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4Enjoy The Freedom!

With all of your stores’ statistics combined into one screen under your control, countless hours of researching them one-by-one are saved, and you can allow yourself to enjoy the freedom of business automation!

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Key features:

Dashboard Overview

View your total number of orders, profit, total revenue, and new products added within a specific date range on any or all of your stores combined.

Sales Overview

View your total revenue, product cost, and total profit in a graphical chart. Choose any date range to analyze at any or all stores. 

Basic Overview

View your average profit per order, average selling and buying costs, maximum order profit, and total product costs, within any date range, on any or all of your stores combined.

Top Selling Tags

Tag your products to organize them for future analysis and optimization. View the Top-Selling Tags section on your dashboard to identify your top-selling tags and import more of those products to multiply your success!

Top Selling Products

Choose any date range to view your top-selling products on one or any of your stores combined. Search for more products similar to those selling and import them to your shops to continue growing your eCommerce empire!

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