First of all, to keep your accounts safe, you need to avoid all the brands in the eBay VeRO list. Also, if you are using AutoDS for drop shipping, we have got the Biggest Vero list, which we continue updating overtime to keep our customers safe.

However, even if we avoid these listed brands, there is still a chance that some other brands may find our listings and report us to eBay. 

1) How Brands Find That We Listed Their Product

In order to find out who is selling their products illegally, brands hire companies called brand protection services. These companies’ first job is to find infringements online, wherever they may be. Then to enforce the removal of these infringements. 

Here we are using one of these tools to explain to you how Brands find that you listed their products on eBay and other marketplaces. The tool is called Copytrack, and there are other similar ones out there. 

copyright infringement detectors

On this tool, brands can upload their product pictures, and Copytrack will scan the internet for similar photos, just like Google image does and find anyone that is using them.

For example, we uploaded six random product pictures from Amazon, and we let the tool find who is listing the same images.

We can see that it found 1351 hits, which means that the pictures we uploaded were used in 1351 places. It also suggested the amount of money that we could be making in case we sue these people if we had the right to do so. 

And these are the results 

tools that brands use for copyrighting their products

It finds the image, attaches the link to it, and suggests the date it went online and other information on the platform it is on.

2) How To Reduce Their Chances of Detecting You 

Images Collage

Based on our experience on AutoDs, we noticed that the tool rarely detects products that are collage pictures. 

Therefore, we suggest you to use a collage of the product pictures in your main product image to try and hide your products from these tools.

You can use our AutoDS Uploader to do that in a click of a button. We have the option to create a collage from the product pictures on our bulk and regular upload. After uploading the product, you only have to click create collage and then make the picture as the main one.

use photo collages to hide branded products


Another way to decrease the chances of being detected by these brand protection services is to use a watermark on your main picture. You can also do that with one click on our AutoDS uploader.

use watermarks on product photos


Building design around the products is something that a lot of dropshippers are using. For example, you can use a frame around the product or add some related graphics. This way, you can lower the chances of your product listing being detected by brands. One of the tools that can help you do this online is Canva.

How We Help Hide Your Products

Here on AutoDS, we are also trying to help our customers stay safe. In addition to our VeRO list, the pictures collage, and the watermark features, we also change some pixels in the product’ pictures.

We also scan all of our customers’ messages concerning VeRO violations. We add the products that eBay took down to Our VeRO database. That way all of the other AutoDS customers can avoid listing this particular product, the same brand, or using the Vero keyword.


Finally, this is not to encourage you to list VeRO products or to violate eBay marketplace’ policies. We shared this so that you are aware of how brands find that you listed their products.

You can use these methods on products that are selling well to avoid being detected by their brands or to at least delay it. We hope that you know now more about the method brands use to recognize who is selling their products.