A lot of people are asking us what the differences between AliExpress Pocket and AliPay are? So let us explain to you what is each of the services because these two services are completely different things. Actually, they are not connected!

What is AliPay?


AliPay is an external site from AliExpress, actually, this is a competitor of PayPal so it is a completely different thing from AliExpress, this is just a payment method, so actually you can log in to your AliPay; connect your credit card and then you can use it as a wallet.

A lot of countries in the world already started to work with AliPay. You can go to a supermarket and pay using it. You can use it in taxies, restaurants and many different things in many different places. AliPay is just a wallet. It is not connected to AliExpress in any way.

The only thing which connects between AliExpress and AliPay is that you can go to AliExpress and pay using AliPay. You can use it as you use PayPal on other sites (Banggood, for example), so actually, you use AliPay instead of using your credit card directly.

Because in AliPay, you have many different benefits like 90 days payment protection and 100% reimbursement for unauthorized transactions. So this is it about AliPay now let’s jump to AliPocket.

What is AliExpress Pocket or AliPocket?

AliExpress Pocket is the gift card system of AliExpress. It means that if you go to AliExpress and then to My AliExpress. Then “My Orders” then to “My Aliexpress Pocket” you will find your AliExpress Pocket Balance. So it is just a gift card system of AliExpress.

what is AliExpress pocket?

If you click on Buy AliExpress Pocket, you can choose the gift cards which you want to buy ($10, $20, $50, $100 ….) then you can buy the gift card. Then you can load it to your account. In this way, we can give it to your virtual assistants to use, and that’s all.


So AliExpress Pocket and Alipay are different. To sum it up, AliPocket is the gift card system of AliExpress.  All that’s needed for this is to load money there up to $700 at a time.  On the other hand, AliPay is like PayPal, it’s just a payment method or a wallet.

Now that we have a general grasp on these varying ‘payment’ methods, we can continue learning how to increase our profit margins by sourcing from AliExpress. With that said, here are some useful articles to help you grow your business: