Usually, when starting a dropshipping business with all that it entails, we still spend most of the day in an office job or are transitioning between such jobs and our own business. Using an AI Shopify Store Builder will significantly help you at this juncture.

In any type of business, time is a prime concern. Knowing how to make the most of the hours in the day to progress and unlock objectives is a critical factor in making things work smoothly. At this point, some tasks may seem impossible or involve dedication, time, or knowledge we do not possess. Building an online store from scratch may be one of these tasks.

Don’t let this discourage you! Fortunately, technological advances such as automation and AI tools allow us to tackle these tasks to focus on priority aspects of growing our business.

Today, we will review how to use an AI Shopify Store Builder. Join us!

What Is A PreBuilt Shopify AI Store?

Let’s start by remembering that through dropshipping, we collaborate with suppliers to manage inventory and shipping, minimizing our initial investment. This approach allows us to present our products to customers through selling channels like Shopify.

If you develop your dropshipping store on Shopify and work with AutoDS, you can leverage a competitive edge thanks to its expansive market reach. AutoDS is a comprehensive dropshipping solution that streamlines our online operations for maximum efficiency.

In addition, Shopify empowers us to tailor our business to our exact specifications, facilitating limitless product listings. With the right strategies, Shopify dropshipping is a lucrative venture with promising returns.

So, a PreBuilt AI Shopify Store is a ready-to-launch online store created using artificial intelligence technology. These stores are designed to streamline the process of setting up a Shopify store by automating tasks such as branding, product selection, copywriting, and design. 

An AI Shopify Store Builder aims to significantly reduce the time and technical expertise required to establish an online retail presence. Providers of PreBuilt AI Shopify Stores like AutoDS offer solutions if you want to start your e-commerce business quickly without requiring extensive manual setup.

Advantages Of Leveraging An AI Shopify Store Builder

AutoDS provides a seamless experience by automating the setup process, offering a fully functional Shopify store with proven winning products tailored to various niches. Our AI-powered theme is designed for high conversion rates, aligning with the brand identity of your store. 

Let’s check some of the advantages of leveraging an AI Shopify Store Builder:

  • Time Efficiency: A PreBuilt AI Shopify Store allows us to bypass the time-consuming process of designing and setting up a website from scratch, enabling us to launch our business faster. 
  • Professional Design: Ensure a polished and aesthetically pleasing online store that gives potential customers a positive first impression. 
  • Ready-to-Use functionality: These stores typically come equipped with essential functionalities, such as secure payment gateways, inventory management systems, and order processing, eliminating the need for extensive customization or additional development work. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While an upfront cost may be associated with purchasing a PreBuilt store, it can be more cost-effective than starting from scratch, especially considering the expenses related to website development and design.
  • Quick Market Entry: If you aim to enter the market swiftly, an AI Shopify Store Builder is an excellent option, as you can start selling products almost immediately, saving valuable time.

Using The AI Shopify Store Builder To Start Selling In Seconds

store created with ai shopify store builder

Now, let’s learn how to create and launch your Shopify store in a matter of seconds. It may seem like many steps, but it’s quite simple to achieve. 

Requirements To Start Your Dropshipping Shopify Store 

Firstly, to use an AI Shopify Store Builder, you need to be logged in to AutoDS. Needless to say, having access to our dashboard will be useful for many diverse tasks. Automating aspects such as order fulfillment, product management, or store marketing allows you to use your time and investment much better, generating exponential growth in your business.

So, the first step to getting a Free AI Shopify Store is to register on our website. If you’re hesitating to make that decision, we suggest trying our 14-day trial for just one dollar so you can evaluate the advantages our features bring you.

And that’s it! Were you expecting a gigantic list of requirements? Surprise! We like to make things as easy as possible and accompany you through every step of the process.

Use The AutoDS AI Shopify Store Builder To Start Your Business

Once logged into the platform, you’ll be redirected to the “Marketplace” section, but the first thing we need to do, whether you’re a new user or you’ve been registered for a while, is to navigate to the button in the top left corner that indicates our store.

Once there, click on the “Add Store” option and then select the “Build With AI” button.

Then, of course, you will click on “Shopify Store” and will access a new menu. At this point, you’ll encounter three options. One in case you already have a Shopify store, one if you want to create one by yourself, and another to use an AI Shopify Store Builder. Of course, we’ll choose the latter, which is the one located in the middle. Click on that one and then on “Continue.”

autods ai shopify store builder

Pick A Niche For Your Brand New Shopify AI Store

Choosing the right niche for our business is one of the most essential aspects of developing our store. Finding that market space where we can grow and thrive is vital to directing all our strategies and tools towards it.

It might sound daunting, but don’t despair; there’s essentially an audience for any type of product. Of course, if you’re unsure which niche suits you best, which is more profitable, or where you would excel the most, we suggest sticking to what you know best. This way, you can create sub-niches within the main one and delve deeper, increasing customer traffic and sales.

To give an example, let’s choose a niche with a large demographic and in which people often invest: Pets. Pet lovers show the same dedication to their animals as their children. This is why they seek to invest in the best, making this niche continuously grow.

So, in this case, we will choose “pets” and click “next.”

Do you want advice? Whatever niche you choose, if you take advantage of tools like our Print On Demand Feature, you can customize items to your liking, adding extra value to what your customers want.

And then the magic happens! The AI Shopify Store Builder creates a store on its own, providing you with an email account, a password, and a store name, which will help you differentiate it if you have more than one. You won’t find this information elsewhere, so make sure to save it securely, log into your accounts, and change the passwords to ones you consider safe.

Pre Built Shopify Store Credentials

Choose A Shopify Plan

The next step is to choose a plan for your Shopify store, which is crucial because if you don’t do it, you won’t be able to access your store. By using this link and selecting a plan, you can access a free trial and enjoy your first month for just $1. By the time the trial ends, you’ll make enough profits to cover this minimal expense.

If you leverage on features like our selection of handpicked products, you can grow your business sales, and it’s likely that by the end of the one-month trial, you’ll have enough money to subscribe for the entire year.

Once we proceed, we access the different plan options. We suggest opting for the basic monthly plan, at least for the first three months. Once you start selling and moving your store, you can choose one of the other plans. Once you’ve chosen your plan, you must fill in all the requested information, and voila! You now have your store. Let’s move forward.

Shopify Plans

PreBuilt Shopify AI Store Overview 

It’s time to review how your store looks! The AI Shopify Store Builder takes care of tasks that usually take a lot of time and generate extra costs or headaches: thinking of a name, designing a logo, making our store look good and intuitive for customers, etc.

pet store built with ai shopify store builder

Of course, we’re talking about important aesthetic and functional decisions that ideally should align with what you want to showcase. It’s possible that some aspects of the store may not wholly convince you. You can always choose to change what you don’t like, using ChatGPT to come up with clever names or utilizing Canva to design logos that suit your taste.

We suggest not changing everything from scratch but instead using the AI Shopify Store as a base and making minor alterations to optimize it and bring it closer to your idea of how the business should be. You can customize themes, change the background, the text disposition, or change whatever you consider can be improved. 

We recommend doing a comprehensive review of all functional and aesthetic aspects of the page. While it’s likely that some things may not turn out exactly as you would have done them, remember that it’s practically impossible to design a page without knowledge and have it turn out so well in less than half an hour.

Optimizing Your Products Inside The System

As we said below, there might be some aspects you want to optimize in your new online store. For instance, if the product titles are too long or if you want to change some of the information presented to the public, you can do so from the platform to make it easier for your audience to read. 

For this, we will go back to the AutoDS dashboard and the products section.

Optimize products on your PreBuilt Shopify AI Store

Once in this section, we will choose the product we want to edit and click on the corresponding option.

Edit products on your PreBuilt Shopify AI Store

In this way, we will be able to access the product specifications.

products specifications PreBuilt Shopify AI Store

At this point, we recommend paying attention to some aspects of the product that you should not overlook:

  • Shipping Method: We recommend choosing “Cheapest With Tracking.” Why? If you choose only “Cheapest,” there are many chances that you will not receive a tracking number, which is a disadvantage, even thought it is the cheapest method. In the “Fastest With Tracking” option, you will receive the tracking numbers but pay a very high cost. By choosing “Cheapest with tracking,” you access the numbers and also cheap shipping.
  • AI Description and Title: If you are not inspired or want to take advantage of your time for priority aspects of the business, AutoDS automatically allows you to generate a product description and title using artificial intelligence.
  • Variations: If you have two or more variations of the same product, you can edit them together or separately, choosing each of the characteristics you want to appear in your online store.
  • Images: Of course, you can edit the images to your liking, remove them, add more, or make modifications.

Adding More Products

Now, let’s see how to add products to your pre-built AI Shopify Store without doing everything manually and step by step. The easiest way to do this is to go to the “Marketplace” section. This way, not only will you access the list of products, but you can also take advantage of features like our Hand-Picked Products section: A carefully curated list of trending and well-selling items.

To add external products, you must find the URL of the product you are interested in, go to the “Add Product” option, and paste it into the empty box. From there, you will be able to edit the characteristics of each product.

Add Products to your PreBuilt Shopify Store

And that’s it! As can be seen, creating an online shop with an AI Shopify Store Builder is quick and easy. Furthermore, your store comes with a selection of winning products, so you can start selling right away. And with AutoDS, you can automate most of the selling processes, turning your store into passive income. All you have to do is start!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy Pre-Made Shopify Stores? 

Yes, you can buy pre-made Shopify stores from various online platforms.  AutoDS offers an AI Shopify Store Builder to streamline the process of setting up an online store by automating tasks such as branding, product selection, and design.

Can You Fully Automate A Shopify Store? How? 

Yes, you can fully automate a Shopify store by utilizing tools and services that automate various aspects of the e-commerce business. Using AutoDS, you can automate repetitive tasks, such as product listing and price monitoring. This allows you to focus on growing your business.

Do Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores Actually Work? 

Yes, pre-built dropshipping stores can be effective and successful if set up correctly and managed efficiently. By leveraging AutoDS’s expertise in product selection and store setup, users can benefit from a streamlined dropshipping experience.


In conclusion, using an AI Shopify Store Builder is the easiest way to start selling. Artificial intelligence makes things much easier for us, and that’s not something minor considering that to start a dropshipping business (or any type of business) from scratch, it’s necessary to optimize the use of time and money.

Not having the tools, or not knowing how to do things can make us falter in our goals and lead us to give up before we even begin. That’s what we need to avoid! You don’t need to study for a degree or know a trustworthy programmer to set up your online store. You can do it in a matter of minutes with the steps provided in this article.

Automating is saving; that’s why now that you’ve discovered the best way to build your Shopify store with AI, we recommend exploring the other advantages of automation. Subscribe to AutoDS and see how your sales grow without having to occupy all your time!

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