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Explore all of the time-saving methods to import products to your Shopify stores, including the single, bulk, and scheduled importer.

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The benefits of
AutoDS' product importer feature

One-Click Importer

Easily import products from all of our supported suppliers in just one-click. You can add hundreds or even thousands of products at once using the AutoDS Helper chrome extension, saving you much-needed time to invest in growing your e-commerce business.

Optimization Opportunities

You can optimize the products on our drafts page to make sure they look exactly how you want them before importing them into your stores.

Stay Safe

AutoDS has a huge list of brands that are well known for copyright violation – stay safe using our daily updated database that will save you from unnecessary trouble.

Shopify product importer
step by step explanation

1Create A List Of Products to Import

Use the different products research methods to generate a list of products to import. Grab source item IDs or URLs and importing them one by one. Or grab full product pages in bulk using the AutoDS helper item grabber extension, which extracts products’ IDs for you and helps import tens to thousands of products at once.

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2Add The List of Products to the Product Importer

Click on ‘Add Product’ and enter the source URL/item IDs. You can also use the one-click import button on the supplier’s product page, or import items in bulk with the help of the AutoDS helper, extracting a CSV file and importing it with AutoDS.

Then, click on ‘Edit Upload Settings.’

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3Optimize Your Product Pages

On AutoDS, you can optimize anything and everything on the system – even before importing the products in your stores. You can even create your product using multiple variations from different suppliers, all mixed into the same product page.

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4Configure Your Product Settings

Set your desired profit settings, dynamic pricing, template, item tags, collections, automation options, item variations, shipping policies, and more. In the end, you will have the option to add the products as drafts so you can optimize them first or import them directly to your shop and start the product monitoring.

You can choose to skip this part when adding products by clicking on ‘Add as draft’ instead of ‘Edit Upload Settings.’

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5Enjoy Your Freedom!

With countless hours saved using product importing automation and optimization, you can allow yourself to enjoy your freedom and invest your free time doing the things that you love most. Like spending time with your family or growing your e-commerce business to the monster that it deserves to be.

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Shopify product importer
key features

Products Importer

Import products to your Shopify stores from the different supported suppliers on AutoDS using the product’s URL or Item ID. AutoDS will automatically import all the product’s information, saving a great deal of time than manual uploads.

Bulk Importer

Import numerous products at once from your suppliers using the product IDs or URLs. Or, import a CSV file to import multiple items in bulk with the help of the AutoDS helper extension, saving you a great deal of time. AutoDS will grab all the product information and import them to your store.

Scheduled Importer

Choose whether to import your products right away or if you want to schedule them for a later date and time of your choosing. AutoDS will save your settings and import your stores’ products at the time and date you chose.

Product Optimization

AutoDS automatically optimizes each product listing to increase your conversion rates. For example, decompressing images for faster page loading and adding special keywords for SEO optimization.

Supports Multiple Suppliers

We have a long list of supported suppliers that you can import products from and sell, and the list keeps getting bigger. Amazon, Aliexpress, Banggood, Walmart, Homedepot, Wayfair, Costco, Overstock, Costway, Etsy, Lowes. eBay, Target, and CJ Dropshipping are just the tip of the iceberg.

Automate Your Settings

Configure your desired profit margins, dynamic pricing, stock/price monitoring options, automatic orders, and more.

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