Is this the end of dropshipping from Amazon to eBay?  As you may’ve seen, eBay recently announced a significant update regarding Bluecare Express and Aquiline carriers. But don’t worry! For over seven years, we at AutoDS have been navigating the challenges of dropshipping, and we’re here to guide you through the latest changes with confidence and ease.  That being said, of course, we have a new solution ready for you. Let’s dive into what’s changing and how you can continue running your business smoothly.

Key Takeaways

eBay’s new update discontinues support for Bluecare Express and Aquiline carriers, affecting dropshippers using Amazon logistics tracking numbers.

Qtrack is a reliable Amazon tracking solution that converts Amazon logistics tracking numbers into eBay-supported tracking numbers.

AutoDS makes it easy to set up Qtrack, ensuring sellers can continue to protect their businesses from ‘item not received’ (INR) claims.

To enhance stability, diversify suppliers using AutoDS’s private suppliers marketplace, which offers customizable branding and faster shipping.

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Bluecare Express And Aquiline Carrier Update

eBay has notified all sellers about a crucial update: starting July 8, 2024, Bluecare Express and Aquiline will no longer be supported as integrated carriers. What exactly does this mean? Well, from that date on, sellers must upload the carrier name and tracking number directly from the shipping label to ensure better buyer experiences and trust.

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This change is particularly relevant for those of us dropshipping from Amazon to eBay, as Amazon logistics tracking numbers (often starting with TBA or TBD) need to be converted into eBay-supported tracking numbers. Without this conversion, sellers risk losing items that were not received (INR) cases, even if the product was delivered.

Essentially, if eBay cannot track the delivery using their supported carriers, they may side with the buyer in dispute cases, which can be a major concern for dropshippers.

Previously, many dropshippers relied on converting Amazon logistics tracking numbers to Bluecare Express or Aquiline tracking numbers. This was an effective Amazon tracking solution since it allowed sellers to provide proof of delivery that eBay could verify. However, this workaround will no longer be viable with the upcoming change.

To illustrate, imagine you’ve just shipped an item to a customer using Amazon’s logistics service, and the tracking number starts with TBA. Before the update, you could convert this to a Bluecare Express or Aquiline’s tracking number, and eBay would track it. Now, you’ll need a new Amazon tracking solution to convert these logistics numbers into a format that eBay recognizes and supports. This is where we’ll rely on a new, safe alternative, ensuring your business remains protected and compliant with eBay’s requirements. Let’s learn more about it.

New Amazon Tracking Solution: Step By Step 

Fortunately, there exists an alternative Amazon tracking solution that gives a viable option against these new changes. Let’s delve deeper into this solution and discover how to effectively implement it!

The Problem & The Solution

Qtrack Amazon Tracking Solution

For years, we’ve been converting Amazon logistics tracking numbers into Bluecare Express or Aquiline tracking numbers through AutoDS’s automatic order system. This allowed us to win INR cases by providing proof of delivery. However, eBay’s new update will no longer support these conversions. But don’t worry—as we mentioned, we have a solution: Qtrack.

Qtrack is a tracking conversion solution similar to Bluecare and Aquiline, trackable through The key difference is that eBay supports Qtrack tracking details in item not received (INR) cases, ensuring that you can give proof of delivery. This support will be crucial after July 8, 2024, as eBay will no longer accept Aquiline and Bluecare Express (BCE) tracking numbers.

Setting Up Qtrack On AutoDS

Here’s how you can set up Qtrack on AutoDS:

  1. Log In To Your AutoDS Account: If you’re not already an AutoDS member, you can start your 14-day trial for $1.
  2. Add Your eBay Store: Once inside the AutoDS system, add your eBay store by following the step-by-step process.
  3. Configure Settings: Click on ‘Settings’ at the bottom left. Opt-in for the automatic order service or ‘Fulfilled by AutoDS’ to automate your orders.
  4. Select Your Store and Supplier: In the settings page, select your eBay store at the top left, choose Amazon US as your supplier, and go to the ‘Orders’ tab.
  5. Convert Tracking Numbers: Under ‘Tracking Conversion,’ select the option to convert Amazon logistics tracking numbers to Qtrack. This ensures only the necessary conversions are made, as eBay already supports major carriers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

Tip: Soon, there will be the option to convert only Amazon tracking numbers to QTrack, so we can keep the eBay-supported tracking numbers when we get them (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.)

How To Check Tracking Events

To check the tracking events of Qtrack numbers, simply go to Once on the site, you’ll find a search bar where you can enter your Qtrack tracking number. After entering the number, click ‘Track,’ and you’ll see the delivery status. This platform gives detailed tracking information, including each step of the delivery process from dispatch to final delivery.

For example, you might see updates like “Shipment received,” “In transit,” “Out for delivery,” and “Delivered.” This tracking history ensures transparency and allows you to monitor the progress of your shipments. It’s not just about seeing that a package was delivered; you can also track its journey and address any issues proactively.

This detailed information is crucial for resolving ‘item not received’ (INR) cases on eBay. When a buyer claims they haven’t received their item, you can use to provide eBay with a complete record of the package’s journey, proving that it was indeed delivered. This way, even if a dispute arises, you have concrete evidence to support your case, ensuring you’re covered as long as the item is delivered.

Tracking On eBay: Alternative Solutions

While Qtrack offers a seamless transition from Bluecare Express and Aquiline, it’s also important to consider diversifying your suppliers to safeguard your business further. Relying solely on Amazon can be risky, especially with the ongoing changes in tracking support. Luckily, AutoDS offers a range of tools and resources to help you avoid these risks by incorporating multiple suppliers and ensuring a more stable operation.

First and foremost, AutoDS’s private suppliers are a great resource for connecting with high-quality suppliers. These suppliers not only provide reliable shipping carriers but also offer customizable branding options. This means you can ship products with your branded logos, creating a more professional and unique customer experience. Customizable branding helps build brand loyalty and makes your store stand out from competitors.

Additionally, AutoDS allows you to access suppliers offering faster shipping times. This is particularly beneficial for keeping customers happy and reducing the likelihood of INR cases. Faster shipping can also lead to positive reviews and repeat business, which are crucial for long-term success on eBay.

By diversifying your supplier base, you avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and are less vulnerable to disruptions from any supplier.

Working with multiple suppliers also provides more options for maintaining trackable and reliable shipping. AutoDS’s system includes features like price monitoring, quick product importing, and product research tools, making managing a diverse supplier portfolio easier. This approach ensures that you have backup options if any issues arise with a particular supplier.

In summary, while Qtrack provides a great Amazon tracking solution, mixing things up with different suppliers through AutoDS can make your dropshipping business even more stable and ready to grow. By using multiple suppliers, tapping into AutoDS’s private suppliers marketplace, and making sourcing requests, you can keep your business resilient and your customers happy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Qtrack Be Used With Other Platforms Besides eBay?

Yes, Qtrack can be used with other platforms besides eBay. While it’s designed to seamlessly integrate with eBay to address tracking issues, Qtrack is versatile and can be applied to various e-commerce platforms that require reliable tracking solutions. This makes it a handy tool for managing orders across multiple sales channels.

How Does Qtrack Handle Item Not Received (INR) Claims?

Qtrack helps you manage item not received (INR) claims effectively by providing detailed tracking information. When you use Qtrack, every shipment is tracked thoroughly, with updates on each stage of the delivery process. If a buyer opens an INR case, you can provide eBay with comprehensive tracking records from Qtrack, showing that the item was delivered. This detailed evidence helps protect you from false INR claims and ensures your business stays safe.

How Much Does Qtrack Cost?

Qtrack is included with your AutoDS subscription once the ‘orders processor’ (also known as automatic orders) add-on is enabled, which costs $8 per month. This integration ensures seamless tracking conversions, making it a valuable addition to your dropshipping toolkit. For more details on subscription plans and to find the best fit for your business needs, visit the AutoDS website.-


In this ever-evolving dropshipping landscape, staying informed and adaptable is key. eBay’s recent updates regarding Bluecare Express and Aquiline carriers might seem daunting, but with AutoDS and Qtrack, you have a reliable Amazon tracking solution at your fingertips.

Remember: by diversifying your suppliers and leveraging AutoDS’s tools, you can ensure your business remains resilient and thriving. Stay tuned with us for more updates and tips to keep your dropshipping journey smooth and successful! If you’re eager to keep reading, let’s meet here: