Q4 is finally here, and the celebrations are about to start! The internet’s much-anticipated season for online sale events is approaching – Black Friday (November 24th) and Cyber Monday (November 27th). This event offers jaw-dropping discounts to customers and record-breaking sales for sellers and dropshippers.

Sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday help sellers clear out their inventory to restock for the new year. Moreover, customers likely wait for year-end sales to check out their shopping carts for the best deals and maximum savings.

Let’s discover why we should take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to boost dropshipping sales. Plus, we uncover dropshipping tips and find products to dropship during these two holidays. Stay tuned!

Why Should We Take Advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Anyone who owns an eCommerce business notices the rise in sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Consumers are making the most of available deals and mass-buying presents and gifts for the holidays. Notably, increase in eCommerce revenue over the years on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to Statista:

Plus, with eCommerce booming this year more than ever, more people are shopping online. Customers choose the convenience and leisure of online shopping versus standing in line for hours at physical stores. With that said, it’s the perfect opportunity for online dropshippers like us to use these two holidays and list as many products as possible. 

Dropshipping Tips For Making Big Sales On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

If we want to join in on the sales events for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are things we must do to make sure our customers know they have something to look forward to. Here are some tips that will help us achieve our Cyber Monday and Black Friday dropshipping sales goals:

1. Prepare Your Store For These Special Dates

Nothing screams Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales like an excellent dedicated store theme or template. When customers enter a shopping website with a Black Friday or Cyber Monday theme, they’ll immediately know that discounts and sales are happening. Therefore, a dedicated Cyber Monday / Black Friday store theme must spark buyer interest.

Beginner’s Tip: Have a countdown timer inside your website to create expectations and the “urge” to buy before the deal ends.

It doesn’t matter which platform you’re selling on. Store themes and templates can easily be changed and edited. If you have graphic design experience and are familiar with size requirements for your selling platform, start working on them now.

Otherwise, we can use freelancer websites like Fiverr to hire people to do it for us. For as low as $5, we can get custom store templates for eBay or Shopify. Just ask for Black Friday / Cyber Monday themes, and we’ll have them within a day or two.

2. Tag Your Listings

Having tags on our product listings makes them easier to find. Plus, it allows us to track product performance during the Q4 season. For example, tag products you upload for Black Friday “BF” or “Black Friday”. Tag products for Cyber Monday “CM” or “Cyber Monday”.

When Cyber Monday ends, open up the tags you created for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Analyze all of the performance of your products during the events. Then, delete the ones that didn’t perform well so we can maximize our store sales with top-selling items. Make sure to keep the data for the products with higher sales to boost them again next year!

3. Offer Limited-time Deals

Since our Cyber Monday / Black Friday dropshipping deals are only available for a limited time, we can emphasize these on our offers. Highlight the length of the sales period so customers feel a sense of urgency to purchase products before the sale ends. By providing exclusive, time-sensitive offers, we incentivize potential customers to make quick purchasing decisions. 

Moreover, limited-time deals can create a buzz and a sense of excitement, driving more traffic to our store and increasing conversion rates. Plus, it helps differentiate us from competitors, as customers are more likely to remember stores offering exceptional value during these peak shopping periods. 

In essence, emphasizing limited-time deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday drives sales. More importantly, it solidifies our store’s reputation as a go-to, must-visit shop for incredible savings, thus encouraging customer loyalty.

4. Extend Your Sale

Extending a sale after it starts is one way to encourage customers to purchase more after they’ve already cleared out their cart during Black Friday sales. However, we can extend our sales event from Cyber Monday and strategize our marketing to make the most out of this period.

Beginner’s Tip: Start by communicating that you will have the Black Friday sale. When the day comes, we can announce that deals are extended until Cyber Monday. This way, people won’t wait until the last moment to make a purchase.

We can offer our best deals and bring out our top sellers on Black Friday. For the days after, we can offer various daily bundles and deals to continue the sales momentum. During this extended period, we can draw in more customers who might’ve missed the initial Black Friday deals.  

5. Create A Special List Of Products 

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, a holiday gift guide helps customers make informed choices. Additionally, we can use these guides to establish a presence during the holiday season. With that said, there are two primary ways to create them: building a product collection and creating content.

Firstly, when creating a collection, generate a specific product tag for that collection. Next, go to the product pages of items you want to add and tag them under the collection. This makes it easier for customers to find products in a category they might be interested in. 

Alternatively, when creating content for our guide, consider crafting a blog post or article. This approach will require effort but will also add great value to customers. Plus, we can incorporate this content into our email marketing strategy by sending them to our email list. Meanwhile, we can also create more bite-sized content based on the article to post on social media platforms.

You can showcase featured products in a list format and hyperlink them to their product pages for ultimate convenience. Remember to emphasize that these products will be on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to further pique the interest of consumers.

To maximize the visibility of your guides and attract more traffic, feature them directly on your website’s homepage. Additionally, strategically place them in other sections of your website to increase their exposure. 

6. Stay Competitive – Don’t Be Greedy!

Consumers constantly seek the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Aside from diversifying your supplier list, we must stay competitive with our price tags. We need to give a little to get a lot. Lower your prices enough to maintain a steady profit while remaining competitive. 

All of your competitors are trying to make their best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, so don’t get too greedy. Remember, it’s better to have more sales with slightly less profit than fewer sales. 

After the events, use tags to quickly open your Black Friday and Cyber Monday listings and increase the prices back to your standard profit settings. 

7. Work With More Suppliers During Black Friday & Cyber Monday 

Working with only one dropshipping supplier might be more comfortable, but it’s also limiting our store’s selling potential. Having only one supplier could limit the number of products we can sell during this critical selling period. Moreover, competition becomes tighter no matter how big this one supplier is. 

Therefore, it’s best to work with multiple suppliers, especially when promoting deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This way, we can discover new trends, have a broader supply of products, and stand out from the competition. Plus, more flexibility will give us more space to grow.

Start with about two suppliers and expand once the demand increases. Three suppliers are optimal for us to take advantage of all of them without it being stressful or time-consuming. Some great suppliers include AliExpress, Costway, Walmart, Banggood, Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair, Costco, Overstock, and Chinabrands. 

If you’re just starting your dropshipping business, now is the perfect time to level up. Q4 is a great opportunity to experience your first sales and start growing your eCommerce business. 

8. Create A Black Friday & Cyber Monday Dropshipping Marketing Strategy

A proper marketing strategy not only guides our promotions but also helps ensure we are targeting the right audiences during this critical period. With that in mind, here are some strategies for creating a  Black Friday & Cyber Monday dropshipping marketing strategy.

Give a Sneak Peek of What You Will Be Offering – Create an Expectation 

Building anticipation is essential for a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales event. Start by teasing your audience with glimpses of the exciting deals and products you’ll offer. Clue them in with teaser images or descriptions of potential discounts, deals, or bundles to pique their interest. This method fosters a sense of expectation and curiosity among your potential customers enough to return on the big shopping days to make a purchase.

Create Social Media Posts to Hype Up Your Customers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Leverage the power of social media to spread the word about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Invest time or money in crafting engaging and visually appealing posts that highlight special offers and showcase featured products with eye-catching graphics. 

Moreover, use relevant hashtags and encourage followers to share the posts to expand your reach. Consistent posting leading up to and during the sales events keeps your audience informed and engaged.

Create Ad Campaigns To Catch The Eyes of Your Target Audience 

To maximize your dropshipping sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, invest in targeted advertising campaigns. With platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads, we can conveniently reach potential customers actively seeking discounts and deals. Plus, we can tailor the ad copy and visuals to reflect the holiday shopping spirit, emphasizing limited-time offers and savings. 

On the other hand, running ad campaigns will cost more during this period. However, targeted ads ensure we get in front of people who are most likely to convert, thus generating more sales. In essence, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Use Discount Codes Named For The Occasion 

Simplify the shopping experience for your customers with easily recognizable discount codes related to the occasion. Naming discount codes like “10%BLACKFRIDAY” or “CYBERMONDAY20” makes it clear that special savings are available for the event. 

In addition, clearly display the codes on your website, in email marketing campaigns, and across social media. This not only incentivizes purchases but also reinforces the association of your store with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events.

Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing

An email list is a powerful tool to retain store traffic. It gives customers a reason to stay in touch. Thus, email marketing builds long-term relationships with buyers, helps drive more sales, and is controlled by the dropshipper alone. 

Moreover, if we create email campaigns ourselves, we’re not paying some ad agency to do it for us, saving us a lot of money. In fact, many established stores do not rely on paid advertising once they build a big enough emailing list. If you don’t have one, start making one now, no matter what platform you’re selling on. Here’s how:

Shopify Email Marketing

To build your email list on Shopify, create personal subscriber discount codes to get potential customers to send in their email addresses. With apps like Personal Discount, customers will get a discount code sent to their email address once they subscribe. It’s a proven method to push the buyer to action and a great way to build up our email list.

Once we have a few hundred email subscribers, use Shopify’s email marketing tools to create your first email campaign. They have different templates to choose from with tools to analyze the effectiveness of each campaign. From here, we can evolve our strategies around email marketing.

eBay Social and email marketing

eBay’s new ‘Social’ feature is a powerful innovation to enhance online presence and empower connections with a larger audience.  With this tool, we can seamlessly integrate eBay listings into different social media platforms. 

eBay’s Social feature is a valuable tool for sellers looking to expand their brand visibility and maximize their selling potential in the digital age. Plus, we can easily endorse and promote products on social media to potentially increase sales and conversions.

If we want to access this feature, simply head to My eBay → Marketing → Social and start exploring.

eBay Social Marketing

Additionally, eBay’s Newsletter feature is still intact and remains one of the most powerful ways we can reach out to customers. It’s a great way to welcome new customers and stay in touch with loyal ones. Simply head to the Store Tab in the Seller Hub → Store Newsletter → Create Campaign.

Also, if you are not using automated messages to buyers, then now is the time to do it. This tool sends messages to customers automatically and helps increase feedback scores by over 60%.

9. Create Discounts On Your eBay and Shopify Stores

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers want to see the discounts. There are different ways we can create discounts for the buyer to view and apply, motivating them to proceed to check out and buy. It doesn’t matter whether you are dropshipping on eBay or Shopify, as both platforms support applying buyer discounts.

eBay Discounts

On eBay, create offer volume price discounts that apply a discount percentage to the buyer when the buying quantity is more than one. For example, buy two hats and save 5%, buy three hats and save 10%, and so forth. You can choose the discount percentage for each quantity on each listing or all of them.

Send Offers To Watchers

Also, you can send offers to eBay watchers. To do it, click on “listings” in your seller hub. Then, click on “Send offers-eligible”. You’ll be able to view all of the listings that are eligible for sending offers, and you’ll be able to do it from there.

Shopify Discounts

On Shopify, create automatic discounts that apply during checkout. You can set the discount type, conditions, and amounts in a creative way. For example, buy two products and get $5 off your total value. Or, purchase $100 worth of products and get 10% off the total. Use this tool to make an impression on the buyer. It will trigger his impulse to buy and make an upsell on the way.

Another smart marketing strategy is using pop-up apps to get those discounts right in front of the buyer’s face. But not the annoying pop-ups that nobody wants to see. Some are very creative and cause the buyer to engage and take action. 

For example, Spin to Win is a popular app that lets you put a spinning discount wheel on your Shopify store. Modify it to a Black Friday or Cyber Monday theme for the full effect.

10. Automate & Scale Your Dropshipping Store

It is no secret that uploading many products to your store is very time-consuming. On the other hand, the more in-demand products you have in your store, the more sales you generate. And more sales means more profit, which is what we’re all here for.

Therefore, if you want to make big numbers, time won’t be on your side, even when using a dropshipping tool to automate the upload process. Your store will still sell, but much less than it could have if you had time to upload more listings.

That is why we have the AutoDS Helper Chrome extension, which turns hours of work down to minutes. Use it to grab all of the products on the supplier’s page and upload them to your store. This method is definitely better than having to upload them one by one.

The process is simple. First, download the AutoDS helper extension. Then, open the supplier page with all the products you want to upload. Click on the AutoDS icon on the bottom right, then click “Extract.” The list of product IDs should show up:

Click on “Export As CSV” and download the file onto your computer. Then, head over to the Uploader section on AutoDS. On the bulk upload section, click “Upload Bulk From CSV.” On the browser pop-up, choose the CSV file you downloaded:

Configure your upload settings – break-even/profit, template, business policies, etc. Use the “tag” feature to create a tag called “Black Friday/Cyber Monday”.

After the events are over, you will be able to use the tag to see how the products performed. Multiply your success by uploading similar products to those that perform well while deleting the ones that didn’t generate any sales or interest.

How To Spot A Winning Black Friday & Cyber Monday Product?

Spotting A Winning Black Friday & Cyber Monday Product

The difference between an online dropshipping store that sells and one that doesn’t is product research. Product research is how we find trending products that are more likely to sell. So, if we want to maximize sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we must have winning products in our dropshipping store.

We can look at best-sellers on supplier websites like AliExpress and eBay or check directly with our competitors to find hot and trending products.

Once we’ve identified winning products, we can add them to our dropshipping store. Then, test the sellability of products and analyze their performance after one month. Delete the ones that didn’t perform well. Keep the ones that sell well, and upload more similar products.

Building a successful store is based on conducting thorough and ongoing product research, which pays off in the end. It’s key to have items that buyers actually want to buy. Here are some characteristics of winning dropshipping products:

  • Evergreen products
  • High profit margin
  • High perceived value
  • Medium and high ticket items
  • Related more or less to your niche and store

Evergreen products are in demand throughout the year, not just in certain seasons. They’re good to have in our store to ensure year-round sales. Moreover, we want products with high perceived value so we can have higher profit margins. Of course, we also want to focus on the products that are in our niche so we don’t overwhelm and confuse customers.

In addition, it’s better to have medium- to high-ticket items, especially during major sales events such as Black Friday. Customers will likely save up money for big purchases and wait for the best deals before spending. So, it’s the perfect time to maximize and ensure sales for more expensive items such as appliances, gadgets, and household items.

Best 15 Products To Dropship During Black Friday & Cyber Monday 

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday don’t point to a specific product category or niche the way other holidays do, we don’t need to worry about having a niche-specific store. Buyers are looking for one thing and one thing only – a good bargain for their transaction. Therefore, product research is the key to making it during these events.

To help you with this, let’s go over some of the best-selling dropshipping products. For this year’s sales event, we have our list of the best 15 Black Friday and Cyber Monday dropshipping products for our store. Here are they are:

  1. Wireless Headset with Microphone For Different Devices
  2. Cotton Ultra Soft Pack Towel Set
  3. General Household Tool Set 
  4. Portable Wireless Speaker
  5. Broom with Dustpan Combo Set
  6. Pack Short Sleeve Newborns Bodysuits
  7. Multigroomer All-in-One
  8. Dough Tools Set for Kids
  9. Women’s Pajamas Set
  10. Pack Of Lick Mats For Pets
  11. Couch Covers
  12. Minimalist Jewelry
  13. Athleisure
  14.  Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner
  15. Baby Nail Trimmers

Let’s go through each product one by one and find out why they’re top-sellers:

1. Wireless Headset with Microphone For Different Devices

AliExpress Wireless Headset with Microphone Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

Wireless headsets are must-haves for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With the growing trend of remote work and online communication, demand for high-quality headsets has surged. Plus, its compatibility with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, makes it versatile for a wide customer base. Whether it’s for virtual meetings, gaming, or simply enjoying music, this product offers exceptional value and convenience.

Let’s see the steady interest in wireless headsets through Google Trends:

2. Cotton Ultra Soft Pack Towel Set

eBay Cotton Ultra Soft Pack Towel Set Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

These soft, absorbent towels are always in demand, and the ultra-soft towel set is no exception. As people seek comfort and luxury, especially during the holiday season, these towels make for a fantastic addition to our dropshipping store. The set’s versatility and high-quality cotton material will attract customers looking for a perfect blend of functionality and indulgence. It also makes for a great gift for friends and family.

3. General Household Tool Set

Banggood General Household Tool Set Black Friday Dropshipping

During the holiday season, home improvement projects and repairs are more than common. Thus, a general household tool set can be a lifesaver for many. From hanging decorations to assembling furniture, this product can cater to beginners and more experienced users. Therefore, offering this convenient toolkit during Black Friday and Cyber Monday can significantly boost your store’s appeal.

4. Portable Wireless Speaker

Amazon Portable Wireless Speaker Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

Another great holiday item is the portable wireless speaker. Music is an integral part of festive celebrations, holiday gatherings, and outdoor events. Thus, this item’s portability, long battery life, and compatibility with various devices make it a popular choice. Adding this speaker to your store for the holiday season can cater to various customer needs and generate more sales for us.

5. Broom with Dustpan Combo Set

CJDropshipping Broom with Dustpan Combo Set Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

Cleaning is a necessary activity. Likewise, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, customers often look for practical and affordable household items. A broom with dustpan combo set is a valuable addition to any home no matter what time of year. With this product in our store, we offer an attractive choice for shoppers seeking functional items that improve their daily lives.

Check out the increasing demand and popularity for this product below:

6. Pack Short Sleeve Newborns Bodysuits

Walmart Pack Short Sleeve Newborns Bodysuits

Next on our list are the pack short sleeve newborns bodysuits. Baby products are always in demand, and bodysuits are an essential item for newborns. Offering them in packs is not only practical for parents but also cost-effective. With families celebrating the holidays, these bodysuits are an ideal gift and a vital addition to your dropshipping store.

7. All-in-One Multigroomer

AliEpress All-in-One Multigroomer Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

This all-in-one multigroomer is a versatile product that caters to multiple personal grooming needs. It’s worth every investment to stock up on this item with Black Friday dropshipping deals and discounts. This product’s versatility, featuring various grooming attachments, makes it a valuable addition to our store this shopping season.

8. Dough Tools Set for Kids

eBay Dough Tools Set for Kids Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

The holiday season often involves several creative activities with children. A dough tools set for kids is a delightful addition to your store, appealing to parents and caregivers looking for entertaining and educational products. Plus, it can enhance the holiday experience for families and encourage creativity in children.

9. Women’s Pajamas Set

Shein Women's Pajamas Set Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

Comfortable and stylish pajamas are a popular choice for holiday gifts. Women’s pajama sets, are highly sought after during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a casual yet indulgent purchase for many customers. Adding these sets to our dropshipping store can attract shoppers searching for comfortable sleepwear or thoughtful gift options. 

As we can see below, interest in women’s pajamas usually peaks during the last quarter of the year. Therefore, now is the perfect time to add this product to our store and start selling!

10. Pack Of Lick Mats For Pets

Amazon Pack of Lick Mats for Pets Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

Pet owners are known to pamper their furry friends. With this in mind, a pack of lick mats for pets is a unique and appealing product. When pet owners include their pets in the celebrations, these mats can provide mental stimulation and relaxation for animals. Offering this product caters to a niche but growing market of pet lovers seeking innovative pet care products.

11. Couch Covers

Amazon Couch Covers

Most of the world’s population spends the majority of their life at home. With this in mind, home improvement and decor items like couch covers are consistently in demand. Moreover, consumers often wait for bigger deals and savings when purchasing items like these. 

These versatile covers protect furniture and offer an affordable way to refresh the look of living spaces. Check out the growing interest in couch covers this year, according to Google Trends:

12. Minimalist Jewelry

Walmart Minimalist Jewelry Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

Minimalism has been a rising trend in recent years. Notably, minimalist products have a lighter, more elegant look and feel. Similarly, minimalist jewelry is popular for its timeless, elegant designs complementing various styles. As an ideal gift option during the holiday season, the demand for minimalist jewelry soars, making them a sought-after choice for Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals.

13. Athleisure

Shein Athleisure Cyber Monday & Black Friday Dropshipping

Home fitness is consistently gaining popularity, with more people adopting healthier lifestyles. Likewise, athleisure apparel continues to dominate the fashion industry, with consumers valuing comfort and style in their clothing choices. Athleisure wear, including activewear and casual sportswear, is highly sought after for its versatility, making it perfect for both workouts and daily wear. 

Shoppers look for discounts on quality athleisure items, especially during the holiday season. Plus, there’s consistent interest in this niche, as we can see in the Google Trends graph below. Thus, we can consider this a profitable niche to include in our Cyber Monday and Black Friday dropshipping sales events.

Home Fitness Google Trends

Beginner’s Tip: Since this is a general category, we can break down our product research into its subcategories (e.g., running clothes, workout clothes, yoga clothes, training shirts, training pants, socks, men, women, etc.). From here, we can see what sells well for other sellers, imitate it, and search for similar products to upload to your store.

14. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Walmart Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Another popular product during this time of the year is portable car vacuum cleaners. Since most people tend to plan road trips and family visits during the holidays, car cleanliness becomes a priority. Portable car vacuum cleaners offer convenience for maintaining a tidy car interior. 

Its compact size and effective cleaning capabilities make it a hot commodity for those preparing their cars for holiday travels. Observe the resign trend on the Google Trends graph below:

Google Trends Portable Vacuum

Use your suppliers to search for the different variations and forms of portable car vacuums and upload them to your store. Once your store starts to fill up with trending products in demand, you will begin to notice an increase in sales.

15. Baby Nail Trimmers

Baby products are an evergreen niche for dropshipping. Parents are always on the lookout for safe and efficient baby care products. Specifically, baby nail trimmers are in high demand because they simplify the challenging task of trimming an infant’s nails. These devices are a practical and thoughtful gift for parents, making them a must-have item during the holiday shopping rush.

Check out how this niche rose in popularity this year, according to Google Trends:

Baby Nail Trimmers Google Trends

Try to Incorporate these products into your dropshipping store for Cyber Monday and Black Friday to take advantage of the seasonal demand. However, we can also find new trending product categories on our own. Remember – the more we put into product research, the more successful you will become in finding hot products that will sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do prices actually drop on Cyber Monday?

Absolutely! As an extension of the well-loved Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday does and should offer similar jaw-dropping deals to consumers. With so many sellers in the e-commerce market, we can stand out by offering equivalent or even better deals than our competitors.

What sells the most on Black Friday?

Black Friday dropshipping sales typically offer the best deals and discounts. For that reason, big-ticket items are more likely to sell, such as gaming consoles, smart home gadgets, electronic devices, appliances, TVs, and even household items and furniture.

What sells the most on Cyber Monday?

With a bigger emphasis on eCommerce and online shopping, Cyber Monday’s biggest sales are gadgets and smaller electronic appliances. Other best-selling categories during this event include children’s toys, fashion and clothing, and beauty.


Congratulations! You now have everything you need to make the most of the year’s most anticipated sales event. Get ready to break sales records this Q4 by promoting deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, implement the strategies in this guide to prepare your store accordingly and watch your business grow.

And if you haven’t started yet, now is the perfect time. Get your dropshipping start with a leg up and make scaling your business easier.

With that said, Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday! May you enjoy the growth, sales, and profit it brings. If you want to know more about how to find and add top-selling dropshipping products to your online store, here are some valuable resources to check out: