First of all, as we said earlier, this is the biggest sale of AliExpress and every Chinese supplier during the year.

AliExpress even shared some interesting facts about this day, including that in the last 11.11, they sold lipsticks equaled the height of 47 Eiffel Towers

Also, the footwear sold on 11.11 would need 2,717 trucks to transport, which is crazy. You can find more about this in AliExpresss 11.11 Global Shopping Day Page.

AliExpress already released the 11.11 products and what are the prices and discounts available for this day.

We recommend you to start listing all of these products to your store or as many products as possible.

1. Why should you list 11.11 Products?

When the day comes, the 11.11 day, AliExpress will drop the prices. In this way, your products’ prices will also drop in your store, and you will be much more competitive than your competitors.

The eBay buyers will go and search for the products that they need to purchase, and your products will get displayed higher on the search result because your prices will be lower than the rest of the sellers.

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Because maybe the other sellers are selling similar products but not the same products as you have. This way, you will appear higher because of your low prices.

2. How to find products on AliExpress to sell during the 11.11 day?

As we said, AliExpress already released the 11.11 products page.

You can browse the page and check the recommendations of AliExpress.

You can Download the AutoDS Helper and grab all the products on these pages as you are doing on any other page of AliExpress.

Some products have huge discounts; sometimes, the discounts can be more than 50%, Crazy, right?

You can click on any products and check what the prices will be during the Chinese Singles’ day.

Now, if you go to any other category, for example, the drone category, you will see that AliExpress added the 11.11 filter on the filter section.

Our recommendations are to filter products based on the reviews; we suggest always to choose products that have more than 4 stars.

Also, you should check the 11.11 option to only show products that have discounts during the 11.11 day.

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You can also filter the products based on the prices, and if you are still new with AliExpress to eBay business model, we suggest you list products between $10 to $50.

Now you can go and browse the pages and grab all the products using the AutoDS Helper extension.

3. Upload 11.11 products to your eBay store

After you find the 11.11 products and grabbed them using AutoDS Helper extension, go to AutoDS bulk uploader and paste the products on the products to the upload section.

Then choose the Source products site as AliExpress China and the product location as China. And then click upload products.

Note: don’t forget to choose the Chinese shipping policy.


We recommend you to take this action right now because now it’s the right time to maximize your profit using Chinese Suppliers by taking advantages of the Chinese Singles’ holiday.