Me as Lior Pozin, the CEO of AutoDS I am so excited to write this article, as you can see, I just got an email from Chinabrands.

This email shows that now, we have an official partnership between AutoDS and Chinabrands.

The email is from their mother company GlobaleGrow which is one of the biggest eCommerce companies in China.

Also,Globalegrow is the mother company of Gearbest too. Chinabrands is the B2B version of Gearbest.

Gearbest is for consumers, regular customers, while Chinabrands is for dropshippers like us.

By the way, we already created a full guide of how to dropship from Chinabrands.

You will find everything that you need to know, from policies to products finding methods, and anything that you need to know to start working with this Amazing supplier!

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How to get a dropshipping agreement from Chinabrands?

The first thing is that you must register to Chinabrands using AutoDS + Chinabrands partnership link.

Then you will have to authorize Chinabrands to access your eBay store and add $500 to your Chinabrands account.

It is straightforward, as you can pay via many different payment methods. You can load it with Payoneer, PayPal, Bank Transfers, and many other various payment methods.

After you loaded $500 to your Chinabrands account, you need to send an email to Chinabrands’ email included in Chinabrands full overview article.

In the email, you should indicate the dropshipping software that you use, if you don’t mention AutoDS, Chinabrands will not know that you are coming from our official partnership and then they will not give you the dropshipping agreement.

You have to include the email address that you use in Chinabrands, your full name, store name, and you confirm that you already reloaded $500 in your Chinabrands balance.

Remember, you need to pass $500 in the amount in your balance and not by the number of sales.

Even if you didn’t reach it buy sales, you could load your balance with this amount, and that’s all.


We hope that you liked this article and the partnership between AutoDS and Chinabrands. If you need more information about how to dropship from Chinabrands, we encourage you to check our full A-Z guide for dropshipping from Chinabrands.

We recommend you to start working with Chinabrands in your dropshipping business, especially in 2020!